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89 East Coast Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 20, 2012    

BFF specializes in a variety of sweet and savory pancakes.

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(Updated: November 10, 2013)

I'm not flapping for this

Batter Fluffy Flaps is located pretty near my school, but it wasn't until sometime last month that my friends actually dragged me down to have a taste of their pancakes for dinner. Like its name suggests, Batter Fluffy Flaps is a restaurant that specialises in serving pancakes - both sweet and savoury.

Decor-wise, I think Batter Fluffy Flaps has done an excellent job at creating a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere within the eatery. With couches lining the corners of the store, diners can lounge comfortably while feasting on some delectable pancakes.

However, their food is mediocre at best. My friends and I were there for dinner, so we all tried the savoury pancakes. I have to admit, they do have a rather unique selection of savoury pancakes, including pizza pancakes which are pretty much pancakes topped with cheese, ham and pineapples. The pizza pancakes were rather good, though slightly bland, and it made my mouth feel too dry after a while because the butter that we were given along with the pancakes didn't really match well with it.

I'd recommend the Chicken Kebab Blab, which my friend ordered, and it was so uniquely good that I'd shamelessly helped myself to it even after the first taste. The rest of the savoury pancakes menu was mediocre, though I'd suggest giving the Fluffy & Benny a miss.

Overall, a lovely restaurant with a wonderful ambience. But if I return once more, it'll definitely be for the ambience, but not the pancakes.

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There're batter ones out there.

Went to try out this place recently at East Coast, the stretch of food shops opposite 112 Katong mall with a friend. We ordered 2 mains to share, one sweet, one savory and one drink. Got the "Breakfast Mambo Combo" as the savory main and the "Banana Bonanza" as the sweet item. Being avid green tea lovers, we couldn't not order the Green Tea Matcha Cream, ($5.80).

I couldn't decide between the many varities, so I got my friend to choose between the ones I shortlisted, she chose the Breakfast Mambo Combo and the banana one. When i walked out of the little cafe to take some pictures, I saw the pictures at the display window of the braekfast mambo combo. I was like "shit, can we change our order?" to myself. Seriously, they could have done better at the pictures, totally unappetizing.

However, luckily the dish did not come out like the picture, which i was glad. It took a long time to be served though. Everytime a dish with poached eggs take forever to arrive at my table, ill have the thinking that it's 'cause the cooks are screwing the eggs in the kitchen. And this time, my premonition was right. They were screwed.

One egg came sufficiently flowy insides, which my friend, lucky for her, got. The other however, was a huge disappointment, overcooked, sandy egg yolks, AND worse, the vinegar taste was horribly strong. I didn't asked for a change as i didn't want to wait forever and get my food cold.

The green tea drink however, was much better, it had a great green tea taste to it, guess they didn't stinge on the powder. My friend commented that it tasted better than starbucks green tea frap, which i can't comment on as i have not tried Starbucks version before.

Some of the other pancakes look really meh, with simple toppings strewn about the pancakes in an unappetizing way like koko krunch and honey stars. I'm not meaning that using these cereals is bad and everything, but being specialised in pancakes, the least they could do is to play around with the toppings and the flaps to come up with something new.

If you're staying in the west side, like me, don't bother coming all the way here. There're many better places around.

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