October Points & Prizes Update!

Written by Admin. Posted in News hands out prizes every month to our members with the highest activity points. This month a total of $100 will be awarded to the top 3 members with the highest points. The competition will end on the 31st of this month at 10pm. It has been brought to my attention (thanks Iswariya) that after implementing the sponsored functionality, new listing submission points are not being calculated. I am not sure what is the cause of it, so in the mean time while i try to solve it, to make up for this deficit and still allow other users to still catch up, new reviews will now hold a weight of 8 points, up from 5. There are also some minor tweaks added so refer to the list below. Listings now do not give any points due to the bug but it does not effect your previous points accumulated from listings already.

You can check out the monthly standings in the bottom center of the main page. There is 1 week left to go and still plenty of time to catch up!

How do I earn points?

By being active on TSL, nearly everything you do gives you points! Here is the full breakdown of how you can earn points with the new point system.

  1. "Like" a forum post - 1 Point (New!)
  2. Receive a "Like" on a forum post- 2 Points (New!)
  3. New Review Comment - 3 points (Leave a comment on someone's review!)
  4. New Forum Post - 3 points 5 points
  5. New Forum Topic - 10 points 8 points 7 points
  6. New Review - 5 points 8 points
  7. New Listing - 10 points 8 points Currently Bugged.
  8. New Member - 10 points 20 points
  9. New Blog - 25 points 30 points
  10. Invite a friend to register on the site successfully 50 points
  11. You get 10% bonus points of all the points your registered friend generates (This does not effect your friend's points in any way, he/she still gets the same) (New!)

How do I invite a friend to register?

Simple! Just go to your profile page then click on the facebook button and add in your own personal message about TheSmartLocal!!

Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: Any unnatural behaviour will result in disqualification from our contest. As this system is still new, we will continue to tweak the points slightly to make it as fair as possible. Although very unlikely, TheSmartLocal reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition as they see fit at any time.