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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

Opened not too long ago, they are currently expanding their menu and perfecting the coffee. They do breakfast too, recommended is their Turkish Eggs. 

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Coffee + eggs

After viewing many a picture of my friends enjoying themselves at Penny University, I decided to give the place a try myself. It helped that it's situated in an accessible location for easties like myself.

The coffee I ordered, for starters, was pretty rich and flavourful, with a tinge of bitterness, as well-brewed coffees often do. However, the layers of cocoa and milk soon overwhelmed the bitterness, and the flavours meld together in the mouth to give a pretty good aftertaste.

Being a huge fan of eggs, I ordered the Turkish eggs with smoked chicken, and the eggs were well-poached, with a runny yolk threatening to spill out as I teased it with my fork. Finally, I lifted the entire thing to my mouth and let the yolk burst forth in it, savouring every drop of salty goodness. It was an incredible sensation.

This place is pretty packed for weekend brunches, but weekdays are safe bets to visit it.

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Penny University, Awesome cakes

Went there yesterday (Sunday), and it was packed! Had to wait around 20 minutes just to get a seat for ONE person. I even went at a weird timing too to avoid the crowd but I guess everyone had the same mentality as me. It was a pleasant experience though, the waiters were nice and the smores' tart was good too. I would like to try the hot dishes the next time i go there!

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Snickers Pie!

Penny University has a pretty attractive interior with brick walls and British signs. It's pretty popular considering it was full house on a weekday late afternoon even though it's not exactly in a prime location, a 15 minutes bus ride from the Eunos MRT.

Smoked Chicken Breast, Maasdam Cheese Chutney On Sourdough Toast ($8) -
Pretty huge serving size for a sandwich, the cheese was melted to the perfect gooey texture. Taste wise, pretty decent.

Turkish Eggs + smoked chicken ($8 + $2) -
The two poached eggs were well-done, great texture and runny the way I like it. The eggs were served in a large bowl, doused in two infusible sauces. One, a Morrocan harissa sauce, a mixture of Olive oil, spices and Oregano leaves, they were a tad bit too oily for my liking for it goes very very well with the bread served. The second sauce was this whipped yoghurt cream which tasted pleasantly light and milky but soon made me feel quite gelat. The yoghurt went well with the add-on chicken I ordered. I must say, it was a pretty interesting dish.

Snickers Pie ($6 - $7)
I'm not a fan of Snickers but this was goooooood~ The chocolate was rich and the caramel was molten and chewy at the same time. Tart crust was decent.

Horlicks Pie ($6 - $7)
I love Horlicks but this was quite a letdown. The crumbly crust on top of the tart was too dry and flaky. The center of the tart was stuffed with a semi-liquid Horlicks filling which a little too sweet and thick, and I pushed it aside after a third bite. Yes, coming from a Horlicks fan.

Overall a comfy place with affordable drinks and food. Desserts is expensive but similar priced to other cafes.


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Snickers Pie
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awesome ambience but terrible coffee

I came to Penny University once to chill out with my friends. It is a remarkable place; the staffs are impossibly friendly and sociable; the place has an intimate feel to it, a perfect setting for chilling at. We sat there for an entire day, chatting comfortably.

However, their coffee was terrible but I am hopeful that as it is a new start-up, they will soon perfect their coffee- making. Other than that, the place is designed so beautifully it is simply perfect for sleeping in.

I will only return to chill out at the café, and not for the coffee.

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