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Along Greenwood Avenue, in the Bukit Timah area, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into another Holland Village! Specializing in coldwater fish and seasonal seafood from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America and local waters.

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(Updated: November 27, 2014)

Amazing fish.

I've always loved fish, with a penchant for salmon and grilled and baked fish.

Having heard rave reviews about Greenwood Fish Market, I decided to give it a chance and visit it with my friends. Upon entering, I was taken by the cosy interior. Since I decided to have an early dinner and visit it at around 5.30pm on a weekday, it was rather deserted. I almost had the restaurant all to myself, which was rather refreshing. However, soon, the people started streaming in. Apparently, this restaurant does enjoy a fair bit of popularity.

I ordered the applewood salmon, which was served in around 20 minutes. Not quite hungry then, I didn't really mind the wait. I dug in when it served and my taste buds just about exploded with joy. The fish just about melted in my mouth, it was so fresh and well cooked! It was soft and had not a hint of fishiness or staleness. It was just about the best salmon I'd ever had.

I'd say for the food and atmosphere, Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro is well worth the price.

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Fresh seafood available

This simple bistro looks and smells like a fish shop inside, with fresh seafood such as oysters and fish on display. A semi-hideaway as this restaurant is nestled in the midst of private housing. Pretty inconvenient if you don't have your own transportation. We started with the scallop and salmon belly terrine ($16.95), which was more like pieces of the seared fish. The salmon was subtle in taste and texture but the scallops seemed a little fishy, unusual for the normally neutral tasting shellfish. The calamari poppers ($9.95) were delicious. Both mains were well cooked and delicious. The grilled king prawns with fillet mignon ($34.95) came without the requisite bacon, but the steak itself was a huge thick piece cooked to perfection. Similarly, the prawns were fresh and tasty. The Dory St Pierre style ($33.95) came grilled with foie gras that was extremely close to being overcooked, but the combination managed to be light and flavorsome. When we got to dessert we were disappointed to hear that the menu was limited to two items. We were advised that the chef was the original creator of the warm Valrhona chocolate cake ($10.95), which we immediately ordered. While not dry, the inside of the cake could have been a bit runnier.

My advice to all those considering dining here, parking can be tough. Also, request for the bistro side when reserving an indoor table. I was put at the market and could smell the raw fish from where I was sitting (the whole night).

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Awesome food!

I'm a huge fan of fish so my parents decided to surprise me for my birthday and brought me over to celebrate. Just nice, it was a Tuesday and they were having a promotion. Each oyster was going for a dollar! This is relatively cheap compared to other places too. One thing unique about the place is that they offer the freshest fish and call me the "Catch of the day". Servings are usually very generous and the staff are more than willing to give you a wonderful dining experience.

I can still fondly remember the staff giving me a cake and all singing me a birthday song despite how packed the restaurant was. It turns out that my mum had co-operated with the manager to give me the perfect birthday surprise. All in all, the food was great, the ambience was excellent and it was indeed a great night to remember! I highly recommend that all fish lovers visit this place to try the great food!

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fishy goodness

My mum loves fish. On her birthday, we brought her to Greenwood Fish Market. Unlike what its name suggest, it is not a market but a nice cosy restaurant. In fact, they do have a fish market a few stalls down. As it was late, we did not have a chance to explore that "market". We went on a weekday for dinner and it was quite crowded. All the seats inside the restaurant were taken up. We waited for about 15minutes to be seated.

At Greenwood Fish Market, they've got a wide variety of fishes, with different cooking styles. We were unable to make up our minds what to eat so we had the staff to recommend. We ordered a seafood platter to share as well as a fish and chips and a applewood salmon fish. The fish was very very fresh and the portion was quite huge. The fish and chips was not too oily and the serving of chips was generous too. The applewood salmon fish was rather unusual. It has a woody flavor to it and the salmon was baked lightly with salt and pepper. It comes with some greens and mashed potatoes at the side. A rather healthy dish for people who do not like fried food.

Overall, Greenwood Fish Market offers really good fish. Though the price is higher than fish and co, the quality of the food at Greenwood Fish Market is so much better. I am glad my mum had a good birthday dinner there.

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Best fish & chips in town!

Greenwood Fish Bistro is one of the longest standing restaurants in the Greenwood area. Famous for their $1 oyster nights on Tuesdays, provided a main is ordered of course, the fish bistro is no secret to seafood lovers of our sunny island.
Having tasted fish and chips from where they began - The UK, I can honestly say that the only fish and chips I ever crave is that of the Greenwood Fish Bistro. You can either have the fish and chips battered or breaded, breaded being my personal favorite, and it comes with a generous helping of amazing thick cut fries.
Of course, the fish bistro serves other food to be raved about, such as their calamari and squid ink pasta.

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Fish & Chips, Calamari
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