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Listing created by poppy on April 22, 2012    

The Disgruntled Chef was founded on a belief that great food, wine and cocktails can be enjoyed without the formality found in many modern fine-dining restaurants. In pursuit of casual dining, dishes have been categorised into small plates and large plates to indicate that you can order what you prefer, when you prefer it.

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(Updated: September 16, 2013)

Surprisingly Yummy Tapas

When it comes to Tapas restaurants, I hadn't heard much about the Disgruntled Chef (all the coverage is usually on Esquina, Catalunya, Sabio...etc) so I was sceptical about how good it was going to be. The night started off a bit rocky when we were given some subpar beverages, but picked up once the grub was served. My faves were the fish skin which was freshly cooked and incredibly crispy. I've honestly never tasted fish skin like that before! I also enjoyed the patatas bravas with chorizo (oooh yeah, can't go wrong with potatoes and sausage!) along with the lamb short ribs which was crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside, falling straight off the bone.

I think the Disgruntled Chef is less popular than the aforementioned joints because it's older and has a slightly dated interior. It's also situated in Dempsey, so it's much quieter and less trendy than the surroundings of Esquina and Sabio. I'd still recommend giving it a go once though!

For more pics, please visit my blog!

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Patatas Bravas & Chorizo
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My Disgruntled Stomach.

The Disgruntled Chef isn’t a place one would go to on a regular basis. One of the restaurants on Demsey’s hill, it’s only accessible by car, shuttle bus, or a long walk, and caters food at ridiculously steep prices. The atmosphere and lighting in the restaurant was fairly easy and private, and the seats were comfortable. However, upon arrival of the food, my heart sank because the portions were incredibly tiny! The restaurant splits its dishes into ‘big plates’ and ‘small plates’, and because there are no pictures or displays, there was no real way to estimate size when we were ordering. Between four people, we were able to finish the ‘small plates’ with one bite each and the ‘big plates’ in about two to three each - which left us hungry, and disappointed. I am not really one for fancy dining, but I do enjoy it occasionally. That said, The Disgruntled Chef would not be a place I would go to again, as the taste of the food was not so excellent to have been complemented with, and was instead compromised by, such high pricing and small portions.

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