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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 11, 2012    

Under the same group as "Once upon a milkshake", they strive to sell premium rosti at cheap prices. They also sell other side dishes besides rosti.

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Cute concept!

Located in the CBD area, Once Upon A Rosti is quite a cute place and even its menu looks cute. The shop has grew not in terms of size but in terms of the number of food selections.

It's a cheaper alternative to Munch. Food QC isn't that perfect. The potato was a little burnt overcooked it but when I ordered again with my colleagues, it tasted nicer.
Since the place is located in the CBD, it was quite crowded in the afternoon plus the place is warm (despite the fans) but completely empty at night, so might be worthwhile to go at night!

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Rosti!!! Who hates potatoes?!
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Not very impressive

It is kind of sad when the side that you picked to go with your double rosti becomes the star of your entire meal. That was what happened when I ate for the first time at Once Upon A Rosti. Granted, I went for 2 rounds of rosti but that was only because

1. I hadn't eaten the entire day or something
2. The smoked salmon was awesome

I am a super fan of smoked salmon and I was basically piling the salmon on and asking for a bigger (and of course more expensive) serving. It became the love of my night instead of the rosti, which I confess I might have bought just for the smoked salmon's sake.

One could also choose the kinds of sauce/ topping to go with the rosti. I would recommend just having the sour cream because the other sauces (such as mustard and bbq sauce) don't really go well with the rosti.

The rosti itself wasn't very fantastic, I think even I cook better rosti and I'm not even that much of a cook.

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Best Part:
Smoked salmon
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Fell short of expectation.

Like many, I’ve been a great fan of the rosti after trying it at Marche. Needdless to say, I was excited when I heard that a store specializing in rosti was opening. Though the prices are lower than that of Marche’s, it’s safe to say that I’m sticking to Marche.

After waiting for quite some time, I was surprised by how the Rosti was served to me. Everything was all jammed into a serving cup, about the size of a large cup from Soghurt. The rosti, which was neither crispy nor warm enough was very disapointing, and me and my company didn’t feel like it was value for money. Such a shame given how nicely decorated the store is.

Not so fast food for fast food quality.

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