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Level 3, National Library Building 100 Victoria St Singapore
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on January 05, 2014    

Makarios Cafe is situated in the National Library. It is an isolated space from the rest of the library and customers are welcomed to stay in to read.

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11am to 8pm
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  • $20-30
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Disgusting place

For a place this disgusting, they charge sky high prices. One may think its a strategy - "hey let's just overcharge all our food so they get distracted from the shitty taste!"

Me and two of my friends came here to watch an equally disappointing play (I shall not name it but god) and we were hungry and desperate so we stumbled upon here. They served no soft drinks and plain water is $3 a bottle which is fine.

The food is all $20 and above so I opted to try their meat platter while my friends chose theirs. Mine arrived first and I was braggy and happy until I realized its all cheap meat that tasted raw and unevenly cooked. My friends' pasta was dry and another's rice was half-baked. Everything was poor and nothing saved this place.

To top it all off, the meal cost us $110 for shitty service, shitty food and a complete lack of drinks.

I am never coming back.

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Horrible Experience Overall

As a student who often spent her time around Bugis area, I found out about Makarios not too long after, and after a trip there, I shall never visit the place again.

Everything is overpriced, in my memory, and the servings are not even adequate - I'd ordered a slice of cheese cake, expecting either one of rich flavour or large portions given the price I paid, but what came before me was a poor piece of pastry that i could have easily bought at a bakery. The tea was not too bad, but the problem came with the part where I tried to ask for more hot water and was rejected for it.

Personally, I have worked as a waitress, and at our cafe, we used to give as much hot water as the guest wanted, sometimes up to 4, or 5 times. But instead of being given what I had asked for, I was turned down with the argument that I would have to be charged for more hot water, which, to me, a person who had worked at a similar place before, was simply upsetting.

It was quite the appalling place, with its bad service and over-the-top prices. However, it is a good place to be quiet at,since it is a library after all, though all who sit inside the cafe must order something, which is, once again, something else I find displeasing - but this is easier to accept as a fact.

I do hope the owner of the store understands this and changes his/her behaviour and attitude towards the guest.

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National Library
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