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#B1-16A Compass Point, 1 Sengkang Square Singapore 545078
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Listing created by TammyC on July 30, 2012    

Yogurt Place offers indulgent frozen yogurt, delectable smoothies, refreshing drinks and delicious waffles all infused with our very own unique fresh Greek yogurt. In addition to the health benefits of live cultures, our yogurt also packs in a high protein and calcium content.

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Compass Point

Jurong Point

Toa Payoh HDB Hub
(Basement 1 foodcourt)

The Arcade
Level 1 (beside Raffles Place Mrt Station)

Downtown East
(Opp wild wild wet)

NUS University Town Koufu Foodcourt


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Way under-rated and needs greater exposure

I bought my 2 kids a treat as we passed by this shop at Compass Point.

They were having a promotion: $5.50 for a medium cup and 3 toppings. The youghurt I have no complaints. The honey yoghurt was something you don't get very often elsewhere.

But what I did like was the presentation. Most other places would lump all the toppings on top of the yoghurt mountain. Here, they fill half of the cup and put in a layer of topping which usually would be the wet topping first. Then they add more yoghurt and finish off with the drier toppings and everything fits the cup quite nicely.

Price and taste is good, like most other competitors but I'd give them points for the innovative presentation.

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Yummy yogurts

I had my first taste of yogurt from this shop when I saw it in the foodcourt of Toa Payoh. It was a hot day, and I was looking for something healthy, cooling and sweet for an afternoon snack. Yogurt has always been delightful to me, especially Greek yogurt. Through the clear glass, I could see several yogurt flavours, and I knew I just had to try a cup.

I tried the berry flavored one, and there were real berries inside. Lovely! Fresh fruit with greek yogurt is heaven. The serving is a little small, and the price quite steep for such a small cup, but the taste and texture of the yogurt made up for everything. I've had the berry one twice, and will be trying another flavour on my next trip to the Yogurt Place.

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Awesome Greek Yogurt!

I love the Greek yogurt here, but sadly, they're not cheap or I'd be eating their yogurt all day.

The Yogurt Place is one of the few places in Singapore (besides supermarkets) that sell ordinary, non-frozen yogurt. I'm not a fan of frozen yogurt so this place is a gem for me. The variety of yogurt is great, however, they could be more creative with the toppings. Compared to supermartket brands like dairy farmers, marigold and whatnot, yogurt from the yogurt place beats every single one of them hands down. My favourite flavours are the peppermint chocolate chip, cappuccino and jelly yogurt. They are really good guilt-free desserts or snacks.

I heard that the strawberry and mango flavours are their bestsellers, but these do not appeal to me as they taste a little artificial. It'll be great if they mixed in natural fruits instead which will definitely up the health level.

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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Ugly logo and bad concept, but food is good

The Yogurt Place is one of the newer frozen yogurt stores that popped up this year, and I thought there would be nothing interesting about it, but they offer Greek Yogurt as well as Frozen Yogurt, which is rather new to me! Their Greek Yogurt boasts to be extremely healthy and nutritious and it tastes like normal fresh yogurt. They also customise their Greek Yogurts into interesting and fairly delicious flavours.

My favourites are blueberry and strawberry. Their frozen yogurt also tastes tangy and stays cold for a long while, so I am pretty pleased with that. I think they can definitely step up their game on concept and service as well as presentation though, the food may matter the most but I think it is because of their exterior that does not attract customers. Their drinks are also pretty pricey.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Not bad for the new kid on the block

The Yogurt Place (TYP) is one of the newer fro-yo outlets and I must say its fro-yo definitely gives places like Yoguru a run for their money. It even beats Frolick, a local fro-yo veteran whose standard I believe has dropped over the years.

I tried TYP's blueberry and original flavours which were satisfying and not too sweet. Its original flavour is slightly creamy and tastes similar to that of Yoguru's. Also, portions are generously served so you get your money's worth.

TYP's fro-yo makes for a good after-dinner snack, with affordable prices even after adding toppings. Additionally, if you're not a fan of fro-yo, you can also try their waffles which are made fresh on the spot, or their yogurt shakes which seem to be quite popular. However, I highly recommend their fro-yo, even if you're not a fan - you definitely will not regret it.

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Real Yoghurt

With the frozen yoghurt rage all around and new frozen yoghurt chains popping up everywhere, it is important to be unique. And yoghurt place is just that. They not only sell frozen yoghurt, but their main seller is the true blue fruit yoghurt that comes in many exciting flavours.

I particularly like their peppermint flavour. The yoghurt is not too milky and just the right creamy texture. I tried one of their yoghurt muesli shakes before. It is a tad expensive for the tiny cup, but I enjoyed every sip of it. Will be tempted to have it again if not for the price tag!

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Unique yogurt

I've never bought a cup of yogurt from yogurt place but friends around me often purchase from them. Their service is pretty good. The assistant would always allow me to try the flavours of their yogurt even though it's kind of obvious that I wasn't interested in getting a cup. Their yogurt tastes pretty good too.

I have this particular friend that would always purchase their yogurt drink. She likes the dink very much but I don't have the same liking as her. I don't find it nice though and it's rather expensive. If I were to buy anything from yogurt place, it would definitely be their flavoured yogurt.

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