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20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885
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Maison Ikkoku is a cafe, boutique, and bar. The cafe serves breakfast items, salads, and gourmet sandwiches.

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Mon - Thu 9am - 9pm Fri, Sat & PH Eve 9am - 11pm Sun & PH 9am - 7pm
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20 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198885


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Hideout in Kampong Glam

Was strolling along the streets of Haji Lane in hope of some inspiration for my Halloween costume, when I chanced upon this gem.

A café, bar and a boutique under one roof, this place is a perfect stop for refueling. Cozy ambience, with a very laidback atmosphere – perfect for a Sunday brunch.

It was a shame we had lunch before we found this place, as their Smoked Salmon Omelette was almost on every table there. (made a mental note to try it out the next time we are there). Their coffee menu was extensive! I did a quick google on this place and realized that the baristas were trained by a Japanese celebrity barista.

We ordered their Red Velvet cake to share, an Iced Latte for myself and Iced Mocha for him.
The cake was large! About the size of the sliced cakes from Secret Recipe, but the taste was a tad off, so it was anti-climatic. The coffees saved the day, fortunately. Aromatic, not too saccharine.

Thanks to the ambience of the place, we unknowingly spent the whole afternoon chatting away. We were pretty tempted to head upstairs to check out the bar, but the bill from our afternoon tea came back pretty hefty and hence we decided to take a raincheck.

Overall, I love this place. One of my favourite hideouts from the crazy world outside if I need an afternoon away with just a book.

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Great breakfast foods!

Visited this place one not long ago for dinner during a weekend as i checked out online that breakfast orders were available on weekends and so sped there we did. Loved the concept of dining below before going upstairs to shop.

We ordered MI's coffee, one spam musubi and a french toast which was drenched in warm, salted buttery caramel which went so dang well with the slightly tangy red and purple berries. Topped onto soft, eggy brioche toast, we went straight to heaven.

The musubi was essentially a rice roll with a rectangle of spam on top. Very like Japanese sushi but was served heated up. The rice was not too bad as they mixed it with Japanese seasonings. However though, i thought the price was a little too steep for the simple ingredients used. I could easily recreate one at home at a fraction of the price.

The coffee came with beautiful coffee art which instantly makes a coffee so much better as it appeals to the sense before even one has tasted the coffee. I didn't inquire how it was different than the rest of the coffees but it certainly wasn't lacklustre.

They also sell a variety of cakes which we didn't try out as we wanted to scoot off elsewhere for afters. If not for the weird location, I would go there more often!

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Rendang Eggs Florentine? Huh?

What a find. Every so often, you find a new restaurant that no one seems to know about, and it becomes your favourite haunt.Why? Because it is good, provides good service, and is good value. Maison Ikkoku is just that. Three times now I have been. For brunch. And I'll be going again, and taking friends.

But did I say no one knows about it? Wrong! On all visits, there has been a queue waiting to get in. They have upstairs and downstairs and still you may have to wait. So ring ahead. 62940078.

The decor is quirky and sets the tone for a friendly time. Stools and hard backed benches, but who cares? Forget the routine that irks some: order at the counter and pay up front. So what? All is forgiven when in a pleasantly short time, huge plates with servings equally huge appear before you and you wonder how you will cope. You do!

I went again today with six friends. The various dishes were well received by one and all, from the fantastic fusion of beef rendang and eggs benedict (excellent), to a plate of scrambled eggs (I forget the name of the dish) so huge that a chicken escaping a bird flu cull in Shanghai couldn't fly over it, to my eggs florentine, to the various coffees and juices all round, served efficiently with a smile and with what I detected was a little pride.

This place is worth a visit. OK. There are places that are as good and possibly better, but they are few and far between.

What confuses me is the name. And the suggestion that it is Japanese. Since when does a Japanese joint serve rendang? Eggs Florentine? Where was the wasabi? Unless I missed something, it matters not at all. I promise, I will double check next time, and believe me, I will be back.

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Quality of the food
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Kampung Glam 20 Kandahar Street
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(Updated: March 03, 2013)

Maison Ikkoku is located not too far from the Bugis MRT Station, only about five minutes away if you come by foot, but, nestled in one of the many rows of shophouses in the vicinity of the Sultan Mosque, it can be really hard to find.

Being the fan of breakfast that I am, I got so hyped up about this cafe just browsing the menu online and, thankfully, the food was ultimately worth our trip. We had their Salmon Florentine, Croque Madame, and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.

The Salmon Florentine was everything we expected it to be. The combo of well-poached egg, smoked salmon, and rich, buttery hollandaise works its magic as always; one just cannot go wrong with this simple, but delightful reinterpretation of the classic Eggs Benedict. Strangely, but to our pleasant surprise, the yolk just wouldn't stop flowing at the first thrust of our knives into the poached egg, and I thought that was simply too much yolk for just one egg. So I could only imagine that the chef used two eggs or sneaked in an extra yolk. But it was all good, and we mopped up every smear of the yolk-hollandaise on our plates with the bread.

The Croque Madame was a large portion that comprised a massive ciabatta sandwich, in which was hidden a thick wad of shaved ham, and a side of greens seasoned in a tangy, lemony vinaigrette. It was supposed to come with a fried egg on top but we requested for our eggs to be scrambled instead, though that didn't quite work for us. The egg was overdone, looking more like a chopped up omelette and not slightly runny as it was supposed to be. Though it was speckled by an abundance of chives, it was a little lacking in flavour. We thought it could do with a tad more salt and butter. That said, we were nonetheless quite satisfied.

And we concluded our dinner with a slice of pumpkin cheesecake which, while it did not taste distinctively of pumpkin, was richer and much creamier than we expected of any normal cheesecake, almost mousse-like. And it is easily one of the best cheesecakes I have had in a while, which I am glad I chose over the Red Velvet.

The food left a good impression, and so did the waiting staff, who bade us goodbye as we got up to leave. I foresee a second visit sometime soon.

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Salmon Florentine, Pumpkin Cheesecake
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