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25A 25A PERAK ROAD Singapore Singapore 208136
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Listing created by vegnagun2142 on April 19, 2012    

Little India is known for their Indian food cuisines which has both North-Indian and South-Indian cuisines, and also their 24-hour Mustafa (shopping centre). However, if you would like to try something else other than Indian food, there is a unique restaurant serving American food in a 60s setting with a home style hospitality, where their best sellers are their Hot-dog Sausages, Bourbon Pork Ribs and Buffalo Wings. Not only that, they are also home to a renowned motorcycle club (Harley Davidson) to class car owners.

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Mon - Thu: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
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  • $10-$20
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(Updated: August 07, 2012)


It's a totally new experience for me, for i have never seen anything this American Style before! The food menu was kind of a dream menu for me as i have always dreamed to travel to America and have a dine in at some of the old school restaurants just like in the movies! Their Hot dogs and Cherry Milkshake is definitely a Must Try! There's also a live band performing just for you guys! So if you're a party animal then this is a restaurant meant for you! Only bad point is that it ends too early at 12am!

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Hot dogs
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25A PERAK ROAD, Singapore, Singapore 208136
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Hot-dogs and Buffalo Wings, in a 60s setting

For almost every dish served, it comes with either French fries or Sweet Potato Fries. If you are new to dining here, I would suggest ordering their hotdogs and sweet potato fries for it go with, not to forget their amazingly marinated buffalo chicken wings! I had once ever tried their challenge: if you managed to finish their 18-inch hotdog and fries within 15 minutes, the meal is free! Else, you will need to pay for the main. However, so far only a man has only managed to complete it within the time stipulated. I could not finish and had other friends to help me finish it. So for all hungry and big eaters out there, you might want to give it a try!

As for their buffalo wings, it is a well marinated that its taste will remain lingering in your mouth even after you have finished eating it. The meat is tender and soft, which makes it very different from eating a barbecue wing. The milkshake is very fresh, as they have 3 kinds of milkshake for you to choose from: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshakes! My favorite would be their Strawberry Milkshake.

I think that for the tourists whom are looking for cheap accommodation, there is a backpacker hostel just beside it! Whats even better is that when you are dining in Wheels and Wieners for dinner, you might want to stay till evening as they do have a live band playing hits ranging from rock n’ roll to alternative rock! Moreover, I would say that it is a great experience for all while you dine in a restaurant with a 60s setting (ambiance and furniture), and also since its located in the town area.

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Best Part:
Huge variety of Hot-dogs, Strawberry Milkshake and Buffalo wings
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