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Listing created by kremekitten on September 22, 2013    

49 Seats is a place for everyone.

With great food, quality spirits, beers and more at affordable prices. Your friendly unique neighbourhood restaurant bar nestled away in Chinatown with its cosy, warm and casual seating ambiance. Providing a good variety of fusion western cuisine from pastas seafood, chops, steaks, light bites and more. 

And not to mention our international selection of beers, cocktails and spirits to top it off.

There's always something for everyone here at 49 Seats. 

So let us make your day the 49 Seats way ! 

Follow us on twitter @ilove49seats !

NO service charge ! NO GST !

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Opening Hours:
6pm - 2am
Avg Price:
  • $10-$20
  • $20-30

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Surprisingly affordable café food

With no GST or service charge, 49 Seats is a favorite haunt for students due to its affordability and accessibility.

Unlike others, whose favorite order would be their Classic Aglio Olio Pasta,which is good in its own right but a tad too salty for my liking, or their signature Tom Yum Pasta, my favorite from 49 Seats will always be their Cheese Fries. A huge basket of crunchy fries that are not overly oily, drenched with a generous serving of nacho cheese and mayonnaise. It’s addictive, and perfect for sharing with a group of friends!

From what I heard, their Fish and Chips with Al Scampi Sauce is also worth a shot. I’ve never tried it for myself, but I will be back to try it some day! If you are in town and would like a good meal for under $15, 49 Seats is the place to go.

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No GST and service charge!

49 Seats is another one of those cafes that do away with GST and service charge - something which I do appreciate a lot. Who doesn't like affordable food? ;) Located near Outram Park MRT, it's very accessible and easy to get to too.

For mains, we decided to order the crowd favourites - Tom Yum Seafood Pasta ($12.90) and Old Fashioned Fish & Chips with Al Scampi Sauce ($16.90). The tom yum cream sauce was really yummy, tasty and not too gelat (overbearing). The fish & chips, on the other hand, was pretty mediocre but I personally liked the al scampi sauce. It tastes more like clam chowder soup than a sauce but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Ended up eating the sauce on its own. We initially wanted to share cheese fries as well but we were too full from the mains. It does look super yummy with all the cheese though!

Overall, the food is good but nothing much to shout about. Probably wouldn't crave for their food but I'll still be back because their prices are decent and they're always having offers/promotions (check out their FB page). Another plus point is that they accept reservations too. Convenient for big groups and they're open till 2am so I would say it's still quite a good place to hangout with friends over some beer and cheese fries. :)

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Outram Park
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Yummy Tom Yum

First experience wasn't that good, my friend and I took our chances and went down for dinner despite being unable to get through for reservations. We took quite awhile to find our way, and when we reached and were told we'd have to wait around 20 minutes, we just cabbed to somewhere else.

The food did look good though, so we resolved to come back again another time. Second time, we got out the right exit (exit H) and found our way easily. I had the tom yum spaghetti while my friend ordered the fish with alscampi sauce. We also had the cheese fries to share.

The tom yum spaghetti is one of the best fusion dishes invented ever!! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was really good. It came looking like laksa and I experienced a brief moment of regret... Until I tried it. The sauce is thick, tangy and spicy, and tastes like a cheesier version of Tom Yum.

The cheese fries serving is very generous, with a heap of thick cut fries and cheese and mayo drizzled liberally over it. Tried a mouthful of my friend's fish and it was delicious. There was no fishy aftertaste and the fish and sauce went well together.

The food is all served on tin plates, and the drinks in tin cups as well, it gives off an old school vibe at odds with the quality food we're served, but in a good way.

I do wish they would expand the place though as it's really quite small. Other than that, everything was excellent, the service was also good, servers even came back to ask us if we were okay despite the crowd. I'll definitely be back for more!

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Best Part:
Tom Yum Spaghetti
Branch Location:
Outram Park
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Terrific Tom Yum, but average ambience

I would return to 49seats, but only for the tom yam pasta. The rest of the factors which make a cafe or a restaurant great (like ambience, value for money) were not too bad, but not outstanding either. The place was really crowded on a weekday night - and it sure was noisy! My dining companions and I could not hear each other and we had to holler across the table like bandits to make conversation. So if you're looking for a nice, quiet time, go somewhere else! Also, the tables and chairs were squashed quite close to each other so it was somewhat of an acrobatic feat trying to get around the place, or trying to order the food from the counter.

49seats is famed for their tom yum pasta, and with all the hype surrounding it, I was skeptical. The pictures of the pasta looked overly creamy, like it would be cloyingly rich. But with the first (hesitatingly-taken) bite, I fell in love! The cream is thick, but it is so infused with the sour, tangy fragrance of the tom yum that you hardly notice it at all. The flavour is strong, and it packs a hefty punch! Do note that the price ($14.90) is quite steep for the small portion. Though not exactly value for money, it does come with more expensive seafood like prawns, mussels, and clams, which soothes the thought of a lighter wallet.


Definitely make a reservation. I must commend their reservation service! Not only do they allow reservations (many cafes don't!) they put in the effort to send me an SMS to confirm my booking on the day itself. And when I asked whether I could add in one more person, they obliged immediately! That, I think sets them apart from other places which makes you queue, even if you are in a big group. Having a reservation rids you of the headache of uncertainty. And nothing beats the feeling of walking into a crowded place and seeing an empty table that had been specially put aside for you.

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Yong Siak
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Only 49 Seats?

My buddies and I were exploring areas from Outram Park to Tanjong Pagar, we came across a small restaurant named 49 Seats. Out of curiosity and to satisfy our hunger, we decided to enter this restaurant.

In the beginning, I was wondering “49 Seats, does that actually means that there are exactly 49 seats?”. Well, I am unsure about that (didn’t bothered to actually count them).
So, 49 Seats isn’t really a café that served the usual (Coffees, Brunch, Deserts, etc), instead they provide alcoholics beverages.

The service crews were extremely friendly and helpful. When we were unable to decide on our choice of food, and were making quite a “debate” over what to order. One of 49 Seats’ staff came over, she asked us about our preferences and kindly recommends us appropriate dishes that would suit our taste. While she was suggesting dishes, she would even conduct a small talk with us. Furthermore, they had quite an efficient and good service.

Food-wise, it taste just average, not a fanciful or extravagant plates of dish.

Overall, 49 Seats is quite a good place for a hangout.

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