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Listing created by vegnagun2142 on April 18, 2012    
Bukit Timah Road and Sixth Avenue is known for its prime location and the price of landed properties than the recommended restaurants among the central of Singapore. However, for food-loving people, they would know of Holland Village as a place of good-food, than Sixth Avenue. Situated in the cross junction of Sixth Avenue and Bukit Timah Road, a Swedish-German restaurant called ‘Stammtisch’ (in Sixth Avenue Centre).

Its regular customers would often order their Pork Knuckle, Beef Fondue, Cheese Fondue and even Chocolate fondue as a main!

What's more, this restaurant is owned by Mr Bernhard Weber, the former executive chef of Marina Mandarin. He is friendly, and interactive with his customers. Not only that, the ambience of the restaurant gives you a very homely feeling, as if you're dining at a friend's house!

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Tue–Sun: 12pm – 3pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm. Closed on Mondays
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  • $10-$20
  • $20-30

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For the Swiss-German Cuisines lovers

I tried out dining in Stammtisch based on my aunt's recommendation. Well, personally I am not a fan of Swiss-German cuisines but I should say that this restaurant changes my mind. 
The restaurant has double storeys, both levels serve as dining space. I would say that this restaurant is great for dinner; you could choose to dine indoor or alfresco dining and enjoy the night view. The ambience was cosy and simple, it is a decent place to dine in. 

I had the pork knuckles, it is crispy and is so flavorful with such a large portion, perhaps you could share it with someone else. 
I also had my all time favourite Mushroom and chicken Rosti. However, i was quite disappointed with the amount of chicken and mushroom given, they are too little for such a big crepe. The taste is so so. Too little sauce given, and so it feels so dry eating the whole Rosti. If you would like to eat a great Rosti, this place is not recommendable. 

And for the next course, I had ribeye steak served alongside with fries, steamed carrots and beans. The steak is crispy and huge, not too oily and still maintain its best level of juiciness. As for the French fries, they are okay, not too salty and definitely goes well with the beans. 

There were a few dessert on the menu but I didn't order any because I was too full by then. But just to quote them, they had cheesecakes and hot strawberries served together with vanilla ice cream and a touch of whipped cream. If you don't really fancy the whipped cream, you could always inform the staff. 

I would say that the service is excellent, and I would go back there sometimes again. However, they should come up more with meal package or promotion because the price could be exorbitant. 

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Awesome German Pork Knuckle and Cheese Fondue!

Stammtisch serves the best German Pork-Knuckle and Cheese Fondue that I had ever tasted. It is more value-for-money than eating a Pork-Knuckle in Marche and Cheese Fondue in Swiss-Society (Suntec City).

Talking about the pork knuckle, it is soft, tender and juicy on the inside. While the outer crust and layer are so well cooked that once you put it in your mouth, the meat just slides, leaving the juice savoring in your mouth, as you slowly chew on the meat and crust as a whole. Not only that, the skin is crispy even after 20 minutes!

The cheese fondue comes at a fixed price of $28/pax, which has a minimum of 2 pax to serve. Despite its price, it comes with a basket of bread for you to dip in while the cheese is hot. It makes use of imported cheese and white wine for the enhancement of taste. You could also order additional dips, such as Salami, Potatoes, smoked salmon etc. It is worth eating in terms of its portion and price, as compared to dining in Swiss-Society which also serves cheese fondue.

However, on festive occasions, reservation needs to be made as the restaurant is often fully booked, which happened to me on Valentine's Day. Not only that, although the Pork-Knuckle is delicious and juicy, be expected to wait an approximate of 20 minutes as they prepare the delicious and mouthwatering Pork-Knuckle.

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Cheese Fondue, German Pork Knuckle
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