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Australian Chef Roland Graham helms the kitchen with an impressive track record of over 35 years of culinary experience spanning Singapore, Bangkok, New York and Doha. Trained in the 5-star Sheraton Hotel Sydney, Chef Roland counts amongst his many achievements positions as Head Chef of “The Australian “ in Manhattan, New York, and Executive Chef of Sareeraya Koh Samui and a prominent dining establishment in Singapore. His long-awaited return to Singapore has created a buzz in the local food industry and media.

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First-rate food and great service.

It was the holidays and the start of Special Semester 2 and my friend was supposed to attend my class with me because, having once been a business student, she would then be able to advise me if this business module I had enrolled for was going to be easy or difficult. And depending on what she says, I was going to drop the module. But then we arrived late and got lost for a bit in the darn business faculty and I got sick of finding the venue for my class and, being the hopeless me, I decided: Forget it, I'm dropping the module even without attending the first class, so let's go for breakfast now.

And it was then that I remembered that a new all-day breakfast place opened somewhere in the business faculty. After more walking, we finally reached Late Plate, starving. We ordered their Topside Burger and Eggs Benedict. And that breakfast totally made my day.

The Topside Burger was potentially the **best** burger I have ever had. It was absolutely ingenious. Sandwiched between crisp, well-toasted buns were, besides the regular egg, lettuce, and tomatoes, a thick, succulent beef patty done medium-rare (not by our choice) and a super juicy, hand-pickled beetroot, which is a stroke of culinary genius that lent great character to the dish overall. The beef patty alone was masterfully done, moist and meaty. And a bite of any beef patty of that standard, along with a bit of egg and bread and lettuce, is bound to satisfy. The toasty bun was perfect for mopping up the overflowing yolk and provided great textural contrast against the meatiness of the patty. But every bite of the burger was phenomenal precisely because of that one slab of beetroot, which gave the burger a surprising, light sweetness, adding a further dimension to its flavour profile. It was a perfect and brilliant combination of flavours and textures.

The burgers were accompanied by thick, massive fries that were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, which was just how fries should be done, and a special dip of some lime-flavoured chilli sauce. The fries were great but not as great compared to the burger.

We also had their Eggs Benedict, which was also amazing and a novel variation of the traditional breakfast dish. Instead of using plain breakfast muffins as the base for the smoked trout (we had the option of choosing between lamb and trout) and hollandaise-drenched poached egg, the chef used scones, but not the sort of plain scones the English have for tea. They were savoury scones, baked into which were some herbs (rosemary, I believe), and so they had a slight, earthy flavour. The two scones topped with trout and egg were nestled in a bed of wilted spinach, and there were slices of citrus by the side. Needless to say, while it was good to look at, the dish was even better to eat. Again, flavour combinations were perfect; there was the sharp sourness of citrus to cut the richness of the hollandaise and yolk, and the taste of crumbly, earthy scones was like the icing on the cake.

Service and ambience was great too. It was the holidays so there weren't many people around. In fact, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The owner of the place was warm and friendly and thoughtful enough to enquire about our dining experience.

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