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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Under the tenderfresh group, this humble establishment sells fried and bbqed roast chicken and fish and chips at reasonable prices which have since gain popularity amongst its customers. 

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Pricing is not bad

I wouldn't say the Golden Rooster's food is the best, although the pricing is not bad. You can be sure of spending less than $10 for a meal and a drink. As a student going to a school in the area, I used to frequent the one at Coronation Plaza. It's a not too bad environment to have your lunch and hang out with a couple of friends, although we'd leave if the place got too crowded.

As for the quality of the food, it really isn't the best. But as a student, I can say that I was satisfied with the food and the price I paid for it. The Golden Rooster isn't the best place to study and chill out with friends, due to the noisy environment and crowds during peak periods. All in all, it's affordable but quality is not the best!

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Not That Great

I visited the Golden Rooster outlet at Coronation Plaza a while back with high expectations after rave reviews by my friends that talked about good food and good prices. I was already a little put off by the outlook of the shop because it looked messy and unkempt but I decided to put aside all these peripherals and focus on the food itself.

I ordered one of their more well-known dishes, the Lemon Chicken Rice but was undeniably disappointed by it. It was, to me, a bit too oily which made it an instant no-no for me. Drinks were pretty normal with nothing really standing out in particular. Personally, Golden Rooster is not a place that I will go to regularly for chicken rice because I simply didn't find it that good. However, because it is rather cheap, I think it would make an excellent place for large groups of student gatherings and bonding. After your meal, it would be all too easy to head down to Starbucks to finish off a lunch with a nice frappe.

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Coronation Plaza
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Sweet Lemon Chicken

Having just graduated from my JC, this place will always be a nostalgic haunt for me. Situated in Coronation Plaza, the shop is convenient and near my school.

The memories in this place will always be centred around these few things:
1) The jokes and memories shared with my friends whilst seated at the plastic tables and chairs;
2) The reasonably priced food that is crispy, fried and always hot;
3) and the friendly store owners who are always prompt in taking orders.

Food wise, the Lemon Chicken is one of my favourites! The Lemon Sauce is placed into a bottle which allowed me to use it generously (yes, I like my chicken soaked in lemon sauce), which is a plus point since many stores do otherwise and give a measly pint of lemon sauce which is barely enough to cover the chicken.

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Lemon Chicken Rice

Golden Rooster brings about nostalgia for me as it is a eatery I had visited often when I was in junior college since there was a branch near my school. Everyone raved about the lemon chicken rice, which was indeed very tasty and also the fries which came in a big bag for only $2. The rice could be dry but it was compensated for with the tasty lemon sauce.

Now Golden Rooster can be found in many hawker centers. Their prices remain reasonable, for around $5-7 for set meals and the standards have not dropped. It remains a favourite of mine to this day!

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Very good for its price

Golden Rooster operates a number of shops retailing their food in various coffee shops in places such as the KPT near Punggol Park. While they have a myriad of other foods such as pasta, their best items are oriented around chicken.

The spring chicken is crisp, tasty but not too oily or hard in my opinion, and the chicken cutlet and chop fairs quite well against other coffee shop western fare, their other dishes such as fish and chips are also delicious. Their sides such as potato salad and fries are of good quality, and the service has little to complain about.

Of all their dishes, my favourite is the chicken Maryland, which is an old school western food dish that is hard to find these days, even in restaurants, and their chicken Maryland really resembles the taste of the one my late grandmother used to make, which was exemplary in standard. Be sure to give that a try!

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For the chicken lovers

Golden Rooster’s standard is by far one of the best for a coffee-shop stall. Their specialty fried chicken will leave you wanting for more. Other than that, they do offer BBQ chicken and chicken wings, which I find equally delectable as well. One complete set of chicken chop meal consists of fries, coleslaw, bread roll (yay) and of course, the chicken chop (fantastic sauce!). The portion has increased by a slight bit as compared to the past, so that’s good news for us customers.

Due to their good reputation (and thus the large crowd), the staff is experienced enough to be efficient in their service.

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Forget the pasta.

Golden Rooster might ring a bell to many or those who live near HDB flats coffeeshops. There is a branch near me and i've tried them a couple of times. They have been coming up with lots of antics, what with the introduction of new menu items like lasagna, pasta and such.

Don't try the pasta. i've bought the meatballs pasta before and that is by far the most horrid pasta i've ever ate. Don't even talk about al dente. The noodles were all soft and soggy, the meatballs, hard. The sauce, obviously from a jar. Not to brag, but even i can whip up something better.

The chicken, on a positive note, were rather tasty. Fried in hot oil, they were crispy and not overly oily. Even the roast chicken fared well. Their fries were well fried too.

Well, overall just go for their chicken, after all that's what its name hints right?

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