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SumoSalad not only offers a huge range of gourmet salads, but also offers delicious wraps, rolls, toasties, pasta, soup, fruit salad and yoghurt, coffee and other tasty menu options to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters! SumoSalad products are of the highest quality, using only the freshest ingredients sourced daily. By never using unnecessary fats, artificial colours, flavours or genetically modified products we can ensure fresh is best and quality is key, that's the SumoSalad guarantee!

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Raffles City
B1-72 Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 Bridge Rd
Singapore 179103


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Never knew salad tasted this good

I usually shun away from salads but the salads served in Sumo Salads are too tempting! I finally gave up my resistance against salads at the outlet located outside the Holland Village gantry.

The pasta salads were so delightful and the vegetables were so crunchy and fresh. A middle size portion may look small but it was filling enough for me, surprisingly. I had also chosen the middle size because of the price. It was a little too pricey for a packed meal in a plastic container. However, the shop also offered great freedom in choosing different combinations of pasta and salads.

I certainly hope there will be more outlets in neighbourhood estates instead of only those regions packed with office workers and foreigners.

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Eat big and remain small.

Even if the food is not good, the service plays a VERY important role. i can overlook the taste of the food (cannot be that bad la!) if the service they give is immaculate.
And, this is what I got from the people at Sumo Salad @ Raffles City which I'm very happy about! There was a male server there who greeted my friend and i with warm smiles, even though we were unsure of how to order (there is a make-your-own-salad system), he guided us cheerfully. We were pally with him, which made our ordering much less stressed and easier.

They offer rabbit food for the dieters. For the strict dieters, there is even the make your own salad concept there where you get to choose the things that go into your salad before they it on the spot for you. We chose the make your own salad. We couldn't decide and didn't know what would go well with whatever vegetable or protein so we just threw a dice. Not literally of course.

Well... The salad was pleasing to the tastebuds at first but it got boring at the middle towards the end. Even though we were sharing the smallest size amongst us two. We can't blame them 'cause it might be due to the choice of our ingredients, sauces and that we carnivores are simply not used to eating salad greens.

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Is there no review because Singaporeans do not like salad or something?
If you are going for the healthy oens (watching your waistline), here are the options you should go for (I had them down in my phone because I'm really waist-conscious):
1. Pumpkin and cous cous (SUPER GOOD. The mushy sweet pumpkin with a bit of tangy taste. NOMMM)
2. Low fat chicken and avocado (well mixed, the chicken isn't dry)
3. Roasted pumpkin and chickpea (like pumpkin & cous cous)
4. Wild rice & chick pea (haven't got to try it yet)

Everything else is good if you're not watching your waistline and they really pack the box! I usually go for the med box it's quite filling!
Oh I didn't like the pesto & the tuna ones. Dry and.. Bland (pesto).

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