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66 Horne Road Singapore 209073
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on September 01, 2013    

Opened by the people behind The Plain, this cafe is right opposite the Jalan Besar stadium, this new kid on the block serves up great coffee along with a lovely brunches. Their beef steak Ciabatta is recommended, along with their Flat White. (for picture updates)

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Great Pancakes, Average Everything Else

The bravery café is one that takes an observant eye to find it at first try. With no fancy decor or signboard, my friend and I walked past it 3 times at least before realising it was the place. The interior too sports an extremely minimalist design, giving you the 'wonderful treasure find' feeling.

We ordered the beef sandwich and their famed banana pancakes. The sandwich is rather underwhelming, overcooked beef slices that made it pretty chewy and tough. As for the pancakes, I get why people flock all the way to Home Road just to have it. Extremely light and fluffy, 3 thick pancakes put on top each other, drizzled with shiny golden maple syrup and anointed with a banana. Super fragrant and comforting, what's not to like about that?

Overall, the experience was not too shabby, only gripe is that it can get pretty stuffy and hot inside after awhile, not a good place to buy a steaming cup of joe. But is it worth a revisit, yeah, for the pancakes.

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Home Road
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Good Food, Great Atmosphere

The unique layout of this cafe makes for a very pleasant vibe indeed. Unlike most hipster cafes nowadays which are full to bursting and have barely any breathing space whenever it gets crowded, The Bravery has an abundance of room that allows you to move around freely. The large communal table right smack in the centre makes for a great spot for meetings and discussions, and there's plenty of decent grub too.

One must-have would be the Ricotta Cheese Pancakes, featuring some of the fluffiest pancakes I've come across. Super fluffy and topped with a generous dollop of ricotta cheese, banana slices and crushed pistachios. It's a delightful medley of tastes and textures that just work so well together. The syrup is tasty but can get a bit cloyingly saccharine after a while, so balance it out with some of their quality brews! I went with a creamy and robust cup of cappuccino and it did not disappoint.

If you're craving something savoury instead, don't miss out on the Beef Steak Ciabatta. Freshly baked ciabatta sandwiches thick, tender and juicy strips of beef that are just bursting with smokey flavour and aroma with every bite. Coupled with roasted veggies, oozing melted cheese and a dash of sauce, it makes for a hearty meal indeed!

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