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Alexandra Retail Centre #01-33, 460 Alexandra Road Singapore 119963
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Julia Kwan
Listing created by Julia Kwan on July 25, 2014    

A casual restaurant serving up burgers, sandwiches, pastas and salads.

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Good food!

I'm not really much for burgers (in fact, I hate FatBoys) and so I was quite surprised when I found out that I actually do quite like the food here. Since I've always loved cheese (especially gourmet cheese), I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak.

The meat was succulent and juicy, not dry and overly chewy to the point of feeling elastic at all. The cheese, too, did not taste cheap and plasticky, but pretty salty and tangy. It tasted like camembert to me, perhaps of the cheaper variety.

The prices are a little steep for burgers (to me, of course, considering how much I patronize MacDonald's), but the food is so good, I don't mind paying a little more for it.

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We need more burger barns!

I was sufficiently impressed when I got my grilled chicken and avocado sandwich because firstly its huge and secondly it came with chips! Granted I don't finish my food all the time and I always have half a mind to skip the bread and just eat the filling of my burger or sandwich this is one of the rare ones where I got almost too eager to finish up everything.

My only quip is that it closes way too early. I was there at about 845pm and was told the chef/kitchen is no longer cooking. Sad Noelle. But I guess this is an inescapable problem with the location of the restaurant. Who goes to ARC if not the officegoers?

If I ever have some reason (I highly doubt it) to go back to Labrador Park then this is definitely the first restaurant I'd go back to. I hear their smoothies are pretty good too!

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For a place called Burger Barn, you'd expect that I order a burger. But the Philly Cheesesteak ($15) sounded too good to be passed up. Think "finely sliced, prime cut beef, griddle-cooked with mushrooms, capsicum & onions, topped with gooey Provolone cheese". Yup, you get the drift.

It tasted as good as it sounded. The bun was lightly toasted and packed with beef slices. For someone who considers herself a big eater, I had difficulties finishing that up. I had the Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Ravioli ($11) on another occasion, and it was decent. But I'd say, stick to their burgers/sandwiches.

This place is fairly easy to get to if you're coming by train. It's just a short 5 minute walk from Labrador MRT. It gets really crowded during lunch times as the place gets flooded by all the OLs and its likes, so it's best you avoid those timings. Do look out for their happy hour as well, where you can get beers and ciders for 30% off.

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