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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

A cafe selling coffee and alcoholic cakes. Alcohol junkies rejoice!

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Good ambiance

I had a bit of a 'culture shock' when I enter this cafe, because it is theatrical themed. It is so unique that it would stay in your memory even after quite sometime; seldom you see such cafes in Singapore. Broadway Cafe would invite some bands to perform or hold some workshops which is quite interesting, but I didn't manage to catch it.

There's barely any customers when I went there with my friend and it is very spacious and we enjoyed our time there. It just makes you feel relaxed and intrigued over the decors - spotlights, curtains, mask props, huge mirrors, pretty cool I would say.

We ordered two liqueur cakes upon recommendation by the cafe owner and they were like no other we had tried before! The alcohol content in the cake is just right, and it just taste so unique and heavenly. A must try when you head down to the Broadway Cafe. We also ordered the fries, I have no idea how they make the fries. It is not like the usual fries, the texture is different. It taste like it is hollow inside, I know this sounds weird, but at first it doesn't taste exactly nice, but as you nom on it, it just get you wanting for more. I would say it is a good snack to chomp on. My friend has been wanting to go back for more fries in fact.

It is a great place to hang out with your friends and try out some exquisite cakes!

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Visited this cafe when it just opened, probably the only reason why it was empty. The cafe was spacious with simple yet tasteful pieces of furniture. It gave a really clean & comfortable feeling. Deeper in, there's mirrors with bright lightbulbs & a photoshoot set up with stand-alone flash & camera-inspired props. Very interesting concept, my camera was in for a treat.

We ordered a sandwich and a Latte. Nothing too special yet it didn't taste too bad either. There was effort put in in the presentation of the food, very thoughtful. Price wise, it was reasonable for a cafe i'd say. The menu was designed well too.

After talking to the waiter, we realised there both the waiters were actually the owners. No wonder they dressed so fashionably, a little too fashionable for a waiter in fact. They were really friendly people, very personal and they were open to feedback. I last went there when it just opened 3 days ago, great potential for this cafe!

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