New Categories & Prize System!

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New Categories

We have added over 100 new categories to make your browsing experience that much better! Looking for a good hairdresser? Or perhaps the best steamboat buffet? Maybe you're thinking of going to a junior college but can't decide which one! Or the best Preschool / Enrichment for your child! All the listings now have their own detailed sub-categories, making them even easier to find and compare to make the best decision!

Search Box

Our search box at the top right has been tweaked. It will now only check in the "Listing Title box" for matches, rather than the description area too like before. This should make finding listings much easier.

Prizes & New Point System

If you didn't know, hands out prizes every month to our members with the highest activity points. This month a total of $100 will be awarded to the top 3 members with the highest points. You can check out the monthly standings in the bottom center of the main page. Also, the point system has been tweaked slightly and this is the new system.

Bonus Prize Payout is as follows:

  1. $50
  2. $30
  3. $20

How do I earn points?

By being active on TSL! Here is the full breakdown of how you can earn points with the new point system.

  • New Member - 10 points
  • Complete Profile - 20 points 50 points
  • New Forum Post - 3 points 5 points
  • New Review - 5 points
  • New Review Comment - 3 points (NEW!)
  • New Forum Topic - 10 points 8 points
  • New Listing - 10 points 8 points
  • New Blog - 25 points 30 points
  • Invite a friend to register on the site 50 points (NEW!)

How do I invite a friend to register?

Simple! Just go to your profile page then click on the facebook button and add in your own personal message about TheSmartLocal!!

Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: Any unnatural behaviour will result in disqualification from our contest. Although very unlikely, TheSmartLocal reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition as they see fit at any time.