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Wei Ling
Listing created by Wei Ling on July 16, 2013    

A French-themed Japanese cafe that is truly hidden and located off-the-track, L'etoile is a quaint cafe that is typically quiet and suitable for a relaxing afternoon. With 2 floors for seating, choose to either dine al fresco or nestle in the cosy arm chairs on the 2nd floor. Its design is simple, clean-cut and refreshing.

Offering an all-day breakfast menu, choose to have a hearty breakfast or get a simple nutella french toast. Pretty much a hit with local celebrities as well for some reason, you might just get to see one of your favourite local stars when you drop by.

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Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm, Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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charming interior, cosy place to chill

Tucked in a corner of Owen Road, I chanced upon this hidden gem 4 years ago while on the way back from a friend’s place. I was immediately attracted by its charming, vintage interior. Friendly smiles greeted me as I stepped in and was asked if I would like to sit upstairs. Curious of what to expect, I agreed and the staff led me to the staircase located at the back. Natural sunlight streamed in from the windows through the day curtains, making it not too glaringly bright. The woody furniture complemented the lace curtains, along with vintage frames hanging on the wall. Such a pretty space for a date and catch up with friends.

I tried their Aglio Olio ($14.90) and Iced Latte ($4.90) and was pleasantly surprised. The aglio olio was not too oily and was perfectly seasoned. I found it a little strange that it had an extra herby flavor, but it was good. The Iced Latte was a little too weak and milky for my liking, I will make sure to ask for less milk next time.

Up to date, this cafe is still one of my favorites due for its interior and tranquility.

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A fusion of cultures

Expected any similarities between indie culture and japanese culture? I initially didn't too, always having had the perception that the two are vastly different as the USA and Japan are on extreme sides should you roll out a map. Hence, on one of my off-the-main-road explorations during a lazy weekend, I chanced upon this cafe, hidden off the corner of Owen Road.

As a first impression, I find that Le'toile doesn't not really stand out. Pleasant looking but common place, the little 2 storey shop specialises in the selling of cakes. Being hungry and in need of refreshment, I decided to give the place a try. The interior of the cafe is pleasant, brimming with vintage furniture and quaint designing of the place. This matches the BOOKS, WINE declarations on the pillars outside which lead to really the type of atmosphere that I expected to find inside.

The food is tasty, and I would recommend the banana nutella toast. To my surprise, I found crepes as well as normal toast, which in itself shows how intrinsic the different foodie cultures have blended in this place. Prices range from $4.90 - $7.90 for a decent tea, which I could afford but found a bit pricey.

In my opinion, this place is worth a visit!

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cakes and ambience only

This place didn't disappoint me. And not because their food had me craving more, in fact i was hoping there was another cafe nearby to get my fix. Somehow or another, i didn't have very high expectations of their food before i came, though I was dying to check it out after hearing many things about them via social media. i came with my gal pals one weekend after a long and hot trek from the nearest train station and finally being able to find the place.

Unfortunately we didn't get to sit on the second floor where all the photo-worthy shots belong to. Instead, we sat right beside the cake counter displaying tall, cream filled chiffon cakes begging to be eaten. Of course we had to order their matcha cake, being such ardent fans of it. The chiffon cake was light and fluffy, filled with a thin layer of cream and red bean which wasn't too sweet. I was glad that I could taste matcha and not only see green colorings on the cake which many other places are culprits of. In fact, the cake was the best dish we had. The rest were subpar. Some was bad. Just remember, don't ever get their big breakfast. I'm sure sure you can create something better or rather, mickey dees ones fare sososo much better so don't waste your money and tummy space please. Their pasta was okay though, gladly not overcooked which would just make things worse.

I suggest going just for their cakes, coffee and ambience. As for their food, you can try it at least once, but i'm not too big on their food and definitely don't see myself heading back there for it.

(for full review with pictures, click on my blog link below!)

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Exquisitely quaint and quiet

Located in one of the shophouses along the junction of Owen Road, it has a very cosy ambiance, perfect for chilling with friends or just enjoying your time browsing through the shelves of books and magazine they have there. They have nice tea and coffee, delicious food (especially their grilled fish that includes some deliciously made potato cubes which I have yet found out how did they made it), and their salted caramel cupcake is pretty good as well. I love their tea and you can always ask for refills of hot water while you lounge there and enjoy your time. At one corner, there is a small display of accessories, notebooks and other miscellaneous items for you to purchase should you like it, but the price isn't very cheap.

What I love most is their décor, clean cut furniture on the first level and eclectic and vintage on the second level. The whole café just radiates a really relaxed vibe that would put you at ease. It isn’t very crowded on the weekdays, not too sure about the weekends. It is one of my most patronized cafes in fact. It functions as a café in the day and bar at night, so for people who are interested, you can try out this Japanese-French café.

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Your Quaint Secret Getaway

This is one of those yet-to-be-discovered spots in Singapore, which is relatively rare given how tiny this island is.

L'etoile was discovered by my friend online, in search for quaint and quirky places to chill and hang out. Despite being a tad out of the way, it remains relatively accessible with MRT and bus services. This inconvenience, however, is immediately offset upon arrival at the cafe. It is definitely quaint and unlike any cafe you could have possibly come across in Singapore.

The second story is the boom. The choice of furniture is so unconventional and exceptional, this factor definitely plays to setting this cafe apart from others. It also contributes to the absolutely therapeutic ambiance. You can come to do work or have a slow leisurely meal, or just chillax. And the staff gives no qualms.

Since it remains relatively an obscure place, there aren't too many patrons (as you probably always encounter in Starbucks/Coffee Bean), so there'd definitely be a cosy corner for you to snuggle in. (Have your pick of sofa or garden chairs or well, just any chair. LOL. It really is just so unique and special.) It's also really quiet and peaceful, perfect for easing those nerves.

They even have a tiny corner for kids to play at for you parents out there. And they provide a small collection of books lined up on shelves for your browsing if you're interested, or y'know, run out of things to do (well, or if you get bored of doing nothing).

All these, I would summarise the atmosphere to be that which is bright, cosy, lively and peaceful.

That said, their food really isn't that good/value for money. I had a try with their salmon bagel, which honestly wasn't half bad, but wasn't impressive either. My friend had tougher luck with her cheese fries. All in all, I probably enjoyed the tea best. One simply can't go wrong with a bag of leaves in a hot steamy pot. They have a decent range of tea to choose from, with free refill. So all ma fellow Singaporeans, get your worth of refill for all the money spent!

Ultimately, I would still come to this place. The escape it provides from the rest of this jam-packed island is an absolute bonus. And the ambiance. You don't see quaintness that quite matches this cafe.

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amazing ambiance
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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Super pretty interior!

After hopping to multiple cafes across Singapore, L'etoile Cafe settles as one of those whom I think have the prettiest interior design. It is spacious unlike many cafes, and this makes you feel comfortable enough to lean back, relax, and carry on with whatever you set out to do there in the first place, whether it is to finish up a good book or catch up with your friends. I especially loved the sofas they had.

We went on a Sunday afternoon, and the crowd included a group of ladies celebrating their friend's hen's day/night. The fact that that they'd chosen that place for their afternoon tea for such an occasion speaks alot about the cheery vibes this place gives off :)

That said, we waited extremely long for our food to be served. Service is unfortunately subpar, and they took quite a while to clean up the dirty plates left behind by the previous patron. They also got my friend's order wrong. The food was decent, however. I had a sandwich that was good but not awesome. I really liked my brewed earl grey tea though!

They are popular too for their ice cream sandwich (that looks like a whoopie pie), which we wanted to order but didn't for fear that it'd take extremely long to come. We saw a couple other tables ordering it as well! Definitely something I'd try if I do return in future.

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