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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on August 03, 2013    

Your cosy corner in the heart of the central business district, serving cosy and comfort food fare.

For those who remembered, Miss Muffet brings back many sweet childhood memories. Those were the days, when we were toddlers, learning to sing and dance. Muffet's Room Cafe hopes to bring laughter and joy to everyone. By doing so, we aimed to provide good and tasty food to our customers.

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Muffet's Room Cafe Logo
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Unacceptably Long Wait And Poor Food

Named for the nursery rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet', the Muffet's Room Cafe was set up after the owner decided to bring the authentic style Australian Fish And Chips to Singapore. As such, the Muffet's Room Cafe signature dish is it's beer battered Fish And Chips, which have earned it several glowing reviews. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for its brunch.

Ambience at Muffet's Room Cafe is cozy. Actual indoor seating is extremely limited due to the small floor space, although you also have the option to sit outdoors. And despite the name, there is little to show that Muffet's Room Cafe is inspired by a children's nursery rhyme. Decor is mostly photographs (which are for sale), and chalkboards with well-written and designed words. I like that they have a small magazine and newspaper rack in the corner for browsing.

A cozy interior and well taken photographs line the walls, along with handmade straw objects and figures.

I was upset by the extremely long wait for food at Muffet's Room Cafe. Even though there was only 1 other couple in the place, the food took 35 minutes to be served. And while the staff was friendly, a lack of initiative to apologise and/or expedite the food preparation results in a thumbs down for the service at Muffet's Room Cafe. Because there was only us and another customer, the only reason I can think of for the long wait is that the kitchen wasn't ready to take orders... But if so, the staff could have at least let us know in advance.

Even worse was the poor quality of food served at Muffet's Room Cafe for their brunch. After the 35 minute wait, the last I expected was to be served something which I can probably prepare in less than 10 minutes on my own. Extremely disappointing, and having to pay about SGD $14 per person for this is not worth it. She swore never to return. Likewise, I'm never coming back for the brunch at Muffet's Room Cafe, but I might for their Fish And Chips.

A piece of wholemeal toast, a slice of ham (pork) and poached eggs make up this Eggs Benedict. I could make this myself in less than 10 minutes, but I waited 35 minutes for this to be served here. Taste and quality is just average, portion is small, presentation is uninspired and unattractive. The least they could do is add a salad to make it more attractive, and use better quality bread... But I'm afraid it'll take even longer to be served then! Too expensive for its worth, and thankfully only available on weekends so people can't order it often.

The Fluffy Pancakes come with your choice of Fresh Fruit or Bacon. While the fruits were fresh and tasty, the pancakes were quite horrible. I think they use the instant mix pancake powder, and it's also not cooked evenly. Only available on weekends. Avoid this!

I like their home made Muffet's Lemonade, and that they allow you to control the amount of sweetness by serving the sugar syrup separately.

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Eggs Benedict
Condiments And Service Counter
Fluffy Pancakes With Fruit
Muffet's Lemonade
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