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Hevina Kaur
Listing created by Hevina Kaur on May 07, 2014    

PARK sits where the Holland Village carpark used to be and is a re-purposed container made into a restaurant. A cafe serving Western food in the day time, they transform into a bar at night.

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10am to 12am
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  • $10-$20
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Truffle fix and chill?

I’ve never been one of those cafe-hoppers with an aesthetic Instagram feed, but I had definitely heard of PARK prior to my visit on Christmas evening. Having decided to grab dinner there on a whim, I didn’t get to Google the place to death and form my expectations.

To our pleasant surprise, a budget of $15 for each of us four was more than enough to ensure that we left the place with happy, filled, bellies. The much raved about Truffled Mac & Cheese ($12.80) and Truffle Fries ($11.00) did not disappoint. With the occasion having directed human traffic to Gardens by the Bay or Orchard Road, PARK was left with an amazing ambience that evening. Although there hadn’t been space to accommodate us indoors, the air outside was cooling enough and so didn’t pose a problem. The service was what made my first visit there a memorable one - the staff were attentive to our needs, taking the initiative to provide us with plates when they saw that we were sharing, and always ensuring that we were comfortable.

Since it’s a bit on the pricey side, as most cafes are, I would recommend visiting with a group of friends. Seating is limited - to ensure maximum comfort, consider having dinner or supper here instead. Do note that PARK is a cafe by day and a bistro by night, but if you ever want to join in the cafe-hopping hype, PARK would be a great place to start.

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Best Mac and Cheese ever

A friend told me about this café in Holland village, claiming that it had the “best Mac and Cheese ever”. I had to go and try it for myself. It seemed like a typical café, much like the rest in Holland Village, except for its small size.

I was stunned when the Mac and Cheese arrived, as the portion was smaller than I had expected for the price I paid. But when I took my first bite, I finally understood why it was dubbed the “best Mac and Cheese ever”. The chewy and springy texture of the cheese went well with the soft macaroni, and the tinge of truffle amidst the savoury flavour made every bite so heavenly. Thankfully, the taste of the cheese was not too overpowering, and does not leave you bloated after the meal.

Do head down and try their other side dishes such as the truffle fries as well, and see for yourself, if they have the “best Mac and Cheese ever”.

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(Updated: December 18, 2014)

edible at best

This meal was supposed to be the highlight of my day. The thought of sinking my teeth into a hearty brunch got me through the whole day. Alas, the food greatly disappointed. Two of us ordered a lemon curd with salted caramel ice cream and an English breakfast dish which consisted of scrambled eggs, sausages, a side salad and some bacon. Truffle fries were on the menu so we had to try it.

For the breakfast dish, the scrambled eggs came dry - you don't cook scrambled eggs like that. The English muffin/crumpet lookalike tasted stale and dry. Give me 3 sets of McDonald's breakfast anytime.

The sweet dish consisted of salted caramel ice cream, which was the better part of the dish. Otherwise, the crepes were dry and stale in which the creamy lemon curd which came along with it couldn't help salvage. However, though I hadn't tried any truffle fries prior to that meal, I felt that PARK serves up pretty decent truffle fries. The truffle taste was pretty distinct and topped with cheese shavings, it was pretty much the only dish I didn't give up on and which filled me up.

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Holland Village
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Doesn't live up to the hype.

I had high hopes for Park because I'd always walked past it and it looks like a great place and I was really looking forward to a great meal. I was sorely disappointed though. I ordered the Eggs Benedict because I wanted to see how it compared to other places. The dish looked impressive but taste-wise it didn't match up.

The hollandaise sauce was pretty tasteless and the bun was super soggy. The beans that they were served with were also really tasteless. The bacon and roasted potatoes were decent though but really couldn't save the dish. My mother ordered a crepe with chicken and that too was really soggy and tasteless. Its as if they didn't have salt in the kitchen or something.

The prices of the dishes aren't cheap either so that was another point against them. We sat inside the container too cos it was a really hot day and it was really warm inside too! Service wasn't really good as well as the waiters all seemed really annoyed and short-tempered. Overall just a bad experience.

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