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Wei Ling
Listing created by Wei Ling on September 09, 2013    

An artisan cafe in a 2-storey shophouse along Tanjong Pagar, Drury Lane is a healthy dose of Western fare in the heritage-like setting of the area. All-day breakfast, pasta favorites, wraps, tarts and coffee - they've pretty much got every cafe favorite covered. Also provides free wifi and loads of accessible power plugs for the laptop users.

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Mon: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Wed - Fri: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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crave-worthy pastries and bakes

Dropped by Drury Lane with a friend in search of a good cup of coffee, and thankfully when we visited the café was relatively empty. The café had a chill, relaxed atmosphere which I liked. We passed on the brunch items and zoomed in on their baked goods and sweets.

We ordered a cup of coffee, one Black ($4.50) and one Brown ($5.50). Both cups were robust and acidic, by far one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had. We also ordered a couple of muffins, which were ‘pay-as-you-wish’ so we could decide how much we would pay for them. They were not too bad, served warm and quite moist. The best dessert we had though was definitely the Candy Bar Pie ($5), which is made of salted caramel, savoury peanut butter nougat and a heavenly chocolate glaze. Their Banana Bread with Espresso Butter ($2.50) was another one of our favourites, with the naturally sweet banana bread and creamy espresso butter a match made in heaven.

While I can’t speak for their brunch menu, Drury Lane’s coffee is really outstanding. Their sweet treats aren’t unique, but their versions are definitely some of the better ones I have had. Worth a visit!

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A much better alternative to Starbucks for eat drink and work

Dury Lane is one of my favourite cafes in Tanjong Pagar. The food is cheap and good and the decor makes this old shophouse cafe feel just like home.

On weekday afternoons it is a great place to get a good cup of coffee and work with your laptop. There are lots of plugs everywhere, and the wifi password will be on your receipt. The environment is also pretty conducive for studying as they don’t play weird or loud music here.

For their all-day-breakfast they make really good eggs benedict. Warm and fluffy egg white with deliciously wet yolk on the inside. If you come during lunch you should also try their Chili Crab Spaghetti.

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(Updated: October 20, 2014)

Eggy goodness

Headed to Drury Lane for brunch with my friend on Saturday at noon, and it was only a short walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. The signage is rather nondescript so we missed it at first, but once we went in, the interior of the cafe made up for it.

One of the walls is decorated with the packaging of various coffee beans, lending a quirky touch to the place. There is also a mouth-watering display of the desserts they have for that day. I ordered the Salmon Baked Eggs, while my friend got the Eggs Benedict.

The food came quite quickly, and we were soon digging in. I love cafe-hopping, and the brunch I had at Drury Lane was one of the best. The spinach, tomato sauce, eggs and salmon were a brilliant combination, every mouthful was a delight. Their servings were generous as well, and it's definitely value for money.

We ordered a Pomegranate Cooler but it tasted weird. It had a confusing aftertaste, like it didn't know whether to be sweet or bitter. Maybe we'll stick to the coffees next time. Another thing to note was that the power tripped twice while we were there, but the servers handled it efficiently so there wasn't much of a fuss.

We wanted to try the Cloud 9.4 Pancakes and the muffins too but we were too stuffed... I'll definitely be back again for more to try the other items on the menu, especially the dessert!

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Pay as you wish muffins
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Tanjong Pagar
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Decadent and Cute Looking Tarts!

They have such a wide variety of tarts available there, and are all reasonably priced at about $4 even though they're not exactly as large as the normal sized ones. Still, it's a comfortable size so you can try stuff without overindulging. I had a mocha tart, and loved the burst of coffee flavor in all that chocolatey goodness. It was bittersweet, which made it a winner for me. Have never tried anything like that. Still, I totally didn't expect the chocolate to be molten (they probably heated it up before that) so when I poked the tart and cracked the base, all the chocolate started overflowing!! Which was slightly disturbing but really quite a sight. Held myself back from scraping up the 'spilt' mocha chocolate to save some calories hahahaha

Got a latte too, and was super impressed with their latte art cos it was really pretty! It wasn't as warm nor aromatic as I would've liked though - I've had better. They probably didn't roast their coffee beans long enough maybe?

Anyway, the seating on the upper floor is very, very dimly lit, and there wasn't much light coming in through the window because it was a rainy day too. I thought my eyesight was gonna turn bad by like at least 25 degrees because I was trying to do some reading. You're better off sitting on the high stools on the first floor if you prefer brighter lighting!

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