Fake "reviews" removed

Written by Admin. Posted in News

Being a review site, the essence of how we work is by providing legitimate and honest reviews people can trust. We take the integrity of our reviews very seriously.

It is stated very clearly before submitting reviews that they have to be genuine opinions based on personal experiences. Reviewers are not to have any present or past business relationship with the listings they are reviewing. After an investigation, we have found certain reviews (12 of them for the same listing) do not comply with this, and they have since been unpublished and the accounts have all been blocked.

If you're affiliated with a business, whether be it their PR / marketing team or business owner - the correct approach is to "Claim ownership" on the listing. That way you can update the listing with the latest details and respond directly below any negative reviews. Another way to do genuine advertising is to just... advertise through the appropriate channels. Otherwise you're doing your business more harm than good, As stated in the terms of conditions, all reviews found to be disingenuous will eventually be removed from the site.

As a courtesy, no business names will be mentioned. Please do not repeat such behaviour.

Thank you and have a nice day.