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“Already at the Marmalade Group, it’s newest eatery is almost literally, the marmalade toast of the town. Called Marmalade Toast, this new hidey-hole of a sandwich bar tucked in a street-facing corner of Ngee Ann City offers East-West sandwiches, salads, soups and pastries in a charmingly pink-tiled space featuring a large communal table and perky staff waiting to wrap you a pannini sandwich with warm pastrami and cheese or tuna sambal.”

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Carrot Cake
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desserts avenue

Marmalade Toast sells snacks like sandwiches and cakes. There's a promotion on weekdays from 3-6pm where a slice of cake and a choice of coffee/ tea costs S$6.95.

Honestly, it's one of the hardest cafes to locate. With its awkward corner location at the back of Ngee Ann City, it's truly one of the best hidden cafes in Singapore. Nevertheless, the dessert didn't disappoint me! I ordered the carrot cake and was actually surprised by the taste! The insides are actually moist coupled with chunks of walnuts as well as strips of carrots. It gave off a distinctive yet fresh taste.

I'm not really sure what the outer layer is, because it looks like cheese but doesn't really taste like one. Unlike other cakes which their insides are kinda dry, Marmalade Toast definitely has one of the better cakes in town with a decent price.

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Ngee Ann City
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Carrot Cake
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Half a decade old

Hmm, this place is described above as new? Maybe the name is refreshed but this place is not new!!! Toast has been around for half a decade at least. This was the place that i had my first uni gossip session with my new friends then and the bond was forged here.

They serve very decent coffee, cakes sandwiches etc and a very good quiet 'secret' location that either you know it or you don't. You will forget about coming here sometimes because it is just a little off the beaten path.

I think it is very popular for people working in Ngee Ann City or for people who have battled the Christian Louboutins and On Pedder nearby to have a place to gossip and rest.

Shall remember to come here the next time i am in the Orchard hood just for old time's sake.

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A toast with marmalade please, thankyou.

I was there for a quick lunch with my friends after school one day. We went to the outlet at Ngeee Ann city. When we entered the humble and friendly cafe, we were greeted with warm smiles.

We were actually just intending to have a quick lunch of toasties but upon seeing their cupcakes and desserts, we had to get some to try. The nutella and elvis ones made me drool, so we got that to share, and they definitely did not disappoint. However, I found them a tad dry.

We ordered some sandwiches and wraps and all were ridiculously filled with chockfuls of ingredients, we were so happy! Fuel for the hungry us.

Great place for a hideout or a rendezvous in the city, as this branch is set away from the hordes of shoppes in Orchard, hidden in a small corner of Ngee Ann City.

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(Updated: September 24, 2012)

Affordable Coffee & Desserts

Tucked away at the back of Takashimaya Shopping Centre is this small café called Marmalade Toast, which is opened by the Marmalade Pantry group.

I really like this place thanks to its reasonable prices, and great coffee. My favourite coffee is the Latte Toffee Mofi. It’s a sweet yet aromatic latte, which is great for an afternoon pick-me-up.
I also love their desserts. My favourites would have to be their Lemon Tart, and their Apple Cinnamon Pie. Their Lemon Tart is done just the way I like it. The crust is not too hard, and the curd is just the right amount of sour. Their Apple Cinnamon Pie is a huge portion, so be prepared to share it unless you have a big appetite. The pie has a generous amount of apple slices and it is not too sweet.

I would definitely recommend this place for dessert and coffee. However, do be prepared to wait for a seat on weekends as the small place tends to get crowded really quickly.

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value for money!

Marmalade Toast is located in the same wing of Ngee Ann City as where the escalators leading to Kinokuniya are. Once you're on the second floor, walk through the lift lobby leading to the Office Tower B. Exit it and the cafe should be on your right. Such a hidden find in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle isn't it?

The thing I like best about this cafe is how it is truly value for money. The food they provide are healthy and of good quality and reasonable quantity. There is variety as well unique blends of flavours. Hygiene is also good as they make the food in front of you, and the desserts on display are SO mouth-watering.

I tried their carrot cake and chocolate truffle cake on separate occasions but they both wowed me. I usually am not a fan of chocolate cakes as I find that many shops like to make theirs with thick layers of sponge cake and not enough chocolate or with cheap tasting chocolate which I dislike. However, their chocolate truffle cake was made with just enough sponge and chocolate blend, and the chocolate was creamy and rich. Utterly sinful but delicious! The carrot cake was also scrumptious with the batter containing fillings such as dates and nuts with a hint of cinnamon. The cream cheese frosting was a perfect combination and must be the cherry on top of the cake!

I also tried the peanut butter and banana toasties once, and although I like both peanut butter and bananas, I wouldn't recommend this.

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Tantalising cupcakes and cakes on display; be disciplined enough so as to not overbuy!

This charming little place tucked away in a corner of Ngee Ann City may be difficult to locate, but it is an effort worth making especially after a long day of hitting the stores.

TASTY CAKES AND CUPCAKES – I tried a little of my friend’s Peanut Banana (supposedly it’s in there but I couldn’t taste any bananas) Chocolate cupcake, and I was blown away. The cupcake is quite huge and the peanut butter on top is generous. A tasty treat! I had the carrot cake with cream cheese on top. My decision to buy it is mainly due to its enormity and my hunger; however I was rather disappointed by the mediocre taste of the carrot cake and thin spread of cream cheese on top.

FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL STAFF – Yesterday being my first time there, the staff serving me was helpful in describing her preferences of the cakes, which helped me out a great deal in trying to pick out just one amidst all the tantalising cakes crying out for my attention.

DIFFICULT TO LOCATE – My friend and I spent a good part of 10 minutes trying to locate the place, which she has been to before a while back. We found it only after consulting a security guard. And it may look like you’re exiting the shopping mall after you find the right exit to the place!

CRAMPED SEATS – The tables are quite close to each other in the main sitting area, so if you are lugging around loads of shopping bags, trying to contort your body (so as to not knock over a glass of sinful ice blend on the neighbouring table) may prove to be tricky!

If you’re looking for a quaint and not-too-packed place to rest your blistering feet after a day of battling against the merciless shopping crowd (GSS is coming soon!), this may be the place for you! Although I wasn’t too impressed with my Chicken Caesar wrap, I was quite blown away with my friend’s cupcake, and I am almost sure the other cupcakes taste as wonderful as well. The ice blends are a little too sweet for my liking, but if you have a sweet tooth, they may be the thing for you!

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