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28 Maju Avenue 1st Level Serangoon Garden Estate Singapore singapore 556698
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Listing created by operationhazard on November 30, 2012    

Chillax Cafe is a spanking new joint located in the heart of Serangoon Gardens that promises a whole new experience with our sumptuous array of bites and drinks. At Chillax Cafe, we believe in unwinding over good food and a good round of drinks amidst our relaxing al fresco atmosphere.

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Indeed, Time to Chillax

In the evening sun, this place is dimly-lit with warm lighting - surprisingly giving out a cosy and homely feel. This place is located in a rather small lane of the well-known Serangoon Gardens. Even so, the place is fitted nicely in the corner where there is space for parking of cars. I feel compelled to walk in with my friend and her brother.

Even the furniture looks warm and cosy - the well-lacquered dark brown stools seem almost primitive and even the walls make me feel like I'm in a cave. A homely cave at that. Even so, the menu adds on to the experience with the paper that is unique to the touch. Rather antique if you ask me.

Okay, time for the food - we ordered heartily. The chicken wings come first: yes, on the menu the laksa chicken wings and the other chicken wings seemed tantalisingly delectable. We were disappointed as there was nothing special about the chicken wings. The main course on the other hand, proved to be better than expected. I had the Chilli crab pasta that was really delicious. Being particularly picky about chilli crab sauce, this place had one of the better sauces. My friend and her brother ordered the rosti which came in a hearty portion, all the more food to share. It was exceeding expectations and definitely worth the price, although a little pricey at $21.

Will definitely come back to this place for the ambience. Also a good place for those looking to chill out with a beer or two with their happy hour promotion.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Great concept. Cool place to hangout. Excellent Service.

Came across this cafe after a walking around Serangoon Gardens one evening with friends looking for a drink but all the other pubs were full so we decided to try this one. It was rather quiet as it had just opened however we were really pleasantly surprised with our experience here. The owner happened to be there and he was really chatty and friendly with us, all excited about sharing his new concept and recommending food and drink choices to us.

Yes, it could be because it was a newly opened shop but we did go back again and even the staff were as friendly to us. This kind of service is hard to come by in SG nowadays. Well their fries are good and they serve an interesting selection of beer. So if you are looking for a nice place to chill with friends over some beer and good food do come by. They also offer the men a chance to hang out with their buddies while their female counterparts get pampered on the 2nd story.

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