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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on January 23, 2014    

Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) is a unique new concept that’s brewed from a partnership between Harry Grover, Five Senses Coffee (Australia), and the Spa Esprit Group. It is inspired by the desire to make quality coffee and the knowledge surrounding it more accessible to the greater public, with the belief that great coffee should not be a privilege, but instead available for all to enjoy. With the raising of the bar, CMCR also serves a menu of bistro-quality food that promises to be on par with its top-notch coffee.

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Common food, uncommon prices

What can I say - the food is dang good. I love tucking into the Common Man Full Breakfast ($26), which has everything from homemade beans to eggs and hash. Hearty and savoury, it makes for a great meal anytime of the day.

Another favourite would be the Common Man Burger ($28). The burger promises a treat for your taste buds with a sinful stack of patty, onions, drooly provolone and a side of crisp fries. The fries were really outstanding, I’d order them on its own!

A healthier yet yummy choice would be the Sauteed Kale and Egg White Scramble ($19). Topped with refreshing lemon zest crumbs and grated parmesan, you won’t have to worry about compromising on taste while eating healthy.

I’ll proclaim my love for this place when they start charging affordably because the common man like myself can barely get brunch without paying an arm and a leg. Besides that, there’s not much to gripe about with their beautiful deco and lip smacking food.

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An All Day Breakfast To Die For

Situated on the curb of Martin Road, CMCR is the quintessential meeting place for superb coffee and a killer breakfast at all times of the day. The almost European-like bistro vibe never fails to begin my day on the right track after a wild night out in town.

I personally love the chill ambience of CMCR which greatly complements the star of my morning, the food! Two must haves include the decadent Organic Eggs Benedict ($19) and homemade Cold Brew Coffee ($8). Not your usual egg benedict, the former includes tender, well-seasoned braised ox cheeks instead of the usual ham - so niche. I would definitely rate this near the top of my list for Best-Egg-Benedicts in Singapore.

Overall, a great place for a morning pick-me-up and well worth the steep price. Weekdays are the most ideal for a visit when the crowd isn’t too large and the coffee more potent.

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Heavenly Eggs Benedict

Trips down to Common Man Coffee Roasters would see me ordering my favourite Eggs Benedict without fail.
If you ask me, there's two things you MUST HAVE when you're at this cafe: Coffee & Eggs Benedict.

What I really liked would be the atmosphere and ambiance of the place. It's very spacious and the interior design is splendid. - really like the coffee/bar counter.

Had the chance to try their big breakfast and I wouldn't say that it is exceptional. The menu leans towards the pricey side.

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Divine pancakes

Me and my friend went to common man coffee roasters yesterday, after seeing and hearing so many positive reviews and recommendations from our friends.

The feelings I have for the place are really mixed.

I like the place, the atmosphere, their service and undoubtedly I love their pancakes. The waitress who served us was really polite and friendly. As for the pancakes, they were divine. We ordered some pancakes that were drizzled with raspberry sauce, topped with bananas, walnuts and raspberries, and definitely presented with efforts. If I’m not wrong, this mouth-watering pancake is called the commonman pancakes. Do give it a try if you go there! Their serving is quite huge, so you might want to share it with a friend.

However, their commonman big breakfast was a huge disappointment. Not only did it burn a hole in our wallet, but they tasted below average. Their bacon was hard and cold, their scrambled eggs doesn’t taste like one and there was just no other redeeming quality for that dish.

Coffee-wise was pretty average too.

I would love to go back to the place again, but would definitely just go straight for the pancakes!

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Good Coffee For All Men (And Women)

A unique partnership between Harry Grover, Five Senses Coffee (Australia), and the Spa Esprit Group, Common Man Coffee Roasters strives to make top-notch coffee accessible to the general public, in a comfortable, casual bistro setting, along with delicious food and friendly service. Pushing the boundaries and experimenting with various coffee flavour profiles, Common Man Coffee Roasters looks set to forge new paths in the coffee arena.

Ambience at Common Man Coffee Roasters is casual, with bright lights and wooden furniture lending a casual, laid-back vibe to the place. Outdoor dining is available, as is bar counter dining, and Common Man Coffee Roasters generally is buzzing with activity. Coffee is used as the decor theme, and I like that the laboratory apparatus gives the counter a 'science lab' feel.

Service at Common Man Coffee Roasters is friendly, though staff are generally rushing about because of the busy place. But they do give you their full attention when speaking, and don't look distracted. Food is prepared to order, but the wait time is also relatively short. I like that staff seem friendly and chatty.

The speciality at Common Man Coffee Roasters is of course, coffee. Carefully sourced coffee beans are used to make each flavourful cup. But the food available is also decently priced, tasty, and portions are generous. Common Man Coffee Roasters does a rather healthy all day-brunch menu, as most dishes come with loads of salad.

The Fluffy Brioche French Toast, Fresh Berries, Premium Maple Syrup & Kapiti Vanilla Ice Cream features an excellent, soft brioche toast, covered in berries and maple syrup, with a side of citrus orange laced vanilla ice cream. Lovely, both as a breakfast item, or as a dessert.

The Green Pea Fritters, 2 Poached Organic Eggs, Crispy Pancetta, Rocket & Balsamic Syrup has 2 green pea fritters topped with softly poached eggs, covered in a salad. Looks really healthy and garden-like, and I loved the unique flavour of the green pea fritters! The eggs were perfectly executed, and I had fun using the fritters to mop up the runny yolk.

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