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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

The Living Cafe is a healthy cafe in the heart of Bukit Timah! We pride ourselves in offering delicious healthy and raw food thats both nutritious and tempting....its never been this easy to be good yourself!

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A Guilt-free Indulgence

As a classified health junkie, I’ve always made it a point to steer clear of overly processed foods and sweets. Yet, I’d always assumed that living the healthy life was also the boring life. But ever since patronizing the Living Cafe, I’ve discovered a new realm of healthy eating - one that does not involve binging on salads.

Located along Sixth Avenue, Balanced Living encompasses both a health foods store and an eatery (The Living Cafe). My personal favourites include their Grilled Tofu Guacamole Wholewheat Wrap ($14) and their decadent Raw Chocolate Cheesecake ($8). The latter in particular was. So. good. Imagine a rich, creamy cheesecake, with a buttery-like crust. That was what it tasted like, except so much better?! I have no idea what they put in it, but boy was I a happy camper. To top it all off, there was no fattening and heavy cream cheese involved!

The quality of service really depends on what time you arrive. Expect slow service around lunchtime and after-work-hours (6-7pm) as that’s when the office-goers come for their health-fix!

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Delicious Vegan Food in A Relaxing Space

The Living Café is a spacious eatery on the corner of 6th avenue that serves up delicious raw-vegan dishes. The Living Café specializes in “raw” cuisine, and none of the dishes are cooked above 50°C in order to preserve the enzymes and nutrients in the ingredients. With no dairy, meat or added preservatives, you might be skeptical about the taste of their food. How could anything like that even taste nice? Well, the Living Café will prove you wrong.

The Living Café aims to create dishes that are healthy, delicious, and creative, while remaining true to the philosophy of raw-veganism. My favorite dish is their Zucchini Lasagna ($18.50). This dish is creatively executed, with raw zucchini sheets, vegan minced meat, and creamy cashew mayo replacing the traditional lasagna ingredients. This unusual lasagna was surprisingly delicious, with the dairy-free cheese and vegan meat actually tasting similar to the real deal. The raw cakes and truffles are very yummy as well.

As someone who loves her steaks and burgers, I never thought that raw-vegan food would be something that I would enjoy. I can safely say that the food at The Living Café is not just good, in terms of healthy food; it’s actually truly good.

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Vegans and non-vegetarians able to finally eat in harmony

Balanced Living on Sixth Avenue is home to The Living Cafe, a restaurant serving vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat dishes. Unlike many other vegan serving restaurants, there are still many options for the non vegans that visit, from pizzas to burgers, leaving vegans and non vegans able to eat together both easily and hassle free. Not only is the choice vast, but majority of the food is under $20, so also good value for money.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy about my trip was a fruit smoothie, but aside from that all the starters, mains and desserts that I tried were amazing. They always have a wide selection of raw vegan desserts to choose from, my favourite being the raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. I could only manage half due to it being so rich, however if you love dark chocolate you’ll fall for this cake head over heels. The Quinoa Veggie Burger has been my favourite so far, it’s not the most elegant dish to eat in front of your other half however it’s so good you honestly won’t even care.

Service there has been both good and bad, but is the only thing that really needs improving. The best thing about the Cafe is that it lets you dine with your vegan friend when you don’t feel like giving up on your favourites. The Living Cafe is definitely a place to consider to prevent the hassle of trying to find somewhere that accommodates for both of your needs. Meat eaters and vegans nationwide rejoice! And don’t worry, you won’t be lectured by any tie dye wearing hippies for eating a meat option, trust me.

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Guilty (not!) indulgence.

Their raw cakes mygosh.

Fell in love with their cakes upon first bite. Initially I wasn't expecting much from their cakes since they were raw, like c'mon, nothing's baked, how could it possibly be nice/ how nice could it be?


I got their berry cheescake, the one which looked the most photogenic (hahaha life of an instagrammer), and it was like stacked layers of red and white on top of a crust. i don't usually fancy cheesecake because of the strong dairy taste which I abhor, and this was like cheesecake without the cheese, which was purrrfect for me!

The base was like whoa! good. The filling was smooth and not cloying at all, and slid down my throat oh so easily. I could easily finish the whole slice to myself.

That said, I'm revisiting the place again this weekend. Ahoy!

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I am utterly surprised to see this here

So TLC, what can I say.

I worked here once so expect the unbridled truth.

The food here is nothing short of amazing. Try everything on the breakfast menu, that is where all the savory goodness is. I have lost count of the number of mornings I serve the orders to my customers and weep in the kitchen from being able to smell it and not eat it.

For noon and dinner specials, always stick to their Fish Bowls. Anything from that section of the menu is everything that will make Jamie Oliver proud. You will wonder how vegetarian food can taste this sinfully good, I know I did.

But stay away from all their chocolates. Healthy as they are, none of them are worth the price and I tried most of them. It's nothing at all I would want to have again. But the cakes, especially Blueberry Cheesecake and Apple Pie will make your cents' worth.

You heard it from an insider, so now you know how your menu repertoire should be like!

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