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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 17, 2012    

Buttercake N Cream serves a wide array of western and modern Italian fare.

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12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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799 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, Singapore 467351Singapore City 120106


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(Updated: February 20, 2013)

Worst Service Ever

I would never eat at Buttercake N Cream again because I know my money is better spent elsewhere…

Not only is the service from the female waitress extremely poor, the management that dealt with my complaint is just as bad.

Let’s begin with the waitress. She was extremely unwilling to answer queries from my dad and had a very bad attitude. Unhelpful, unfriendly and nasty are the 3 words to describe that young lady.

We ate at buttercake and cream for dinner on 4th Feb 2013 (Monday). Wanting to make an order, we waved to the waitress and she unwillingly came over. You can tell how unwilling a person is by her body language, no eye contact, no smiles. As she reaches your table, she’ll lean on one foot and just look at you. She didn’t even bother to ask the basic, “How can I help you?”.

My dad is 59. He is unfamiliar with western/italian food. At the same time, he is a chinese educated man with poor eyesight. When he asked the waitress, “What can i order from this menu?” All she said was, “That’s not available right now.” And he probed, “Then what’s available?” She carelessly waved her pen at a menu and said “Only here.” He asked,”Where?” And she said “Here”. Once again, waving her pen carelessly at another menu that looked identical to the one in my dad’s hands. It took several rounds of my dad’s questioning and her cannot-be-bothered answers before I stepped in to explain things to my dad. The waitress, who couldn’t wait, then rolled her eyes and walked away. After we were done explaining things to my dad, we had to call her back again.

When my parents asked her if they had cod fish only, without brown rice, she said yes, but didn’t bother to show where the item was in the menu. I had to ask her where it is, only then, did she flip the pages in a frustrated manner for my parents.

My dad got annoyed and asked her why she is behaving like that, and she replied in a nonchalant manner, saying “I’m just trying to reconfirm ur order.” I was appalled. It’s the first time I’ve seen a service staff oblivious to her behaviour even after she’s being told off by the customer.

And then, comes more rolling of eyes from the waitress.

My dad wasn’t quite sure how to order his food thanks to the waitress’ unhelpfulness. He ended up ordering the wrong food. And when he asked for a change of order, I overheard her complaining to the cook, saying that ‘there’s something wrong with that customer.” (referring to my dad)

This is not our first encounter with her. The last time we visited them to buy cakes, the same waitress attended to us and gave wrong information about her cakes. She insisted her cake was strawberry shortcake when it’s actually strawberry cheesecake. It so happened the chef came by and overheard. So he corrected her. Despite the chef’s correction, she daringly asked the chef “Are you sure?”. Seriously, if the chef who baked the cake wasn’t sure, who would be, she definitely wasn’t.

If they keep this sort of service up, no matter how good their food is, they will not get as many customers as they could have. This waitress is a liability to Buttercake N Cream.

She tops my list of bad service workers.

Complaint Message to Buttercake N Cream’s Facebook

That same day, I posted the above letter to Buttercake N Cream’s Facebook wall. The management then replied on 5th February 2013 with the following message.

“Dear Madam,
Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your unfortunate experience with Buttercake N Cream. I am sorry to hear about unpleasant experience with our service crew and I regret to know you were not satisfied with the service. The management would be scheduling a meeting with the relevant service crews for the night to look into your comments.
We are particularly concerned about this feedback which you had provided, and we will be investigating the details of it tomorrow. We have a firm commitment to our customers in terms of service and knowledge. Thanks again for your comment and we will revert soonest to you. Would you be able to kindly provide your email address and we would be in contact with you soon. Thank you!”

I dropped them a private message on the same day with my email address.

And they replied, “Hi Madam,
Thank you and we will revert back to you. Have a nice day ahead!
Team Buttercake N Cream”

So I waited.

The Management Team Humoured Me and Did Not Follow Up With The Case

After 5th February, I did not hear from the team anymore. The team was however able to make time to post miscellaneous photos on their website.

When I didn’t hear from them until 8th February, I posted another message on their wall saying I have not heard from them until now.

Only then did they send me an email reply which is obviously meant to humour me.

“Dear Madam,
It’s with great concern and regret we received your comment
outlining the problem you had with our service a few days ago.

First and foremost on the behalf of the management of
Buttercake N Cream, I would like to personally apologise for
your inconvenience. I assure you we had already taken the
necessary steps to prevent it from happening in the future. Our
senior staff had highlight to the young lady about the proper
protocols of being in the service line and will be organising a
day training program. Thank you for bringing this matter to our

We value our customers and ask you to to please feel free to
continue to provide feedback about our services. If you have
any further questions or would like to discuss this matter
further, please feel free to contact me at 67773477. We look
forward to continuing serving you as a valued customer. We
would be sending you a customised e voucher by email soon as a
sincere form of apology. Thank you Madam.

Yours Sincerely,

Operations Manager”

They did not contact me to arrange a meet up nor did they arrange for a phone call to further understand the situation. They did not say how the young lady was reprimanded. There was no apology from the young lady herself.

Lastly, I did not receive any form of voucher or compensation as promised by the management.

Today is 17th February 2013, it’s been more than a week since their last email.

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Best lava cake ever!

I fell in love with chocolate lava cakes all thanks to this restaurant! I tried their lava cake with vanilla ice cream for the first time with my godmother, and we both loved it.

The serving portion was really generous. Their vanilla ice cream, first bite into it, was to die for. There were crispy bits in the ice cream, and the vanilla flavour was strong, which was what I liked! Bonus points for it being hand made! The lava cake was really indulging and luscious and simply put, delicious. I would suggest sharing it with somebody as if you finish the whole thing by yourself, it might be too much and you might get sick of the taste, which is quite an awful feeling. I can't remember the exact pricing, but I know it was reasonably priced for the generous portions. A delightful experience and i'm definitely going back for more!

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