Cempaka Putih residents donate food to those in need

Difficult situations can inspire heartwarming actions that show how much people are willing to do for each other. COVID-19 has affected Indonesia and the world, but it hasn’t stopped volunteers from Central Jakarta’s Cempaka Putih to help those who need it most by donating free food every day.

Cempaka Putih residents demonstrate mutual aid in the time of COVID-19

Stall provides free food in Cempaka Putih
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Since the beginning of Ramadan, residents of Cempaka Putih have taken it upon themselves to set up a stall that provides free food for low-income families living in nearby neighborhoods to break their fast.

People waiting in line for food in Cempaka Putih
Image credit: suara.com

The stall, which is located at Jalan Cempaka Putih Tengah XXVI A, opens at 5PM every day – about an hour before iftar. But since each person can only take either one rice box or one bag of snacks, as reported by Jakarta Globe, people usually start to queue in the afternoon.

COVID-19 transmission prevention measures

People standing one meter away from each other while queueing
Image credit: suara.com

While there might be concerns regarding the safety of those who line up for food, the volunteers have helped everyone to follow COVID-19 transmission prevention measures. Everyone must stand one meter away from each other, and yellow lines to separate queuers have been painted on the street.

People lining up wearing masks
Image credit: lontar.id

Masks also have to be worn at all times. Not only will this minimize the likelihood of catching the virus, but it will also help protect those waiting in line from the exhaust fumes of passing cars and motorcycles.

Difficult times call for community care

When things get tough, it is important that communities look out for each other. It is truly inspiring to see that people are ready to take the extra mile to care for those who are in more challenging circumstances.

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