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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

Nothing to it, just a place to chill out with good coffee, unique beers and scrumptious food. Located at 48 Arab Street, beside the heartbeat of Haji Lane.

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10:00 am - 10:00 pm
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  • $10-$20
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cafe still a work in progress

Sandwiched in between Arab street’s trail of fabric shops is Working Title, an indie burger cafe-bar that serves everything from craft beer to brunch. The main dining area was full when I visited, so we walked all the way in to the Courtyard. It was a gorgeous space - cosy, furnished with comfy sofas, armchairs and sunlit.

My friend ordered a Matcha Latte ($6), while I ordered a Dirty Chai Latte ($6.50) for myself. Both were very smooth, and the latter had a subtle but distinct bitterness from the espresso. We also ordered a The Working Big Breakfast ($18) and Smoked Salmon Pizza ($22) to share, but neither were particularly outstanding. The former was served with two slices of untoasted bread, tater tots that tasted a little stale, and cold turkey ham. Unappetising. The pizza was good, and the dollop of greek yoghurt really complemented the saltiness of the smoked salmon. For dessert we had a Grasshopper Pie and Butterscotch Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich ($8.50), and there were delightful.

A quaint indie cafe, even though the the food isn’t very memorable. Would visit again if I’m in the vicinity to give their burgers and beer a taste too!

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A good place to both work and chill out.

Working Title is one of the many cafes situated near the popular Haji Lane, perfect for when you want a place to catch-up with your friends, or simply have some alone time. The cafe had chill vibes and was split into two separate areas; one half was dark and exuded a certain relaxed air to it, while the other half was a cheery courtyard that was brightly lit.

I ordered the "Rosti" set lunch [$11.90] which was essentially 3 pieces of Rosti,with one sausage, a fried egg, and a side of greens. This set came with a soft drink or fresh juice. I was slightly disappointed to find that instead of a Rosti made with shredded potatoes, which I was looking forward to, out came something along the lines of potato pancakes that were a tad too dry. Nevertheless, it wasn't too shabby, especially when paired with the sour cream! The Honey Lemon Wings were tender and delicious, with the chicken falling off easily from the bones.

On the whole, their lunch sets are good value for money and they also offer free wifi, so I will definitely be back!

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Good food with reasonable prices

Went with two other friends, and after much deliberation between getting the big breakfast platter and the burgers, we decided to all get the burgers.

Before we go into the food talk, I just want to say the interior was quite dark and grungy looking so at first we were like.... "Is this it??? Can I even see what I'm eating?" And then we realized if you walk past the counter there's another smaller room and it's like a whole different world. Light comes through from a glass ceiling and there's books to read and quotes on the wall.

On to the food! Firstly, their fries are really good. And they come in this tin can-like container, along with a wooden pan for their burgers! They had mustard, chili and ketchup available (self service) and I love mustard and fries so yay. I ordered the rosti burger, which was surprisingly nice. I did find myself craving for some meat after awhile though..

I ordered the Bandung Latte to go with my meal, and it had a really pretty pink gradient, definitely instagram worthy! My friends ordered the milkshakes and they were really good too.

They have weekday lunch promotions so if you're in the area, you should definitely head down! One of the few cafes that sell good food at rates that aren't overpriced.

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Ambience + food
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Haji Lane
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