December Winners and January's $100 contest!

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Its tradition at TSL to hand out bonus cash prizes to our members with the highest activity points every month. Its our way of saying thanks and we also hope this encourages our members to be more active! This month's point race contest has just ended so lets have a look at the TSL members who made it into 2012 Decembers' hall of fame!

Presenting our Winners:

  1. $100! - maniakidd
  2. $40 - lightning
  3. $30 - duskofdoubt
  4. $20 - wangkh
  5. $10 - aikiash

maniakidd our Malaysia Portal Review super star contributor comes out of nowhere to top the list! He really raised the bar in our special double bonus prize pool month - finishing with a massive 5001.50 points, more than twice November's top finisher!

Last month's third place finisher Lightning this month comes in at second place, after submitting and avalanche of new listings and good reviews for the site. duskofdoubt the precocious writing talent makes her debut in the top 5 with many fantastic reviews written. Proud fathers wangkh and aikiash and their experienced perspectives bring a nice maturity to the site and they round up the top 5 this month.

January's contest has already started and and will run till 10pm, 31st January. The monthly prize is back to its usual $100 for the top 5 finishers and a $50 first prize for our winner.

January's Prizes:

  1. $50
  2. $20
  3. $15
  4. $10
  5. $5

For more information on how to start earning points please refer to our point system.

Good luck everyone and a happy new year!

Any unnatural behaviour will result in disqualification from our contest. As this system is still new, we will continue to tweak the points slightly to make it as fair as possible.

Although very unlikely to happen, TheSmartLocal reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition as they see fit at any time