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#02-14, Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Ave Singapore 039802
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 08, 2013    

A deli bistro dining concept showcasing local dishes, so just ready for some interesting Singaporean treats.

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Generous serving

My girlfriends and I went over to NineThirty earlier today for some dessert fix and catching up session. The place is easily accessible, situated just a traffic light away from 112 Katong Mall.

We were looking at the desserts and their helpful marketing/business development man came over to recommend some of their best desserts. He was really friendly and told us that the best combination is their Hei Ice cream with Hazelnut Crumble. So we took his advice and in addition to that, we ordered a crème brulee.

Our desserts came really quick, all beautifully presented and tasted professionally done. However, we ordered 2 scoops of ice cream and they were just way too much for the 3 of us. Luckily we didn’t order a pint! Their scoop is generous, so I would recommend people to just get one scoop if there aren’t a lot of you sharing. As for the crème brulee, it was too sweet that I can only handle 2 spoonful of it. As for the combination of hazelnut and hei ice cream, I thought they were too heaty for the body as I am already having a sore throat right now.

Their dessert is definitely of quality and I would go back to try some of their other dishes as well. But next time, I wouldn’t order so many desserts at one go.

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Overpriced but decent.

I visited NineThirty with a friend a few days ago. The shop was nicely decorated with very pleasing colours - and the dessert on display was very appealing. However, looks are not everything, as NineThirty proves, we ordered a Rich Chocolate Cupcake and a Salted Butterscotch Brownie.

The former looked good but on its first bite, the chocolate on the cupcake proved only slightly above average but the chocolate sauce in the middle was rather good. The cupcake was fluffy but not the best. Whereas the brownie fared better despite its mundane presentation - a rectangular block of brown with a layer of salted butterscotch on top. It was sweet and salty which I liked a lot, and made me regret not ordering it for myself.

considering the standard of the desserts, I would say that it's overpriced...

The place is rather odd as they don't serve drinks voluntarily. We had to ask for water and when it came, it was only half a glass. Note to anyone thinking of trying NineThirty: Bring your own water bottle if you are going to order their desserts, and a lot of cash.

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East Coast
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unremarkable, slightly overpriced food

My friends and I first visited Ninethirty after we found out that it was opened by the same company as Awfully Chocolate, and thus had rather high expectations. Unfortunately, we weren't very impressed.

The decor of the cafe is interesting, and the ambience overall pleasant, especially since it wasn't too crowded or noisy. Being a huge fan of truffle fries, I ordered a plate of that, along with dessert - a chocolate pie, but I can't remember the exact name of the dish.

The shoestring fries were comparable to Macdonald's, and pretty good, but the truffle taste was hardly discernable. It seemed like half the plate of fries were just ordinary salted ones, not truffle flavoured. Disappointed, we requested that the cook added another ash of truffle oil. When the plate was returned, the fries were now too greasy and oily, and the truffle flavour overpowering.

When we received the bill, we also found out that an item had been wrongly billed to our table as well. To be fair, the staff handled it very efficiently and seemed sincerely apologetic. Nevertheless, given the mediocre fare and the prices charged for them, I doubt I'll be back anytime soon.

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Joo Chiat
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the whole package.

Decked out in the customarily minimalist style awfullychocolate favours, ninethirty is all black/white/chocolate brown, and its ambience somehow blends both clean lines and warm coziness. Excellent, professional service!

I've tried their Corned Beef Eggs Benedict, Pink Salmon Pasta, and Potato Salad. The Eggs Benedict was good, but not memorably great. Pink Salmon Pasta, while fabulously garlicky was also a tad too salty. I really liked that the texture of the pasta was perfectly al dente though! The potatoes were cooked to just the right softness and mixed with mayonnaise, spring onions, just enough so as to accentuate rather than overwhelm the taste of the potatoes.

For dessert, I've had the Chocolate Mille Crepe, hei Ice Cream, and their Chocolate Tart. If I'm not wrong these are available at all other outlets as well! The Mille Crepe consists of layers of thin crepes stacked with chocolate cream between. It's rich without being cloying, and somehow is still light and fluffy. hei Ice Cream is sinfully creamy, but not too sweet! But my favourite has to be the Chocolate Tart - creamy dark chocolate filling on a crumbly cookie base. Deeply satisfying! One thing I have got to love about all of awfullychocolate's creations is that they are never too sweet.

A tad out of my budget for day-to-day dining, but with the wonderful ambience, delicious food and delightful sweet treats, ninethirty definitely a great place for special occasions, or just desserts.

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