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Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken Hot

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B2-50/51 23 Serangoon Central Singapore
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Barcelos Chickens are Marinated for 24 hours and then Flame Grilled to absolute perfection. Barcelos currently boasts close to 100 outlets in 6 countries across the globe and they are constantly expanding towards new horizons with 3 branches in Singapore.


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Vivocity #91-93
Novena Square 2 #02-65-67
Serangoon Nex B2-50/51


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Potential to be one of the best.

I wanted to try their Supa Peri chicken for so long, so when I ordered it, I was already drooling at the thought of digging into some spicy chicken.

Boy, I wasn't disappointed! The fiery taste really is enough to make u stop talking and contemplate on what you'd just put into your mouth. It's mild at first, but grows on you and the spiciness has it's own flavour too, with a hint of lime and probably a light touch of chilli powder.

The nest time i return to Barcelo's, I want to sample their Pitta Bread, it really looks like a healthy and filling meal. I feel that Barcelo's has the potential to make it big in Singapore, with some luck and more marketing effort done on their part.

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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

Probably an off day

I was hunting for food in Vivocity and looking for a place with not much queue and spotted Barcelos. The restaurant's ordering system is somewhat like a fast food system. You go to the counter to order but the food will be served to your table. Most likely because the food cannot be cooked fast enough for us to stand and wait at the counter. I ordered the Hawaiian wrap and was quite disappointed. It wasn't very spicy, but I have to admit that I can take really spicy food. And the worst part of the wrap is that the chicken was very tough. It was hard to chew and I really didn't enjoy my meal. Maybe I should have gone for the quarter chicken. I might still give it another try when I'm bored of the other eateries at Vivo since my friends have had good experience at this joint.

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Hot heat, hot meal!

I haven't heard of this establishment before until today, when I was at Vivocity, wanting a wrap. Disregarding Subway as they are better known for their sandwiches, and not being able to find any other stores selling wraps, my friend and I stumbled upon Barcelos - and what a good thing we did!

There initially wasn't any crowd, only two people in front of us in the queue, and even then, the second one actually came at the same time as we did, and after a quick look at the vast menu (they not only had wraps, but typical carbs (rice and pasta), burgers, skewers and salads. We decided on a Grilled Chicken Wrap and Spicy Wedges to go, and after a considerable wait (we even had time to go browse the Cotton On Kids and another store nearby), we received out order.

At $10.50 for a main and side, with no drink, it was quite pricey in our opinion, as we are students, but considering that while waiting for our order to be prepared, quite a queue had formed, we believed that it was good. Why wait unless it's worth it, right?

We actually settled down to eat our joined meals together quite a while later, but even then, the packaged food was still warm, which is a nice surprise!

The wrap was about the size of two of my fists, and considering that my fists are relatively small, it may not be impressive, but to me, it was. It was just the right size for sharing, and at first bite, what you get is a mix of seasoned grilled chicken with small cubed vegetables and just the right amount of sauce. After three bites, you start to feel the heat, and that was really surprising to me, considering that I didn't add any chilli sauce or any other condiments to make it spicy. I love spicy food despite not being able to handle it, but for the ones who NEED heat to complete their meals - do try this out! Very much recommended.

Our wedges were blah. The 'spicy' in it's name is totally misleading. It just tasted like basic wedges you could get from FairPrice and fry yourself. Not bad, but nothing to rave about.

In essence, a lovely place to go to if you've got a hankering for smokey meat done right.

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Grilled Chicken Wrap
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