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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 10, 2013    

A local cafe and bistro serving up brugers, sandwiches and cups of tea. One of the hippier cafes in the heartland mall!

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Quirky theme, average food

I love The Beatles. And I love cheesesteaks. So when I heard that there was a local cafe and bistro called “Yellow Submarines” serving up Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, I was instantly attracted to its fun and quirky theme, and made a visit to their Toa Payoh branch. With bright yellow walls and funky designs to match the submarine theme, it brought back the kid in me, brimming with excitement as I imagined myself being immersed underwater in a yellow submarine

Having ordered the Philly Submarine set ($9.90) off from the Yellow Submarines Classics menu, which came with thick-cut cheese fries and a drink, I was disappointed. The cheesesteaks were tiny and dry, while the cheese on the fries could be compared to those you get from 7-11. Overall, I must say the food was average, serving was small and not worth the price.

Another thing to note is that while the cafe atmosphere and menu designs were unique, it did feel a little more like a fast food restaurant than a cafe, which wasn’t what I had in mind.

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Good fries, but overpriced

Walking past the outlet after we had eaten dinner elsewhere, we vowed to come back because
A) We had heard good things about the place and our friends had given it raving reviews
B) The pictures on the menu looked really good

So I finally decided to try it. Maybe it was because my friends had set my expectations too high, but I felt it was such a let down. Ordered the most popular item, the beef set. For $9.90 for a small cup of cheese fries, a drink, and a small sandwich, this is definitely pricier than fast food chains like BK and MacD, where you can get more bang for buck as well.

My dinner companions were complaining about the portions, so if you're a guy, or super hungry, don't expect to be filled here. However, I guess it was worth a try at least once! The food isn't spectacular, but it isn't bad either, and it's probably healthier than fast food chains! I also really love the cheese, it's oozy, generously served, and full of sharp flavour. And, if Muslims are looking for an alternative to Subway, this restaurant is halal-certified.

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Bugis Junction
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Pricey but seriously delicious!

Yellow Submarine's beef sandwich is probably the best beef sandwich I've ever tasted. It was super juicy and yummy, I seriously feel like having some right now. However, they're really expensive, with a set meal coming close to $10. Considering the fact that they only have one outlet now and they're just starting out, I guess it's a reasonable price to have.

The queue at Yellow Submarine is always super long and my parents waited for quite some time before they managed to get their food. Apart from their beef sandwich, nothing else stands out. Their fries are pretty decent though not the best I've ever had.

The outlet is also quite small but the interior matches their name. Despite the expensive price and long wait, I'm sure to go back again!

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