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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

Western style cafe food.

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11am - 11pm
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112 East Coast Road #03-15, I12 Katong
Singapore 428802
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Delicious but Pricey

My first and only visit to Charly T's was at its Cathay outlet which has unfortunately, already closed down. Nonetheless, I greatly enjoyed my experience there. I went in without any prior idea of the food quality but was not disappointed. I was quite spoilt for choice so I took a long time ordering but the staff did not get impatient and even offered some suggestions as to their popular picks.

Although Charly T's food is pricey, it was delicious and I did not regret my visit there, although a second time would be a forced decision. The atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasant and mild, which was excellent for dinner conversations and small talk. In my time there, I even managed to learn a fair bit of history about Charly T's. It was rather interesting to note how the ideas for his dishes came about from travelling the world and incorporating various flavours into his dishes.

They have another outlet at East Coast Road and at the Grandstand at Turf City. However, I strongly advise against going to the outlet at Turf City because they serve you food on plastic plates and utensils, which makes the overall experience horrible even though the food is great.

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Worth a visit...

I visited the outlet at The Cathay. I had to first order at the counter when entering the restaurant. I was curious and itching to visit this restaurant as I'd heard quite a few good things about how cuisines from different countries are put together and served to customers fresh and tasty.

Being a first-timer, I ordered their signature Rotisserie Chicken, which had bee marinated for over 13 hours before being slow-cooked rotisserie-style. I must say, it did not disappoint. The marination with herbs and spices was obvious from the first bite itself while the exterior was crisp and the interior was juicy.

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Yummy roasted chicken

I stumbled upon this place after a movie at Cathay. Their signature dish, the Charly's roasted chicken is extremely delicious, with tender meat and a choice of two sides. I chose the German potato salad and garlic rice. The German potato salad was done the way it was supposed to, cold and with bacon bits. However, I didn't quite like it as it tasted too bland in my opinion.

As mentioned, the chicken was really good but the serving was a bit small. Their chicken cordon bleu was not bad as well, with cheese flowing out when the chicken was cut.
I also tried the waffles which was really disappointing. It lacked flavour and was soft although they took such a long time to prepare it. Nevertheless, I'd recommend a visit just to try their roasted chicken!

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Cozy nice ambience

my friend and i visited this place on a weekday evening for dinner around 8plus at night and this place was close to empty! it was queer as we heard that this place was good from our peers. 

I ordered the quarter chicken (~$15) with 2 sides. German potato salad and garlic rice which were both very good! the German potato came with real bacon bits for toppings and the garlic rice was surprisingly very good and I never liked garlic, mind you. the garlic wasn't too strong in taste! portions were small though.. so if you are hungry, go for the half chicken with 3 sides (~$28). root beer float was somewhat small in serving as well and costs about close to $6. 

the ambience was good for a place like this. first, it isn't situated in a mall. second, the lights were dim and the sofa chairs were new and comfortable. Third, it isn't overly packed and noisy.

Service staff was helpful with recommendations and greeted us when we entered the place.. I will definitely return to this place again for the ambience even though the chicken ain't as good as Kenny roger's but the sides were good! We also received a $10 voucher to off set our next visit but must spend above $30 in order to use the voucher. 

I just hope this place wont close down anytime soon since traffic seems low and blackbird cafe which is just next to it has closed down recently! So visit this place soon!

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Good western food and nice, peaceful ambience

The first time I visited Charly T's was when it first opened at I12 Katong a few months back. At that time, they had a promotion which entitled customers to two half chickens for the price of one (I don't remember the exact promotion but it was something along those lines).

I like the ambience of the restaurant, with its warm lighting and quiet atmosphere. The staff are also very attentive and initiative and that was crucial in creating a very happy dining experience. My family and I ordered the black pepper chicken and the original recipe chicken. Each half chicken comes with two side dishes of your choice. I recommend going for the butter garlic rice and macaroni and cheese as sides.

The chicken is really tender and tastes as good as it smells. Each half chicken ordered also comes with sauces such as chili sauce and barbeque sauce (which is awesome!) And if you run out of sauce, you can always request for more at no charge. The prices of the food are pretty reasonable and expected of a casual western diner.

If you find it a hassle to saw through the bones of the chicken while eating it, you can always go for the other mains or their burgers and wraps.

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