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Miranda Yeo
Listing created by Miranda Yeo on June 11, 2014    

Blisshouse is a themed restaurant set in a fairytale. Embrace a warm and unforgettable dining experience in this Garden of Eden-like restaurant with its beautiful interior decor.  

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12pm - 11pm


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Dream Come True?

Walking past Blisshouse after a lunch at Central, I knew I had to come back. Peeking inside, I could see green grass carpeting the floor, white roses twining around the various pillars and up the walls. Stepping in was like stepping into a fairy tale. Walking past the bar, there is a whimsical white swing, perfect for Instagram worthy shots! You can choose to sit by the window, on the pavilion, or in a room that looks fit for royalty.

The presentation of the food we ordered was not as pretty as the interior of the restaurant, so I was a bit disappointed by that. Also, the food itself wasn't fantastic and the portion wasn't that satisfying! Then again, it may have been because we ordered the value meals, which were all less than $10.

All in all, it's worth making a trip to at least once, if only just to take beautiful pictures. I may give it another chance and go back to try the ala carte dishes, they may be better.

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The decor
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Clarke Quay
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Fairytale Dinner

When I first stepped into Blisshouse, I felt like Alice taking her first step in Wonderland. The place is carpeted in faux grass, draped floor to ceiling in white roses and fitted with indoor pavilions. It's for those who have always dreamt of dining in a garden - but with aircon.

To add on to the already amazing setting, Blisshouse serves up well executed western fare. How not to fall in love with this place? It's the place for those who love taking selfies - they even have props for you to play around with and a gorgeous white piano you can pose with to pretend you're musically inclined.

I had the oven-baken cajun spiced red snapper ($19), which was delicate and melt-in-your-mouth tender. I absolutely adored the mashed potato, which was creamy, cheesy and of a rich consistency. To top it all off, the white truffle ratatouille was held together by a lovely tomato-based sauce with the pungent aroma of truffle infused.

My dining partner had the grilled chicken leg ($18) which came tender and juicy. Served with crispy wedges and garden salad, she was very pleased with her order.

I would definitely return to this restaurant for its amazing food, reasonable prices and lovely atmosphere. In fact, I'm surprised it isn't more popular that it currently is.

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