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#B1-07, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695
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If you're looking for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds, this is it. Frolick brings to you cool, frosty frozen yogurt that's low in fat but high in flavor, piled high with a myriad of toppings that run the gamut from fresh fruits and nuts to crunchy cereals and chocolate chips.

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241 Holland Avenue Holland Village
#01-02 Singapore 278976. Tel: +65 64621188

4 Kensington Park Road Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 557256. Tel: +65 63147919

10 Tampines Central 1 Tampines 1
#B1-32 Singapore 529536. Tel: +65 63147919

90 Hougang Avenue 10 Hougang Mall
#B1-K11 Singapore 538766.

2 Handy Road The Cathay
#01-02 Singapore 229233.

630 Bukit Batok Central
#01-158 Singapore 650630.

9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk
#01-k7 Singapore 039596.

21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall
#B1-23 Singapore 689812.

80 Middle Road Hotel Intercontinental Singapore
#01-K1 Singapore 188966.


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Icy Yogurt

Frolick Yoghurt shop has a very lively concept that appeals to the youth with their colourful cups and energetic slogans. I would not say the same for the taste though.

Frolick’s yogurt has more of an icy texture rather than the creamy kind. This is what I dislike about it, because I prefer frozen yoghurt to be creamy and the iciness makes the yogurt seem like it has been stored for quite a while in the machine thus may not be very fresh. The taste is also not spectacular, as it is quite sour and not as nice as others I have had.

The toppings they provide are quite good though, because they always have both fresh fruits and dry toppings readily available. They also give a generous helping, as I have seen other yoghurt stalls only give 8-10 blueberries while they give 14-15.

Now they also have a new cup called the A cup, which cannot have any toppings but is a smaller size for just $3.00. I think this is quite a nice concept, except that I’m not sure why they want to disallow toppings since yogurt tastes better with it and it gives the customers more variety as well.

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There was this period when everyone was head over heels in love with Frolick, Yami yogurt and what not. I might be a little slow because I'm only experiencing the love only now. Many of the frozen yogurt stores that I've tried before tasted more or less the same. Some you're allowed to D.I.Y your own cup whilst others are done for you.

I'd definitely prefer those that's self-assembled because then I can gauge the amount of yogurt and toppings I want and hence the amount I'm paying. I usually load my cup with toppings at Sogurt because most of the weight comes from the yogurt. I think that definitely provides more value.

Unlike Frolick. You choose the flavor, the size and your topping; everything else is assembled by them. Most of their staff seems to be stingy, or maybe that's their policy because I'm paying the highest price for frozen yogurt at Frolick and always getting the tiniest amount of it.

Would rather patronize elsewhere where I can enjoy to my heart's content, the quality and quantity I'm paying for.

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Where some little memories were made

When I was in Secondary School, I had a close knitted circle of friends. We had known each other since Secondary One so the bond between us is strong. Although we some of us had different co-curricular activities (CCA) and the fact that we were placed in different classes for Secondary Three and Four, we remained together as the best of friends. Whenever our timetables met, we would take the bus home together.

One of the fondest memories I have would be the times we spent having at the Frolick outlet located beside the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange. Though we do not patronize it often, that is one of the strongest memories I have. Why? Well that's because we would talk about school life and the happenings in our respective CCAs. It was a sanctuary for us to hang out for a while before diving back into the hectic life of being a student.

When we were there, I would usually go for their green apple flavoured frozen yoghurt with a topping of gummy bears. It was fun and painful to eat it cause the gummy bears would harden due to the frozen yoghurt. I still remember the times when there was a special one for one offer for the frozen yoghurt. All six of us would patronize it together to take advantage of the special offer.

Though we are now in separate Junior Colleges and Polytechnics, we would still make it a point to go back there and relive those memories of ours. Although our schedules clash more often than not, there would always be a slot that we would search for in order to meet up and enjoy some frozen dessert together.

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Ambience and Toppings!
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Bukit Batok
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There was a period of time when everyone was going bananas over Frolick. And I just didnt get it, because it wasn't anything special. I think what drew people to the store was more the advertising than anything else, because you sure can't get a good and satisfying cup of froyo from Frolick.

The yogurt is more or less ordinary...yes there are different flavors but they change so often that I rather just stick to the original (I'm totally a tried-and-tested person) because I can't remember which flavours I liked. And while the service is good, I am not drawn to buying yogurt because the price is really not worth it for a tiny dollop of fermented milk.

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Bugis Junction
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Amazing offers!

Frolick was never really my favorite frozen yoghurt outlet, given its limited choice of personal preference (they only have three types of cups and a take home pack, and you can't choose if you want toppings or not, since you can only take Cup A if you want so). However, the outlet at Bugis Junction has become my ultimate favorite place to have this treat!

Frolick at Bugis Junction offers amazing deals three times a week that I simply cannot say no to. On Thursdays, it offers one-for-one frozen yoghurts, meaning that if you order a Cup B, it's $2.55 for each! And the Cup B is honestly quite big. Not to mention, the staff there is quite generous with toppings! I often find myself getting two cups in the end, simply because I cannot refuse this offer.

Also, the outlet has a cool atmosphere as it furnished itself in a "beach style manner", making it a perfect experience to hang out with your pals and treat yourselves to a nice, cool dessert!

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Bugis Junction
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Yogurt with almost the same taste but not the same price

Honestly speaking, I will never visit Frolick unless there are 1-for-1 deal for me, simply because the yogurt itself doesn't taste really wow, it just taste average i would say (not much difference from other yogurt which you can buy from supermarket), its only the price of the yogurt that is different (you can buy a yogurt at $2+ to probably $3 at supermarket, while u need to pay $5+ for a small cup of yogurt at Frolick!!). That is almost 2 fold of the price of the yogurt at supermarket, so why spend unnecessary money when both taste about the same?! Alright, maybe you are paying for the freshly diced fruits, which taste rather good and probably the ambiance of the place. Hit the Like button if you think what I am thinking, thanks!

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(Updated: September 15, 2012)

Yogurt AGAIN

The service ranges from store to store. Mostly I find girls working in Frolick pleasant looking and cheerful. The ambience of the Frolick in Bugis is also perfect for a chill out session because it is so brightly lit by natural light and the wood theme makes you feel relaxed.. Like you're in a beach or something. They are also quite trendy. Remember the badges. Ha.

The only thing I don't like about Frolick is their yogurt.. Which defeats the purpose of even liking frolick in the first place right. It tastes so much like yakult and not yogurt! It's too icy and has no creamy texture at all. Once it enters your mouth it seems to just melt into a puddle of yakult. Yucks.

Their chocolate froyo is really really good though, you'd be lucky if you got to try it. More like ice cream than froyo. They should just change their original flavour to chocolate.

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(Updated: July 05, 2012)

pretty much a let-down

Having not had Frolick's frozen yogurt in the longest time, the one for one deal seemed like a good reason to try it again. Yet I was just left wondering what I fancied about it in the first place.

After trying out yogurt from many other fro-yo places, I would say that the fro-yo at Frolick really pales in comparison to those served at other places like Yami and Sogurt where the texture is creamier. The fro-yo here is mainly just icy, melts too quickly and lacks the distinctive tart yogurt flavor. I'd have to say they were generous with the topping but if the main attraction can't hold it's weight then that's not much of a redeeming factor either.

What really got my gut was the poor service at the store. We were greeted with unpleasant expressions and observed rather uncourteous behavior towards the lady before us who was probably a first time customer and was not aware of the price differences between flavored and original. Overall, we were pretty let down by the service and quality here.

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Sour and sweet!

On a hot, sweltering day, I think of frolick. Within that lovely cup lies sour and sweet goodness, topped with marshmellows and fruits of my choice. I love it when the cold yoghurt slides down my throat after melting in my mouth. The marshmellows are also chewy and sweet. Frolick has adopted an interesting strategy to reach out to its younger audience- using loud graphic design and selling badges with cool catchphrases such as "parental advisory" and "lick it", its consumer base is definitely maintained. Its toppings are always generous and i love visiting frolick especially when the 1-for-1 offer is on!

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My favourite yogurt place

Frolick’s popularity had me skeptical, so I knew I had to try some. And they are indeed really good. I was in love with their flavoured yogurt (if I remember correctly, I had the peach) at first bite. The soft texture of the yogurt will melt in your mouth almost instantly, and what is left is the mighty sweetness that slides down your throat ever so refreshingly. As mentioned, there may be bits of ices left as a result of inconsistency, but that’s more than acceptable for me as I feel that the taste is equally enjoyable.

Frolick also offers a variety of toppings, which include gummy bears, waffle crisps and fruits. I tried the plain yogurt once since the flavoured one for the day sounded much too adventurous for my liking. To my surprise, the sweetness of the yogurt is still very much present even from the plain looking yogurt. I can have my yogurt fix without any topping at all, but sometimes I would choose to have their peaches and strawberries.

Yogurt is a great and yummy alternative to ice cream and be sure to try it out if you haven’t already! I feel that Frolick is definitely one of the top yogurt stores in Singapore. Service wise, don’t expect much because girls at Frolick can be unfriendly and seem to be living in their own bubbles.

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Frolick Yoghurt -low in fat, not so high in service

I'm a newcomer to yoghurt ice cream, so while wandering around Tampines 1 today, saw this little ice cream shop - Frolick, at a corner. The interior was welcoming, decked out in cheerful colours , with about 5 to 6 tables and also a long side table with saddle stools and 2 long sofas.

I was not sure about the types of yoghurt to order and when I asked the staff, she told me there's either natural yoghurt or flavoured yoghurt and only 1 flavour, green apple . She did not elaborate further, so I ordered one of each. Felt the cup was a teeny bit small for S$3.00.

I saw several toppings laid out at the counter. There were about 8 or more varieties of toppings and the staff did not ask me if I wanted any toppings , unlike Macdonalds, they will ask " upsize for you?" Guess she was used to people who knew what they wanted ,but I was thinking that if she had asked if I wanted any toppings I would have tried some, more revenue for the shop, right?

Anyway, what I like about the store was that the customer can sit as long as he/she likes, a couple was there before us and were still sitting and chatting when we left and one man was leisurely reading his newspaper.

No hassle, just pay , take your yoghurt and enjoy your meal.

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