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39 Jalan Mas Puteh Singapore 128637
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on August 25, 2013    

A newly opened cafe in the west, this bistro and bakery serves up a breakfast menu with the usual favorites from the full breakfast to eggs benedict. Other than that, they have the mains menu, and they serve up cheese platters and seared tuna plates, all at affordable prices. 

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Cosy Vibes with Nostalgic Decor and Great Food

W39 hits all the right notes in terms of decor. Even the outlook of the cafe alone was bright and colourful, very inviting indeed. The interior has a very homely theme, decked out with vintage furnishings and trinkets. On display are also some familiar childhood candy and snacks which are for sale. I loved the atmosphere of nostalgia!

I got myself a Pulled Pork Cheek Panini which was packed full of flavour. The pork was incredibly juicy and tasted incredible. The sandwich also contained gruyere cheese, which was delectably melted and oozing out of the crunchy toasted bread. The robust flavours of the panini were nicely balanced out by their side salad of rocket leaves tossed lightly in balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty, and I found that the portion was just right!

My friend ordered their Wagyu Beef Burger, which was served with thick cut chips. This dish screamed freshness and quality. The beef patty was beautifully cooked, with cheese melted over it, sandwiched between two well toasted buns with some arugula leaves and three (!) slices of fresh tomato. Definitely one of the best burgers I've tasted at a cafe!

Although our lunch was certainly filling, we decided to head back to the cafe again later on the same day because we simply couldn't miss their special tea time promo, which was Two Cakes + Two Drinks for $19!

I went with their Carrot Cake while my friend got Red Velvet, both of which are the cafe's bestsellers. I found my carrot cake to be a bit too dense and overly rich, would've loved for it to be just a tad fluffier. The quality was definitely there, though. It was chock full of carrot shreds and black walnuts! The cream cheese was very delicious. My friend seemed to love her slice of red velvet, so maybe you should give that a try! Seriously, their cream cheese frosting is top notch.

Drink wise, we got one cappuccino and one iced honey lemon, both of which were not bad.

Overall, I had a lovely time and I certainly hope to visit again soon.

During our time there, my friend and I saw large groups having meetings and chats over at their big table (which can seat up to eight people), young couples on a date, and people coming in on their own to do some work while enjoying some cake. In my opinion, this cafe is definitely a great fit for all the aforementioned occasions!

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(Updated: February 14, 2014)

Awesome place for pictures and food!

Went to their website before going to the cafe and loved that they had detailed, precise instructions with several routes on how to get there. Also, they have their menu up on their website with prices listed! That helped a lot because I usually like to get a gist of the food prices at the places I'm visiting.

It was a Saturday and so they had their Brunch menu. The place was completely full when we got there and we had to wait for a seat as we had no prior reservations. (Would recommend reserving a place, the cards they use for reservations are really nice and personalised) We didn't have to wait long though. Service was fine, the staff were cheerful. Went there with a friend and the food portions were decent. I ordered the Chef's Special Nonya Mee Siam. The gravy was thick and flavourful, quite unlike the regular mee siam you get. Furthermore, the chili and lime was presented in a separate dish shaped like an egg that I thought was rather cute.

We also ordered two slices of cake, the peanut butter cake and the rainbow cake. The peanut butter cake was delightful, I would describe it as the "grandfather of muah chee". The rainbow cake, while slightly lacking in flavour after trying the peanut cake, was the most vibrant rainbow cake I had ever seen.
My friend and I had a hard time finishing the cakes but we finally did after spending 2 hours + there.

The crowd thinned out after brunch at around 3+pm, so it's fine to go there even on weekends at 3pm.

The place is a little "ulu" but not that hard to find, accessible by public transport. Would revisit this place soon to try other cakes and their tea time promotion, two slices of cakes and two beverages for around $19. Great for afternoon chit chats!

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Great Place!

Came here 2 weeks ago to celebrate the last day of school! We love how they reserved a comfortable, outdoor seating area for us and the food was good. I ordered the wagyu burger with a serving of fries and enjoyed it.

And the cakes! All of us (8) shared 2 cakes because we were filled up from dinner and the Mr. Something (I can't quite recall) cake was so good! It's the only cake on the menu which they will serve hot. We also had salted caramel cake which salted caramel lovers will take to kindly.

Lastly, this place is actually quite hard to find I guess. All of us drove over there from school and its about a 8min drive from NUS hence I think there should be buses from Clementi MRT station if you choose to take public transport.

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Came here 10 minutes before closing

And we were thankful that they decided to serve us.

For the ones who get easily lost (or is it just me?), this place is accessible by simply crossing the bridge from Clementi Stadium. It is where the very famous green signboard indian shop is at, but with a few more steps. It was so huddled in a corner I almost missed it.

Because they were closing, everything on the menu was not available anymore. All that was left were the pies and cake slices. Now, I'm not a big fan of most cakes because my baking phrase left me very fat early this year, so I decided to not get anything.

My friend got a red velvet itself though, and we settled down.

She was eating it as I looked around. They sold an assortment of childhood toys - I bought one, I'm not sure the term for them but they are little, transparent, dinosaur-resembling pieces and if you flick them over another, you win!

My friend called me over and she told me to try their red velvet. I was very reluctant and tried to ignore her but she gave it to me anyway and I was cake-struck.

Not many places can manage red velvet so wonderfully, and I am glad that such a place that could, is just behind my place. Guess who's coming back!

What a lovely hideout.

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Their little childhood toys everywhere
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Deserves a revisit!

The new kid in the block and me being a westie all my life, how could i not hop by a new cafe in my area?

I came for brunch with my usual meal buds on a weekend. The place, though fairly new, was packed we regretted not making a prior reservation and having to sit al fresco under Singapore's heat.

We were just in time for their breakfast dishes. We got a serving of their pancakes after peeking at our neighbor's dishes and looking to see how they would turn out. The pancakes looked magnificent on their white dishes we had to order it.

We also ordered their bread basket which up till now, still leaves me craving for more with the generous assorment and variety of breads in the basket, complete with jam and butter.

We stayed at that place the whole day and even had dinner there, which was chicken, salad and their parma ham cheese toast which didn't disappoint too. The bill came up for me to be about half a 100 bucks consisting of ++, brunch, snacks we had in the afternoon, dinner and desserts.

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