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12 Greenwood Avenue Singapore 289204
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on August 16, 2013    

Othello's is open for lunch and dinner during the weekdays and serves breakfast too over the weekends and public holidays. They serve up European favourites and some of their own signature dishes and have fresh beers on tap and 'live' sports screenings.

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A Peaceful day out at Othello!

The first thought that came to my head: the literature text by William Shakespeare! Nope it isn't!

Othello's cafe-bar is actually a nice European restaurant located in the Greenwood area nestled in the heart of Bukit Timah!

It exuded a calm ambience and it was really ventilated in the restaurant, as they had their doors wide open when I visited. I remember there were many Caucasian families who were there as well, with their babies. (One of the young girls was even drawing and painting! And the younger one was sitting half naked. #justsaying)
Outside the restaurant, they also have spacious, comfy straw seats that allows you to read comfortably as well! if not you can just bask in the warm sunlight and enjoy your surroundings.

We ordered a few mains. But before that, we were offered a basket of sliced Pumpkin bread with Sundried tomatoes. I realised I have a tendency towards orange coloured bread. But anyway, even though it was just an appetizer, i Like this the most because it tasted perfect while complimented by the little bowl of Garlic sauce and bits. ~yummm

The spicy aglio oglio! It wasn't really spicy as I expected but I liked the generous amount of parsley! And as usual, I liked the sotongs :D

And this is the St. Louis Baby Back BBq Pork Ribs (@$24). Their pork is ultra delicious and tender with crispy hashbrowns :)

And yes, this is the Peri Peri (also known as African Bird Eye chilli, which is a kind of Chilli pepper) boneless Chicken leg at $24. their sauce looks so harmless but they had this very unique and sharp taste that will definitely leave you wanting for more.

Being influenced heavily by peanut butter related foods recently, I actually ordered the Chocolate peanut butter drink ($9). It looks super innocent and boring but! It could have the power to choke you. In a good way I mean! It is ultra rich with the peanut butter taste, its like you're swallowing peanut butter water (if there's even such a thing) on its own. Definitely a thing for you if you like Peanut butter!

Another one was the Warm Chocolate Pudding served with vanilla ice cream.($12). Inside the pudding, it was just like warm lava and in short, I just devoured it.

With the tinge of romantic ambience and the yummy food and comfortable cushions for you to plop yourself down to a good book, try it out some time :)

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