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75 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Garden Estate Singapore Singapore 559216
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Wei Ling
Listing created by Wei Ling on September 06, 2013    

A small cafe decked in a fusion of modern and Chinese vintage decor, The Coffee Daily serves cafe fare with a range of sweets, sandwiches and coffee. A hidden gem amongst the growing number of small eateries in Serangoon Garden Estate, this cafe's delightful rainbow cake is a major hit with its cafe-goers.

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Instagram-worthy cakes

The Coffee Daily is a cozy café located in Serangoon. It was a short walk (less than 5 mins) from the bus stop. I went there on a Monday afternoon and the place was packed! My friend and I took the last available table indoors. The café staff were friendly and there was free water and biscuits for the customers. The drinks menu is quite extensive and I had a tough time deciding what to get.

Eventually I opted for the Cinnamon Hazel Dream which does not contain caffeine. It tasted like Nutella but unfortunately the drink was too rich. I drank half and could not finish it. There was a wide variety of cakes on display but my friend and I decided to go for their most popular cake which was their rainbow cake. While the presentation for it was creative (and very Instagram-worthy), the cake itself was a disappointment. It was too dry and lacked anything special. As the café is rather small, the tables are close to each other and we could hear the conversations of the other patrons. It was quite noisy and not the best place if you are looking for a quiet café to chill.

Overall, it’s a quaint café but as it is a little out of the way, I’ll only visit it if I’m in the vicinity.

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Coziest nest in the village

Sigh. I love The Coffee Daily. If not for several reasons, I most definitely would've continued working there but life doesn't always go easy.

Trust that this review isn't biased.

Having worked there, I believe I know better than most, what TCD offers the general public and one of their niche point is Hospitality. Every customer is greeted with the most cheerful 'Welcome' and ensures that every one of them feels comfortable in the cozy albeit small cafe. Often times, I do see the staff asking the customers if the food is to their liking and if there are other areas that they need to be attended to. Seldom do I see such personal relationships forged with customers.

The space is decked out in old-school concept chairs, sofas and tables. The chairs are even intentionally mismatched. Food wise, I would recommend their Breakfast Set A, Baked Macaroni, Waffles and not forgetting the Rainbow cake!

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(Updated: September 06, 2013)

Coffee, Cakes, & Wifi

I like this place, and during my first time there, I had a cafe latte that was super comforting. I was having a bad afternoon, but this small happy place seemed to make my day feel a lot better. And it was a delight when I found that the latte came with my favourite Malongo coffee biscuit. After missing it from a previous trip to another cafe, imagine how happy I was to find it there :D

With a huge variety of cakes and pastries displayed tantalizingly on their display, I was totally spoilt for choice. I couldn't decide if I should get their "Healthy Tofu Cheesecake", as they call it, or their 6-layer rainbow cake slabbed with white buttercream, that was like $8/slice. Uhmmmm, after hesitating for quite a while, I decided to save my calories in the end and didn't get any cake. Another time maybe.

Because this place has free wifi as well (yay yay triple yay!), I happily trudged here again with my friend on a slow Wednesday afternoon to complete some work! She had a Chocolate-tea, which was both strange and unique in my opinion. Tried it and it was actly not bad, since you get your tea fix with some sweet chocolate. I had a latte again (boring, I know) with their salmon foccacia bread w scrambled eggs for lunch. Let's be honest, it didn't look appealing at all. I was surprised at how awesome it tasted though - you can have confidence in their scrambled eggs, definitely.

Although this place is at Serangoon Gardens, it isn't difficult to access or find at all, and is only a short walk away from the main road. It's pretty quiet on weekdays, which makes this a good place to chill at. Does look like it can get really noisy when it's crowded though, because of the design of its walls.

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