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Anchored by sea-men since 1977, The Ship has been serving family favourites like Ship Steak, Chicken Maryland & Haineses Pork Chop. Topping their dishes are Escargot Bourguinonne, Oyster Kirkpatrick, Lobster Bisque, Baked Scallops, Russian Borsch Soup, Ship Salad, Oxtail Stew, Lamp Rack, Chicken Ala Ship, Fruitti Di Mare, Seafood Aglio Olio and oh well, come down to see the many more! Prices range from reasonable $12 - $40. 23 Serangoon Central, nex #01-61/62 Singapore 556083 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #04-34/36 Singapore 228208

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1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Email : [email protected]
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23 Serangoon Central, nex
Singapore 556083
Email : [email protected]
Office : 6834 3833
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Love the decor!!

From the entrance, The Ship actually looks a little dubious with its especially dim lightings. But take a step into the restaurant, and I assure you, you'll definitely feel an urge to explore every nook of this nautical-themed restaurant.

I absolutely love the decor over at The Ship! While the lighting may be dim to a scary extent that I had some trouble differentiating an onion from a small piece of bacon, what the restaurant lacks in light, it makes up for in elaborate decor - think anchors, seashells, and many lifebuoys.

As for their food, it's definitely a notch above the average Western dishes you might find elsewhere. Also, servings are incredibly generous! My Carbonara left me feeling a little queasy after finishing the plateful of creamy spaghetti, but I'm not entirely sure if that has something to do with the sheer portion of my main course, or the taste. Some of my friends tried out their Fish&Chips, and none of them finished their portion. Yes, servings are THAT huge.

The Ship can get a little crowded during weekends though, so I'd recommend going on a weekday. Also, guys, here's a good place for a romantic dinner to bring your girlfriends to! The lighting may be a little too dim, but trust me - it makes for the perfect romantic atmosphere.

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Galley food

The ship's food is not too bad, and I found the starters and meat courses to be comparable to that of other established western food restaurants like Jack's Place, except that it is more expensive. The oysters and the escargot was fresh, and the seafood had some quality to speak of.

However, I found their methods of cooking to be below standard for the price, and the ambience is not exactly to my liking, for trying to eat in such a dark environment is not so good for the non romantic meal diners. Service had its slow points, and judging by the food, I would really rather not return for a meal again.

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Nautical restaurant

The Ship Restaurant has great nautical themed decoration, in line with their restaurant name, and it is appealing for customers, as if we are in a real ship. However, what I did not like was the dim lighting in the restaurant- not only is it bad for the eyesight, it makes it quite difficult to read the menu. However, depending on your luck, the interior section of the restaurant is much more brightly lit, but getting the attention of service staff proves a task.

The food served is delicious though, and makes up partially for the negative areas. Meat lovers would relish the sirloin steak, but of course, be prepared to pay around $30 for your meal. Served with mashed potatoes, the herbs and sauce add to the flavour of the food.

I do not recommend going during the holiday period, or when there is a cause for celebration(such as our nation's birthday), unless you have made a reservation. The wait can be long(around half an hour) as it depends on the amount of time customers take to relax after their main course. However, the staff attending to the waiting queue is friendly and would take time to converse and apologize for the wait.

Do bring a book or occupy yourself with your handphone to pass the waiting time (:

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Average food, bad service

Firstly, The Ship serves average food; disappointingly average and nothing worth shouting about. I don't really see the big deal about The Ship, though I have to say they have a rather cute and unique concept which makes for an interesting dining experience. Their atrocious service, however, made me sure I never wanted to visit that place ever again.

The staff were unfriendly, and wholly inefficient - I had to wait for a long time before my food was served to me. Also, I actually ordered the pasta from the a la carte menu, but the waitress didn't inform me that the pasta I wanted was part of the set lunch promotion that they were having. As a result, I ended up paying more for my meal when I could have paid less. Sure, it's just a few dollars, but I appreciate it when staff go the extra mile for their customers, and The Ship's staff clearly do not.

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A great place for seafood!

I recently headed down to The Ship for dinner with my friends. It was my first time trying this place, so I didn't actually have high expectations of the place.

The first thing I liked was the place’s interior appearance. True to its name, it was adequately prettied up to look like a ship. I have a secret love for all kinds of ships since my uncle was in the Navy, so I’d say The Ship deserves two thumbs up from me in this area. The ambience was cozy, with its dim lighting and soft music playing in the background. It wasn't hard to feel at ease once I found a seat.

The menu made my mouth water, but it wasn't until I got my food that I decided it was a good place to dine in. I ordered the Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet since it’s my favourite fish. To my delight, it was brilliantly prepared. I adored the salmon’s crispy skin the most - I seriously love crispy food like chips or, in this case, fish. The whole slice was coated in lime sauce, and the taste of salmon and lime mixed together was nothing short of pleasing. I'm pretty sure my taste buds were singing that day.

Apart from the taste and aesthetic qualities of their food, The Ship should also be proud of its excellent customer service. I went there with a group of friends so large that we couldn't fit into their longest table. Within seconds, waiters offered to shift extra tables together to accommodate our entire group. It was nice to see them do it so willingly and with smiles on their faces. I don't know about you, but I think that the quality of the restaurant's service will affect your view on the place as a whole, regardless of how good or bad the food is.

While the food served there is slightly pricy (only if you happen to miss the student promotion period) and portions for some dishes were a little too small, I can safely say that The Ship is well worth the visit. If you're a fan of seafood, you'll definitely adore this place as much as I do!

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Good for lunch!

I'm a junior college student, so I'm always on the lookout for cheap lunch deals that I can enjoy with my friends after a long hard day of studying. This was definitely one of my favourite places to visit. With a price of $10, you get to enjoy a soup with bread, a main dish ranging from fish to pasta to chicken, and an ice cream to top it all of. This is inclusive of GST and service charge.

However, this price is only valid for students and i felt it was really worth it given how most ordinary set meals can cost about 12 dollars at least nowadays. This meal was indeed a hearty and tasty one, leaving me wanting to come back more.

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Romantic (or not) memories

I went to the Ship for my valentines dinner many years ago after I heard about how nice it was with a ship setting and how romantic it would be. There's was no internet then, and i think i saw an advertisement in the newspaper and called to make a reservation.

With a great expectation and high hopes of having a great dinner there, we reached there only to find that a queue has already formed even though I had a reservation. And finally when we went in, hmm... i could only say that i probably chose a wrong timing to go in. They appeared to have inserted more tables and it was really cramped in the place and it become really noisy as everybody is so close to each other. It was not as romantic as we hope, although the place was still dim down with candle lights.

In terms of the food, it was not possible for me to gauge whether its good or bad since it was simply a mass produced fixed set dinner on V day.

Sadly, that was the only time we went, cause i forgotten about that place until now haha. But its nice to know that this cozy place has finally expanded into its second outlet.

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(Updated: October 23, 2012)

Authentic Ship Setting

Nex has numerous shops and when thinking of what to have for lunch or dinner, this is one shop not to be missed! Located on the first level beside Etude House, it is hard not to be impressed with the interior of the shop. It is decorated with items such as the sailor's anchor and life saving buoys, making it a unique restaurant.

The food's reasonably priced and it is definitely worth a try if you are a student! They do serves 4 main dishes set meals for students at only a price of $8.50! The set meal comes with a soup of the day, a main course, a drink as well as a scoop of ice cream. What can be better than this? For non-students, The Ship also serves daily set meals priced at $17 and above, exclusive of GST.

As a student, my favorite student main course would be the pork chop and the chicken chop! The portions are served generously. When thinking of which drink to pick, I'd say their ice lemon tea's the best. Lastly, when choosing ice cream flavor, I'd recommend none other than cookies and cream (:

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Highly recommended!

I highly recommend this restaurant because it made me and my tummy really satisfied after my first visit!

The place was packed with it's dinner crowd and the manager was nice enough to give us a seat for 2 even though we didn't make any reservations. The ambiance was good because the decorations really made you feel like you was having your meal on a ship. What was interesting was that I saw other diners having "Fish Soup" in a classy restaurant like this. She looked really happy with her meal. I ordered a "Ship Combo" which came in a really huge portion, At $20.90, I had a main course, drinks and dessert as well. It was all worth it because up till now, I am drooling thinking about their chocolate pudding!

This place is good for couples on their first dates, friends going there for a birthday celebration and also for family dine-outs. It is that awesome! :)

The only down side? They need to expand! Haha.

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Ship Combo
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I felt like I was dining on a ship!

It is difficult to miss The Ship, even at busy malls. With its unique design concept, it is no wonder that it catches the eyes of most people. Similarly, I was first drawn to it when I saw how different it looked from the usual Western eateries. I told myself I had to try it one day; just based on how special it looked!

So I did recently, and my verdict is that it provides quite an exclusive experience. I had the opportunity to make use of their student price promotion and at only $10, I was served with a plate of fish and chips (you can choose other main courses if you wish), a soup of the day with a bun, a drink and dessert (either ice cream or cake). I thought that was extremely value for money.

The ambience of the restaurant is worth commending. As its name suggests, the restaurant's design concept is that of a ship's. The interior is dimly lit, with lots of ship and sailing related decorations. It definitely made me feel like I was dining on a ship, which upped the fun element quite a few notches.

Food wise, the fish and chips which I ordered was not too bad. Although I usually do not prefer the crunchy, breadcrumbs-like batter in fish and chips, this one proved to be quite good. There is also a good amount of salad included, which great for a more balanced diet.

This restaurant specializes in seafood so expect them to be a bit higher in cost. If you are concerned about the prices but still want to try it out, they have a student prices on weekdays (during a certain time period) and also a 50% off original prices everyday (excluding public holidays) from 3pm - 5pm.

This is definitely a unique eatery you have to try out!

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