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Listing created by poppy on April 22, 2012    
HOUSE, Spa Esprit Group's first venture into the F&B arena, opened in 2007 as an ambitious 17,000 sq-feet venue that combines an indoor and outdoor café, four multi-function rooms, and a bar. Nestled in the forest of Dempsey Hill, the former British military barracks has been refashioned into a whimsical dining space.


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(Updated: May 02, 2012)

Best truffle fries

Nestled in the depths of Dempsey Hill, one has to take the stairs down to reach the entrance of the restaurant. House boosts a quaint and pleasant exterior.

My first order at this café was the Old-fashioned American Sliders. Don’t underestimate the seemingly small serving, because it is definitely more than enough for a hungry man’s appetite. And the truffle fries… They blew me away. I can safely proclaim that House serves the best truffle fries (or at least to me)! I’ve also tried the lobster linguine — it is extremely flavourful, but it can get too sickening even for one portion so it would be good to share. Friends have also tried the squid ink skinny pizza and commented that it was good.

House also offers Vintage High Tea, from 3pm to 5.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays. I have not personally tried, but have come across the elegant set up of the high tea outdoors. Needless to say, it was an inviting scene but as I’m not a dessert fan, I probably wouldn’t be going for it.

Service wise could be improved though. It was generally slow and not as comforting as I thought it would be. Still, I would come back to House for my truffle fries.

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Great atmosphere and food

I recently visited this place for a friend's birthday dinner. Like all places in Dempsey, I would not recommend this place unless you have a car, as it is very deep in. My friends and I had to take a taxi in.

We each ordered our own dishes. I ordered the Fish And Chips, which was very good. Three slices of nicely battered fish on top of a mountain of truffle fries. There was also a form of curry sauce in addition to the normal tartar sauce, which I found refreshing. I could not finish my fish, and had to give some to my friends

My friends ordered a foot-long sausage, which came in a long dish, which was quite funny to see! They too enjoyed their dinner.

My only gripe would be that the first time we asked for ice water, a waitress told us that there was no ice water, and we had to order mineral water, which was $6. When we asked again an hour into the dinner, a waiter brought a jug of ice water over to us, which was confusing. I hope it wasn't an attempt to get us to buy the more expensive option.

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A true vintage experience.

I came here last Thursday to try their vintage tea party, which is in essence, a vintage high tea buffet, serving all kinds of sweets like mini cupcakes, assorted cookies, cake slices and savories like assorted bread, sliders, Vietnamese rice rolls and bite size skinny pizzas.

I enjoyed their savories more than their sweets, especially their Vietnamese rice rolls and their skinny pizzas. Thought the Vietnamese rice rolls weren't authentic, they cold and lent a refreshing taste to all that sugar and butter from the other items.

Their sliders were not less impressive. Miniature burgers filled with beef, chicken and fish, one is left spoiled for choice. Many went back got seconds and thirds. Their skinny pizzas, especially the squid ink ones were divine. I overdosed on them. Well there is never too much you can eat at a buffet.

Do try it! The price is rather affordable given the quality they give. $26.75 after tax , 3-530 every Thursdays and Fridays. A good way to start your weekend.

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Vintage Tea Party

I recommend their high tea buffet called the Vintage Tea Party. The buffet starts at 3pm and lasts till 5.30pm only on Thursdays and Fridays. Price wise is really reasonable at about $26 after taxes and service charge. The buffet includes all things pretty - cupcakes, tarts, cakes and even bite-sized skinny pizzas.

The desserts here are not to be missed as this restaurant is under the Prive Group. Having said that though, the cupcakes were on the dry side. Besides, the Skinny Pizza restaurant is also under the Prive Group, so the skinny pizzas here are really good. They probably share the same recipe. The buffet also includes a selection of cheese. Reservations are highly recommended or else, try to arrive slightly earlier.

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(Updated: September 24, 2012)

Great Dessert & Interesting Drinks!

I went to House for after dinner dessert and drinks on a weekday night. We made a reservation just in case but it turns out that there wasn’t a need for one, as the place was quite quiet on a weekday night.

The wait staff was friendly and greeted us with smiles all the way. I enjoyed myself from the start, even though House is a tad bit difficult to get to if you don’t drive.

I really recommend the Single Tiffin Punch cocktail, which is one of House’s signature cocktails. It comes in a tin, and it’s perfect to be shared among 4 people. It is a really refreshing drink with an interesting combination of ingredients.

For dessert, I would recommend the warm Banana Salted Caramel cake, and the Warm Chocolate Toffee cake. Both are delicious, and not too rich. I especially like the Banana Salted Caramel cake, as it is sweet and salty, making for a very interesting dessert.

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Perfect place for brunch!

My first time to House, barracks and camp for brunch last Sunday was probably one of the best. Being a big fan of brunches in recent times, I would rate my experience relative to the awesome brunch I had at Prive @ Keppel bay.

I’ve to admit my cousin and I took a while to find the place as we kept going round in circles. They’re actually located near Muthu’s curry and Jones the grocer.

The food along with the service we received made up for our initial fumble in locating the place. Let me elaborate. We were greeted by a friendly and chirpy staff who welcomed us and showed us to our table which was beside their lush greenery. Perfect for a Sunday morning despite the rainy weather. Ambience was nice and cozy and their furniture is worth mentioning. It had a very rustic ambience.

Moving on to their food, I had free form eggs (scrambled) which came along with toast, grilled tomatoes and pork sausages. Scrambled eggs were fresh. It literally melted in my mouth. Toast is worth mentioning as it was bread with raisins, went along well with the tomatoes and sausages. Free form eggs costs $21. My cousin had Oregon salmon also $21 which was basically a cream base soup with salmon and bread to go along. Portion might have been relatively small for that. Hence, we could truffle fries ($11) to add on. My first truffle fries experience despite me wanting to try them since a very long time. Portion was decent and the fries tasted good.

Definitely a perfect place for a date for those driving.

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truffle fries
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dempsey hill
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