Many Site Updates!

Written by Admin. Posted in News

Spent some time tweaking the site today. Here are the changes.

  • Changed font color to a darker one. Please let me know if this is good enough or if it should be darker.
  • You will now be able to access your profile after you've logged in by clicking on your name at the top left.
  • The invalid token error was because sessions expire after 15 minutes of inactivity. This limit has been changed to 4 hours.
  • Under listings the "Detailed Review Summary" now has an icon and is more obvious
  • Helpful % has been removed as it isn't nice to see anything other than 100%. So now it just displays the number of helpful votes.
  • Added an icon for helpful votes and made the text slightly smaller for everything on the left of reviews.
  • The site should display XXX Reviews written in xxx listings on the homepage. Its just an automatic counter that shows how many reviews there are.
  • Clicking on a name in "submitted by xxx" under listings now takes you to the members profile page instead of displaying other listings by the member.
  • Tweaked ranks and rating scores slightly, there is now an "above average" awarded for listings with ratings between 2.8-3.2 There are some new titles awarded e.g "grandmaster reviewer" for reviewers with over 200 reviews.

Panoramic pictures!! Yes this is coming soon. Here is  a sneak preview of a very rough draft of Makansutra - Gluttons Bay.