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Frozen yogurt at Yoguru is made from fresh ingredients that contain probiotic cultures, vitamins and minerals. At Yoguru, every yogurt is nonfat and made right in our store using fresh ingredients without preservatives or additives.

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Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
List of Outlets:
Kallang Leisure Park
5 Stadium Walk, Unit 01-10A
Sinagpore 397693

Raffles City Shopping Centre at City Hall MRT
252 North Bridge Road,Unit #B1-70
Singapore 179103

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #B1-K8
Singapore, 208539

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-13
Singapore 237994

Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road #01-K17
Singapore 574408

eHub! (@ Downtown East)
1 Pasir Ris Close #02-102
Singapore 519599

Alexandra Retail Centre (PSA Building)
460 Alexandra Place, #01-12
Singapore 119963


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Non fat

As stated, Yoguru is a non fat frozen yogurt that's made from fresh ingredients and without any additives or preservatives. This means that health conscious consumers can eat these cups of goodness feeling guilt-free!

I especially love the original flavour yogurt with oreo crumbs as the topping. The yogurt itself is cream, rich and thick. It's amazing that you can just eat the yogurt on its own.

Indeed, Yoguru is very generous in terms of its serving and thus, value for money.

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One of my favourite froyo!

My eyes always lit up whenever I spot Yoguru out in the streets/malls.

You know how you always crave for something sweet (maybe it's just me) or something to eat whenever you are out? Froyo is always my no. 1 choice whenever i feel like having desserts because it is a healthier alternative to cakes or pastries! Not to mention it's perfect to combat our sunny weather.

Another plus point is it's reasonable price tag and they have really interesting flavours such as Berry Bliss and Salted Caramel, and also seasonal specials like Mandarin Orange! I love how their froyo is not sickeningly sweet or gritty, instead it's smooth with a tinge of tartness to it, making it feel more healthy? hahaha

I also get to choose my favourite toppings like berries, granola and nuts! Craving for it nowww.

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(Updated: March 05, 2014)

something different

When I had my first bite, I liked it instantly. I'm a fan of froyo and up till then my favourite had been Sogurt. Yoguru's froyo is fresh and the taste is different from the rest of the froyo stores out there. Perhaps you can say it has a more natural flavour. But it is good.

It's about the same price as the other stores, maybe a tad more expensive, but it's worth it. You either like it or you don't, but if you like a natural flavour, try Yoguru.

One thing very important to note though: their yogurt melts really quickly! I don't know why, but that part kills me a little. Hence the 3.5 rating.

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Super Fresh and Healthy

I really love frozen yoghurt and Yoguru is my favourite amongst all the frozen yoghurt shops in Singapore. The frozen yoghurt is so addictive, leaving me wanting for more when I finish a cup.

Yoguru's frozen yoghurt has the freshest yoghurt taste. It is not too sour, nor is it too sweet. The yoghurt tastes even, meaning that it is so well done and of really good quality. I always go for the original flavour and top it up with vanilla cacao, aloe vera and blueberries.There are loads more of other toppings, mostly fruits and nuts. They taste really good together with the yoghurt, and the best thing is? It is totally healthy. You can search it up on the web, yoghurt brings us so much health benefits, and needless to say, fruits and nuts are good for us too.

If you are health conscious but looking for a cool, sweet retreat, Yoguru is definitely the top few choices.
A big cup can make a meal if you intend to diet. If not, a small cup will suffice as the healthiest and freshest dessert ever.

Of course such good quality of frozen yoghurt comes at a price. Yoguru's frozen yoghurt are a tad bit expensive. *Sobs*

I still recommend it though, Yoguru is the best! (just not to my wallet)

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DownTown East
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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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Sweet and nice.

I'm a huge yoghurt fan and I've definitely tried all the stores here in Singapore. Yoguru is indeed one of my favourites! I love how Yoguru has a loyalty card, that gives you free toppings or a free yoghurt after you purchase a certain number of cups. Also, servings are rather generous and the price is affordable too.

I like how they have started introducing new flavours and different sizes to cater to their different customers. My all-time favourite is the matcha green tea yoghurt, which has just the right amount of matcha taste and is creamy too. Also, there is now a new small cup to cater to the small eaters, especially since most of my friends cannot seem to finish their yoghurts! I have absolutely no idea why they find it difficult to finish such a yummy yoghurt. To me, Yoguru serves heavenly yoghurt at its best.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

My favourite froyo!

I love froyo and I can't resist buying a "little" cup every time I pass a froyo shop but my favourite is Yoguru! I love the texture of their yoghurt - creamy but not too thick, and definitely not icy! You know how some froyos feel more like finely blended ice.

I prefer yoghurts that are slightly more sour and tangy and I like the original and the something-berry flavour. I think they're good enough to be had without toppings so don't waste your money on them! This is especially because the serving is pretty large already.

I only wish they had more outlets around or were more conveniently located!

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I used to like it

I used to like Yoguru because it isn't self-serve, so the yogurt looks amazing. Also, it was amazing value because there would be a substantial amount of yogurt per serving. Toppings were also at a reasonable price, and the loyalty card was easy to complete. (Every $4 spent per stamp, at the end of the card, you get free toppings and yogurt) But now, they changed the system and it's become more expensive. I feel like the quality of the yogurt has also worsened, the yogurt feels like badly mixed ice-cream powder and it melts so quickly.

Really disappointed in the recent change in Yoguru.

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My favourite Froyo shop

Yoguru has the best tasting froyo I tried. I really like their not too sour, not too sweet taste. And their froyo is really creamy, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable since I personally am not a fan of yogurt.

Also, they have loyalty card that enables you to redeem a cup of yogurt once you hit their requirement.

I love their topping as well, they have a lot of choices and the pink and white mini mochi bits are my favourite ones since they're really chewy and enhances the taste of the froyo.

Also, you can ask for their syrup like chocolate or strawberry, which is good for those who prefer a stronger taste.

Their staff are not all that professional in my opinion, but they still do their job pretty well.

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Get your fix NOW!

Aye, here we go again. Another food fad has hit our little sunny island of Singapore yet again. In this case, this appeals to the health conscious individuals who can't resist a creamy treat every now and then. And with froyo, this allows us a healthier, less fat, less calorie treat to cool down after a day of shopping or trekking in the hot weather of Singapore.

Anything matcha and i go gaga. This also applied to their flavours. Smart move at incorporating green tea into their froyo. i bet it did appeal to other matcha fans out there. i couldn't resist getting a cup of their matcha froyo and it did had the green tea taste that i yearned for. unlike other places where the green tea's presence lies only in the colour.

One of the better places selling cheap and good yogurt.

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