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#01-2090 4 Changi Village Road Singapore 500004
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 16, 2012    

They have a selection of pizza, sandwiches and brunch items, also they have sweets like freshly baked cakes and breads. 

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Super pretty coffee art!

If you pride yourself as a café fan, this is a must-go.

I have being wanting to try out their 3D coffee ever since I lay my eyes on them. However, my friends were always complaining about how inaccessible the place is. We were deeply mistaken though, because they are actually accessible by many buses and the place is quite near the Changi hawker.

Because of their wide selection of coffee, the first thing I asked the waiter was which of them are applicable for the 3D art. Surprisingly, it is the iced selections that can be made into 3D and not the hot ones! I guess it’s because iced coffees can keep the foam from melting too fast? Although you would need to wait for approx. 15 mins for these coffees, they are definitely worth the wait.

I then ordered their truffle oil mushroom pasta because the wait got me hungry. I wouldn’t recommend friends to get this as I find it to be overpriced - normal aglio olio, with the oil swapped.

I would definitely go back there again to try some of their desserts and more 3D coffees!

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Pleasant, quiet experience

The best time to visit Chocks is at tea break - the place is quiet, charming and the coffee aromatic. Don't do breakfast or dinner - the crowd can get crazy.

I had the bacon and mango sandwich, lightly toasted with swiss cheese, mango, basil, turkish pide and crispy bacon. I liked how the different textures of the ingredients complemented each other - the sweetness and the tanginess of the mango with the saltiness of the bacon. I found the taste and texture pretty unique for a simple toasted sarnie.

I also ordered the flat white. It came to me creamy, fragrant and warm, the perfect accompaniment to my warm sandwich. I love the coffee here and the pretty latte art makes the entire experience even better.

I live near to Changi so I didn't find it that hard to get there but I can imagine it would be difficult for the rest of Singapore!

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Changi Village
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Great drinks, disappointing food

This place is soooo hard to locate!!! I stay at central area and I hardly or almost never go to the East unless I am going to Changi Airport. We arrived on a weekday afternoon and surprisingly, the place was quite packed. I ordered a cup of hot chocolate while my sister ordered a cup of latte. In addition, we also ordered a big breakfast to share.

The food arrived in no time while we had to wait patiently for our drinks (I'm guessing cos of the art that they do on the drinks..). My sister has nothing but praises for this place, she is a big fan of coffee and coffee art so I can see why she has praises for this place! The art on the drinks looked really good and cute! The hot chocolate I had was thick and rich. It was slightly bitter and that's how I like it, otherwise it would just taste like Milo hahaha. The big breakfast was disappointing though...The eggs tasted bland and watery, the toast was too hard and like one of the reviewers below pointed out, the baked beans does taste weird. Another case of bad cafe food :( I wouldn't come back here again though because it's just too far from where I stay and I am not too big on drinks, I'm more of a food person. But if you are big on drinks and coffee and do not mind travelling, then I would highly recommend this place.

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Refreshing coffee art

If you're huge on snapping pictures of your food, then Chock Full of Beans will definitely soon be your next favourite cafe.

Frankly, I wasn't expecting much of this cafe when my mother insisted on dragging my entire family out for breakfast one Sunday morning, but Chock Full of Beans was certainly quite the eye-opener.

Fate really does work in mysterious ways, because I'm typically a cold drinks sort of person, but it seemed like the cold weather and my grouchy morning mood were both conspiring against my decision to get something iced, so I ordered a hot drink for the very first time in a year or so. And when my Honey Matcha finally arrived, boy, was I so glad that I opted for something hot! Topped off with the most adorable coffee art (a reindeer!) I've ever seen in my entire life, my drink not only tasted good, but it looked amazing as well. Clearly, the cafe's specialty is its coffee art, because my mother and my sister's respective Hazelnut Latte and Hot Chocolate came with beautifully crafted coffee art as well.

Their breakfast menu was a little disappointing, considering how the coffee art sort of set a benchmark. My Eggs Benedict were pretty mediocre as compared to that of other cafes, and lacked flavour, while my mother's omelette set seemed pretty ordinary. However, my sister's Bangers and Eggs were pretty scrumptious though we paid 17 bucks for that set, which in my book, is clearly too expensive for some sausages and scrambled eggs - even if those sausages are the tastiest sausages I've ever tasted in my entire life.

Overall, a wonderful place to go for drinks. The amazing coffee art at Chock Full of Beans simply screams to be instagrammed!

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Choke Full of Awesome-ness!

Café hopping is currently the major excitement for me and my brunch of girl buddies. After hearing a bunch of positive comments and recommendations, we decided to visit Choke Full of Beans Café (CFOB). Honestly, it was quite a distance for all of us. But thankfully, it was next to Changi bus terminal. Phew.
That day was extremely hot and humid. Therefore, we were kind of hoping for a table in the café. Sadly, there weren’t any indoor seats available for us. Fear not, there are outdoor cooling fans to cool you.
Alright, enough about my complaints regarding the weather, let’s go to the main highlight, shall we? So, the bunch of us ordered a few drinks and meals, and were extremely satisfied and awed with it.
What exactly were my favorites? Firstly, for the coffees, the rose latte was mild sweet and aromatic. The café art was extremely cute too! If you would love to have a 3D café design on your special cup of iced coffee latte, you could request for it (provided they aren’t very busy). Plus, I realized that each cups of coffee are designed and drawn uniquely different according to the baristas.
Secondly, Portobello Eggs Benedict was absolutely delicious. The Portobello mushroom was topped with eggs that were cooked perfectly.
Lastly, the cakes!! Cakes were amazing. Not only do the cakes look good, they taste good. Plus, the cake was placed beautifully on the plate drawn with adorable cartoon designed. However, I felt sinful after gobbling a few cakes… The only negative point was that the cake was topped with lots of cream, despite being delicious.

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Strawberry Shortcake, Rose Latte, Iced Coffee Haleznut Latte
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Hip Brunch Establishment in an "Ulu" Neighbourhood Area

A friend suggested this place she wanted to try in this east area so we drove down for brunch on a Saturday several weeks ago. At 1130, there was already a long waiting list and it was about 25mins before we finally got a table outside.

The cafe was small but well-organised and had a cool, contemporary starbucks vibe to it. This coffee house is possibly the only "in" place in this ulu vicinity.

Menu was quite straightforward and because it was our first time here, 3 of us were not adventurous with our food choices. We ordered the Egg's Benedict, Egg's Atlantic and Egg's Portobello, as well as Hazelnut Latte, Vanilla Latte and a Honey Lemonade for drinks.

Because all of us ordered pretty much similar mains, i can't really comment on how the other dishes fare compared to the ones we had.

The Egg's Ben/Atlantic/Portobello were average. Our eggs were perfectly poached, but i thought their Homemade Toast was slightly underwhelming and the salad needed more oomph a la dressing.

The ham, salmon and portobello tasted like they normally would, nothing more, nothing less.

My friend's poached egg had a little puddle of water so i think that turned her off a little as it looked unpleasant and made the toast slightly soggy.

Our Vanilla and Hazelnut Lattes were far more entertaining as we spent a good 15 minutes snapping photos of the kawaii latte art! Don't you think the teddy bear's absolutely irresistible? Also, it tasted as good as it looked so that's 2 thumbs up for me!

Service was prompt and friendly but slightly forgetful as we had our mains but not our cutlery for a good 10 mins after they arrived. It was all right though, we were busy camwhoring anyway.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience for us, the cafe had a positive vibe and is quite a gem in this provincial part of Singapore.

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Kawaii Latte art
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Blk 4 Changi Village Road Singapore 500004
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Comfort food at reasonable prices

My sister had nothing but praises for Chock Full of Beans, so I decided to pop by this cosy cafe on a very hot Saturday afternoon. If you do not stay near Changi Village, I would advise you to either drive or take a taxi to the cafe. It is really inconvenient, even for an east-sider like me. I was very excited to have a go at their breakfast - who cared if it was already lunch time? Breakfast is the new lunch! I ordered a plate of 'Chock Full of Big Breakfast' ($17) and a cup of iced latte ($5.70) to cool off while my sister got 'Portobello Eggs Benedict' ($12) and a cup of cappuccino ($4.50).

'Chock Full of Big Breakfast' fell short for me. The first spoon of home-made baked beans tasted weird and subsequently, I felt like spitting them out. The scrambled eggs were a little bland, though I believe that it was to allow the eater to put as much or as little salt and pepper as desired. What saved this dish from complete disappointment were the chicken chipolatas and home-made toast. I probably should have gone for one of their eggs benedict dishes despite not being a fan of half-cooked eggs.

'Portobello Eggs Benedict' was simply amazing. The portobello mushroom complimented taste of the chunky multigrain toast and poached eggs. My only regret was not ordering this for myself. While the coffee art was really adorable, the coffee itself was just mediocre. There was nothing special about it. However, the prices were relatively reasonable so the coffee art was an incentive. I wished that I could stomach down their strawberry shortcake, but I was stuffed! I was lusting for it when customers around us ordered the cake one after another. I must try it the next time I return.

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