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Everything with Fries is a minimalist cozy cafe lying along Holland Village's Shop houses since 2009. Featuring their home-made breads, fresh meats and hand-made sauces, all accompanied with cripsy fries fried with house blend flavours. Their specialities ranges from Wild NZ King Salmon, Chargrilled Shortrib Baguette, Char-grilled Char Siew to their rich Nutella Tart and Hot Banana ButterScotch with Ice Cream Dessert. They extended the cafe from the laid-back Holland Village to three other branches at Bugis Junction, Orchard Central and Joo Chiat Road. Everything with Fries is also a sister company of Awfully Chocolate.

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(Sun - Thurs) 12 noon - 11pm (Fri-Sat/ Eve P/H) 12noon - 1am
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List of Outlets:
458 Joo Chiat Road Tel: 6345 5034
Bugis Junction #04-05 Tel: 6338 0135
Orchard Central Tel: 6634 8358


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(Updated: April 24, 2012)

Yay for yummy food!

Everything with fries has quite a few outlets in Singapore now. The outlets that I have visited are the Orchard Central branch and the branch at Holland Village. And boy, I definitely wouldn't mind eating it weekly if it does not cost me any calories at all!

Both outlets have a cosy cafe feel to it, with the decorations being white and simple. The menu items are written on a blackboard, making the place look vintage and cute! At the Orchard Central branch, I especially love the Har Jeong Kai burger, which is not offered in Holland Village. The set meal itself has a huge portion that can be shared amongst two people and fill them to their brims. The patty was quite salty, but tasty! Some people might find it too salty for their liking though, I thought it was quite delicious. Curry fries are a must order for me! The salt and vinegar fries tasted like normal fries you could get anywhere else though.

At the Holland Village outlet, it is often crowded especially during dinner time, hence you might want to head down early or make reservations! On the day that I went, I wanted to try grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. But they ran out of that and also the tandoori chicken sandwich, both of which are the popular choices recommended by my friends. But after waiting for the seats for around 15 minutes, I did not want to give up just like that. My friend and I then ordered the char-grilled char siew, which was a little more expensive than the others, priced at around $16. However, we were so happy we ordered that instead! The char siew simply melts in your mouth and topped off with the sauce, it tasted heavenly! It is certainly grilled to perfection, in my opinion. I highly recommend this to everyone! Top it off with a sweet and rich nutella tart, an awesome meal is then complete. The nutella tart should be shared amongst friends though, as you might get sick of it halfway through eating as it is pretty sweet.

Everything with Fries, y u no open in Yishun? I would love to go there monthly, or perhaps weekly! However, their branches are mostly located in town areas, which makes it very convenient. Circle line has also made travelling to Holland Village much faster and easier. So I say, head down to Everything with Fries soon to get your heavenly sinful food fix!

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A Pink Delight

The first thing that caught my eye at Everything With Fries was a sea of pink, where its service crew were all clad in lovely baby pink tees. Being a sister company to Awfully Chocolate- (A shop well known for its thick chocolate cakes), its store decorum hence bore some identity to Awfully Chocolate; with their signature chalk boards being used as menu overview. That alone readily differentiates itself from other little food joints.

While waiting for my order to come, my quick glances around the restaurant allowed me to conclude that " Yes, this is indeed a warm and nice place to chill out at on a Friday night." Alas, my choice of Pork Chop with Curry Fries came. To be honest, I did not enjoy the Pork Chop which turned out rather hard instead of tender, which made cutting a difficult process. The curry fries however, were decently seasoned with curry powder and a definite must-try. Not to forget, recommendations from the staff include their Sour Onion Fries, as well as their Salmon dish.

Another dish that makes you crave for more is their Nutella Tart, not to be exaggerating, but it's near to indescribable as to how the chocolate melts in your mouth, and I like the fact that the tart does not fall apart upon the first fork down, with the bouncy feel that tops it all up.

Overall, the service crew is a pleasant group of people, no extraordinary difference from other restaurants and food places, the ambience is apt such that such a small place can actually make you comfortable while you dine, lastly, the food is definitely worth a try and I would surely return for more!

Optional Information:

Best Part:
Nutella Tart
Branch Location:
Joo Chiat
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Only Orchard Central Branch!

Although there are a few branches of Everything with Fries, I would only recommend going to the one at Orchard Central. This is because the menu differs between the branches!

The first time I ate at Everything with Fries, it was at Orchard Central with my friend. The meal was absolutely delectable and a gastronomic delight. The bacon cheese burger was flowing with juicy cheesy goodness and although I shared the meal with my friend, the portion was enough to fill the both of us. For only 9.90 per meal that comes with a drink and your choice of flavour of fries as well, it’s totally worth it. I will not explain the fries because they are regular fries just having whatever flavour of your choice shaken over them.

However, when I brought my other Friend to the Holland Village branch expecting the menu to be the same as the Orchard Central branch, I was sorely disappointed! This was way more high end and expensive. The menu also did not appeal to me as I seldom order food like lamb or salmon. I was hoping to be able to taste that lovely bacon cheese burger again, but since we were already there, we decided to settle for something on the menu. Eventually I still ordered the lamb because there was nothing else to order. The taste was not up to standard; dry and lacking in flavour. After eating halfway I did not even want to continue.

Definitely go to the Orchard Central Branch if you want your money’s worth.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Bacon Cheese Burger
Branch Location:
Orchard Central
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Big food, decent prices

Sometimes, simplicity is key. At Everything with fries, strangely enough, each meal comes with fries seasoned to compliment the dish and not just be your typical side dish to eat with salt and ketchup. They’ve found a winning combination with their simple menu and variations of fries, and along with their simple but interesting interior, a trip there always leaves you full and satisfied with both the food and the experience.

On both my trips I have never been able to finish my entire meal, so think twice about ordering any starters or extra sides. If you don’t fancy the fries that come with your meal you’re also free to change them to whichever ones that you fancy. The burgers are massive, you’ve almost got to tear them apart first before you can even think of trying to eat them, but why would you ever go to a burger bar and not expect a big yummy mess?

You won’t exactly leave feeling beach body ready, but you will leave feeling satisfied with your food, the service and the whole experience. Not guilt free by any sense of the imagination, but perfect if all you want to do is gorge on giant sized meals at decent sized prices.

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Generous portions of yummy shoestring fries!

During SG50 celebrations, Everything with Fries rolled out a special menu that celebrated our nation’s food culture. I was super excited and dragged my friends along with me to have a sinfully good meal at the Bugis branch.

I ordered the Hainanese Pork Chop Burger that came featuring a delightfully light and fluffy buttered bun, and a thick slab of pork chop slathered with a sauce that strangely reminded me of peanut butter. I chose the sour cream and onion flavour as the tartness compliments the fries beautifully.

Their One Egg Drop Soup was also surprisingly good. Made from only one egg, the soup manages to be creamy and tasty, with a crispy fried fluff made from the whites topping it. Everything With Fries manages to offer cafe quality food that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket,I love it!

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Everything with fixed fries

Everything with Fries used to be everything to me. But after they changed the menu and everything, I felt like it was a stranger to me.

Granted, the burgers and fries were still decent. Tasty and layered with patty and vegetables, there was not much I could complain about. However, the portions sized down significantly, and we could not choose our fries anymore. The flavour of fries we got were pre-paired with the burger we ordered. It was stifling and just sad. Truffle fries were not included in many meals and we had to get it separately if we wanted to. Satisfactory, I’d admit, but they were not the burger and fries combination I used to love so much. I felt forced to choose a burger I liked with fries I didn’t.

I’ve discovered an alternative gem in Everything with fries, though. Their nutella tart and vanilla ice cream is super good. The chocolate is generously drizzled onto the tart and it’s chewy and sweet, making it the perfect dessert. It definitely makes up for the burger disappointment.

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Great Flavour

The food here is sinful (but I mean, where can you find healthy burgers and fries?), but in my opinion it's worth the calories.

The fries are delicious and salty, and I really like the burgers too. Special mention goes to the har jeong kae burger (I've never seen this anywhere else!) and the lamb burger. And who can forget the nutella tart?

A set with a burger, a huge portion of fries and a drink costs $10, so it's pretty good value in the heart of Orchard Road (Orchard Central) if you ask me.

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I could have them Fries all day

With 5 different mouthwatering seasonings for its fries, it is no wonder that they are well-loved for their potato (: A common dilemma I face whenever I visit EWF is the choice of seasoning for my fries because everything tastes so good!

The ambiance of the outlets are also relatively nice however the cost of the food could be considered a bit pricey for a fast food outlet. Bear in mind though, that they are quite generous with their serving of fries so you are getting both quantity and quality!

Also! One must not forget to order the nutella tart which makes for a nice balance at the end of the meal as you'll satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings.

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fries galore

Fries are pretty fool proof, everyone loves them so a restaurant built around fries is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser, as Everything With Fries has proven to be.

I visited the Holland Village outlet and apparently menus are different in different outlets. Personally I feel like the food in the Holland Village outlet is a bit on the pricey side but taste-wise the food does deliver.

Obviously you can't go without eating the nutella tart when visiting EWF as it is completely divine and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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nutella tart

If you visit EWF, one thing you gotta have is the nutella tart. It's really good and I never fail to order one for dessert every time I visit despite the very filling main course. As for fries, my favourite is definitely the curry fries. I love their burgers as well because the bread crust is always soft yet crispy, making the burger more delightful to bite.

One EXTREMELY IMPORTANT thing to note though, is that menus differ across branches. If you're looking for a filling meal at affordable prices, go to Orchard Central. It works more like a fast food joint there. It's $9.90 for a burger, lots of fries and a drink. Totally value-for-money.

The branch at Holland Village is more of a mix between a cafe and a restaurant, and the variety is much lesser than the Orchard Central branch. They serve meat like lamb and beef, and the prices are slightly higher (around $15). The same set of burger and fries, without a drink, costs about $15. I would definitely recommend the Orchard Central Branch.

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Great setting but disappointing food

My friends and I visited the one at Holland Village on a Friday afternoon, and the place was surprisingly empty. I really like the minimalist and spacious setting at this branch, as it gave me a relaxed and enjoyable feeling while dining with my friends.

I ordered the Pan-Seared Dory Fillet with BBQ fries on the side, and was disappointed with my choice. The mushroom sauce that came with the fillet was a little on the salty side, and the BBQ powder for the fries were not coated evenly, hence it was too salty for my tastebuds. My friends who ordered the Mushroom Cheese Burger and Mushroom Burger had the same problem with their food being too salty, so much that we found ourselves having to gulp mouthfuls of water in between bites.

The service here was quite decent. The staff were all very pleasant and friendly, and were attentive to all of our needs and requests. The food here seems to be on the costly side though. Perhaps I'll come back here in the future to try out some of their enticing desserts.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
ambience, service
Branch Location:
Holland Village
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Good and convenient!

Everything with Fries (EWF) is a good burger joint. Not great, but good. The burgers are good, albeit with portions slightly too small for my liking. The fries are as abundant as its name suggests, but nothing much to scream about.

The convenience factor is what makes this place a winner. They don't have a lot of outlets, but they always seem to have a outlet not far from wherever you are. EWF outlets can typically be found in and around town, and is great even if you're looking for a cozy place or sitting in a big group.

What makes EWF special, are its desserts. In collaboration with Awfully Chocolate, their chocolate desserts, in particular, contain particularly strong influences. That's always a plus point.

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Restaurant owners husband and wife, John Yap and Lyn Lee established Awfully Chocolate in 1998 much later they teamed up with a close friend Mr Gary Low and with the help with Chef Barry Yip Everything with Fries was born.

Highly recommended on the menu items would be

- the oh-so-tender-that it would melt in your mouth Beef Karubi which is also known as the short rib.
- The strong creamy garlic broth Salmon in a cup
- Secret Recipe Lamb marinated burger with a dash of cream cheese
- Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, unique sauce with chicken thigh

Must haves to have an enjoyable meal:

- One Egg Soup
- Nutella Tart [an oreo based with 3 layers of sheer pure nutella]
- Mille Crepe (on weekends)[layered crepe with cream vanilla flavor or Nutella flavor]
- Hot banana butterscotch pudding with ice cream [the name says it all]

Beverages that you would want to have over and over again
- lemon soda
- Nutella milkshake
- butterscotch milkshake

- Do not be fooled by the ORIGINAL flavored fries as it is their very own house seasoning.very unique flavor.[4/5]
- Pringles like tasting Sour Cream and onion (:[4/5]
- Curry that is not spicy but full in flavor[2.5/5]
- salt and vinegar for the English styled[3/5]
- Garlic & Herbs very unique and tasty [4/5]

Overall good food with affordable prices along with friendly staff and good chill out ambience.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Branch Location:
Holland V & Bugis
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