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SOUPerlicious takes pride in serving delicious and wholesome soups with robust flavours, freshly made salads and sandwiches at an affordable and value for money proposition in a quick, casual and vibrant yet stylish dining environment.

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Opening Hours:
1000 - 2200
List of Outlets:
Plaza 8 Outlet (Changi Business Park)
1 Changi Business Park
#01-16 Plaza 8
Singapore 486025

SIM Outlet (SIM Headquarters)
461 Clementi Road
#01-25 1st Level
Annex Building


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(Updated: May 08, 2014)

Bland soup

I first tried Souperlicous at Changi Airport's Terminal 2 before boarding my flight. I wanted something soupy, hot and filling and didn't have much time to go have a proper noodle meal so I just dropped by Souperlicious for some soup and sandwich since it wasn't very crowded! I had the seafood chowder and roasted beef sandwich meal. Food was served quickly and the counter staff was very helpful in explaining to me how the meal works. At the counter, I can see pots of soup boiling in their pots (similar concept to Soup Spoon) so I was really excited with the thought of having hot, hearty soup

The soup tasted very watered-down and thin. The chowder was not substantially creamy at all.. I know overly-thick chowders are gross but watered-down ones are worse. It's almost like a consomme or a broth with that creamy taste to it. The seafood in it are so finely chopped I almost couldn't see what's what and the whole bowl really looked like it came out from a can (even Campbell makes better soups). It was also bland and so I added loads of black pepper to it to make up for the blandness. I still didn't like it. The roast beef sandwich was alright, although the beef was slightly tough and chewy but I guess after the bad soup, the sandwich shone in comparison lol! Of course I never went back to Souperlicious a second time. Sorry but it's just not "Souper" enough for me. I will choose the classic Soup Spoon any day.

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Hearty and filling

I've always been skeptical about soups. I'm a person with a huge appetite, and I've always regarded soups as a starter or filler before my main course. But when I visited SOUPerlicious with my friends, I was won over by their food.

My favourite soups are probably the Corn and Chicken Chowder, and the Shroomy Mushroom soup. Both dishes are really hearty and filling, with huge chunks of chicken and mushrooms respectively in each dish. I found myself finishing up every single drop of soup in a short amount of time. Even though I was craving for more soup, I was quite full, which indicated that the portion of the soup was quite decently sized.

The sandwiches and pasta dishes seem to look really nice though, so I'll definitely try them out the next time I visit this place.

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Favourite pasta ever

I REALLY like the pasta at SOUPerlicious; soft and chewy, you just cannot have enough! As an avid pasta lover, I always come back to this place; and I recommend everyone to try it! Their prices rose by a dollar or two in the recent year, though. :( Nevertheless, the quality of the food still stays splendid.

If you're looking to buy the combos, I recommend buying the lasagna combo - more value for money! The lasagna is more expensive if you order it ala carte. Also, I recommend SOUPerlicious if you are having one of those days where you feel like eating something, yet are not hungry enough to have a full meal. The portions are just right to satisfy your hunger if you're feeling a little hungry yet not ravenous yet.

My recommendations are the lobster soup and corn soup! Thick and creamy; perfect to go with the bread that accompanies every soup bowl. The most popular option would be the mushroom soup; but I think that's too common and you can get that anywhere else!

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Delicious - there's something for everyone!

If you’re having one of those bloated I’m-not-hungry-but-not-full-either days, soup might be just the thing to have for lunch. It’s comforting and fills your stomach up nicely. What better place to get a good variety of soup, than Souperlicious?

Souperlicious boasts a range of delicious soups, from comfort food like mushroom soup to more unusual flavours like lobster bisque. I like the fact that the soups here are not too thick, unlike those at Soup Spoon, which are much more filling. Souperlicious’ soups are creamy, flavourful and generous in portion.

I also love the fact that Souperlicious has several meal options, which allow customers to complete the meal with a drink and a spaghetti, wrap, salad or sandwich. It’s awesome because I can choose how filling I want my meal to be. I usually get the spaghetti on the side, and it goes great with the soup!

I will definitely visit Souperlicious again, and if you’re looking for a quick, comfortable hot meal, you should too!

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Too western

Having just soup and bread for a meal is too western for me. I needed something more filling like a bowl of rice, I considered soup only as a starter to a meal.

I tried this shop once because my sons were pestering that they only wanted mushroom soup for lunch. I was thinking to just look for a western food stall in the food court when I passed by this shop. The display looked appealing to my children and they asked me to let them try.

The soup did not taste too bad but it is just not filling enough for me. My wife asked me to buy some sandwich but the sandwiches looked too complicated for me. My favourite sandwich is a simple ham and egg sandwich. The price I paid for a meal there could have gotten me a full meal at a food court western food stall.

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So not delicious

Pardon my pun but I am bitter.

I always pass by this restaurant when I'm in school and I don't know if it's me who likes to irritate my wallet by buying overpriced set meals that doesn't even taste good, but I'll always end up here.

This will not be a good review.

Of the 5 times I come here, I'd regret all 5 of it. I always wonder why do I try. I've tried their clam chowder, I've tried their chicken something soup, I've tried their mushroom soup. I've tried their sets - the sandwiches with their odd names, particular the chicken meat ones. NOTHING. It all ends up half eaten on my tray.

The only thing that vaguely saves this place is their garlic bread. It goes well with the soup. Which you will never finish. Because it's bad.

I don't know why I keep going back. But you shouldn't folks. Go to Soup Spoon. Even they are a little better than this.

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Super delicious :)

As its name suggests, Superlicious serves super delicious soups in Singapore and has captured the hearts of many through their incredible and affordable dishes.

My husband who used to work at Changi Business Park would usually boast of his sumptuous lunch at Superlicious. He made it sound so tempting that I wanted to try it myself. It was indeed pleasurable and can definitely satisfy a hungry stomach. Being a seafood chowder lover, I commend their version of my favorite soup. My husband's all-time favorite is the goulash. It tastes better than the overpriced goulash we tried before in another restaurant. The pasta dishes are good too and the service is quite fast. With its generous amount of serving, it never failed to satisfy our hungry tummies. ☺

Whenever we think of soups, nothing comes to mind but Souperlicious.

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Good except for...

The Lobster Bisque soup!!!

My friend and I frequently visited the Souperlicious outlet at T2 during our A Level period to study. We tried almost every soup they had, plus the meals. Honestly I enjoyed the soups. One fine day when Lobster Bisque soup was added to the menu, the adventurous me decided to give it a shot.

The first spoon was not bad. It was an interesting taste. By my third and fourth mouth, the shell smell was starting to linger in my throat and I felt exceedingly uncomfortable. By my tenth scoop, I felt like puking. It was that bad. I wasn't even halfway through the bowl and I'd lost all appetite to continue. Maybe it was just me, but my friend who tried it later also said she did not like it.

Its too thick, the smell of shell is too strong, and overall its just not well done at all.

Apart from that terrifying experience, I also do not approve of the small sides. Even if the meal is spaghetti with a small soup, the spaghetti is still so little its joke.

Hence I do not really approve of the prices as well. Its a bit over the top, considering the soups are not as good as places like Soup Spoon and the meals are so pathetically small.

Then again, the airport environment is fantastic for studying, but we probably won't be visiting Souperlicious for a while.

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

Comfort Food

A warm and hearty meal is what I would expect each time I visit Souperlicious. The soup gives a very comfortable and nice cozy feeling especially when taken on a cold rainy day. Some might find having soup for a meal as being insufficient, I beg to differ as the soup is extremely savoury and flavourful. The bread bowl is also perfect for those with a slightly larger appetite!

Souperlicious is very healthy as well and it is in a sense "fast food", when given a choice I would choose Souperlicious over Macdonalds or KFC as unlike those, it is definitely not "junk food". The to-go packs are also brillant for those who are too lazy to cook at home but want a good filling healthy meal.

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I came to SOUPerlicious for a good meal while waiting for time to fly before sending someone off at the airport. Usually, I'd turn soup places down, such as The Soup Spoon, but after looking at the menu, I decided that this was the place for lunch.

Basically, they have a promotional set lunch, where you get to choose one of their main items listed on it, along with any soup of your choice, and a beverage. The soups are all of different costs, so I found this deal to be pretty worth the money, costing slightly more than $10 only! I chose to have beef lasagne with broccoli and cheese soup. I must say that the name SOUPerlicious literally stays true to its name, because the star of my meal was never the lasagne, but the soup itself!

Not being a soup person, it's been long since I've actually fallen in love with soup at a restaurant (other than MOST tomato soups and cream of chicken), and I was definitely expecting myself to enjoy the lasagne the most, but turns out the lasagne tasted pretty average. Overall, it was a filling meal for me, as well as a satisfying one.

If you love drinking soups, then I suggest you try SOUPerlicious if you haven't! They have a lot of flavours, so you might find yourself being spoilt for choice if you are a true fan!

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