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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

In 1986, BBQ Express was established to meet two surging demands in the food market: a desire for healthy food, and for affordable and delicious ribs and chicken.

Before BBQ Express, ribs were relatively expensive and served only in restaurants. BBQ Express' spectacular success lies in its ability to serve restaurant-quality ribs and chicken at take-away counters, foodcourt stalls, and stand-alone diners. In doing so, prices were kept affordable and available to a massive market.

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Delicious Ribs And Chicken

BBQ Express is a store selling BBQ chicken in the basement of Ang Mio Kio Hub. You’d never guess that such affordable and delicious meat can come from such an unassuming stall.

The honey-glazed pork ribs are mouth-watering. Sometimes the meat may be a tad dry, but the glaze more than makes up for it. The honey roasted chicken steak is another winner. Tender and covered all over with that sweet honey glaze, this is up there with one of my all time favourite chicken dishes.

I’ll recommend forgoing the chicken wing though, because the meat is often tough and dry from being overcooked.

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Quick Takeaway

The outlet is located just outside the MRT station. One would easily spot a queue at the stall during meal time. At the display shelf, there was wide variety of bbq meats, as well as, deep fried items. On the menu, it was filled with different bento boxes. Behind the small stall, there is a small dine in area.

Looking at its Japanese curry rice menu, I decided on its chicken meatball bento ($4.70) for takeaway. The curry sauce was not spicy but more on the salty side. The meatball was juicy on its own. The hard boiled egg looked a bit out of place in this dish. The 2 pieces of boiled vegetables looked quite sad too.

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BBQ express serves one of the best most well-marinated chicken wings and ribs in town, my favourite being the honey glazed chicken wings! I can hear my tummy growling as I think about it now!

The honey glazed chicken wings when done at home would be a tedious chore and most places often have it insufficiently marinated or overly dry. BBQ express however seems to have perfected the skill and art of crafting perfectly glazed honey chicken wings. The chicken wings are often savoury, well-marinated and just so yummy! Big plus that I can easily pick them up when I am on the go as they have many take-away counters!

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Best Honey Chicken

I can confidently label this as the best honey roasted chicken I have ever tasted in my life. It really is the sweetest and most succulent in flavour, and for a cheap price too! They are very generous with the marinate. You can even order rice with one chicken leg for about $4+ and have it for a meal. If not, you can go for the wing, which is less sinful. Most of the time, there is no sit-in attached to the shop so you have to take-away or find somewhere else to sit.

Sadly, there are very few outlets around so it is not very accessible either.

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Favourite for my children

Whenever we passed by this store at basement of BPP, my children would tell me that they are hungry. I would then have to join the queue to buy their favourite chicken wings.

The good thing about this store is the variety. Even for chicken wings, they offered different cuts, you can have the whole wings, the drumlets or just the mid section. Each of my children liked different part of the wings so with these selections, it was easier for me to buy.

The food on display always look appealing but I only bought what my children wanted. The price was a bit too high for myself, I try not to indulge myself in expensive snacks. We normally buy the food here as snacks and never as full meals.

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less impressive

Being someone who is particular about food presentation, I thought this stall did a rather good job considering it was just a take-away stall. It was brightly-lighted, the meat looked fresh and was glistening under the spotlight.

I bought the pork ribs and chicken nuggets. The ribs was expensive costing $8 for a misery few pieces. And since the displayed pricing for this was by 100g, i didnt think it would cost so much, but guess the bones was really heavy! It tasted pretty alright but because it was ribs, there was barely even meat and that made me even more bitter about the high price. The chicken nuggets was disappointing. It tasted as though it was left there for 6 hours or something. It was soggy and cold (even though it was in the heater). C'mon, even i can do better than that, all you need to do is fry it.

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Still good after many years

It is a convenient and affordable place to get chicken wings and ribs especially when my mum is not cooking. I like their BBQ wings, ribs and rice sets. My favorite is pineapple rice set. You can choose to go with chicken thigh or wings and it comes with salad. Their selection of rice sets had increased over the years and prices are relatively affordable. I have never tried their fried stuff though, just doesn't look very appetitising to me.

Many years back the outlet at Bukit Panjang Plaza only offers take-away counter but now they have tables for you to dine in.

I hope they can maintain their quality and food and continue to be affordable.

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Bukit Panjang
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nicely marinated chicken leg!

Since young, my mum used to buy and bring back some chicken wings and chicken thighs for me when she was too busy to cook.

My favorite is the chicken wing. It used to cost $1 per piece a few years back. I am not too sure how much it is now. The skin was usually charred, in a good way, and the meat is soft and flavorful. BBQ Express sells mostly chicken and the only non chicken item there is their BBQ Pork Ribs which is really yummy too! Though my mum used to complain that it has more bones than meat.

Now, BBQ Express sells rice sets too! I have yet to try their rice sets but I may do so one day!

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Well marinated, tender & juicy meats

I've always been a fan of BBQ express since years ago. My first experience was their Pineapple baked rice, nothing out of the ordinary but it was only $3 and for a poor student it was considered great value! Thereafter, i had their honey wings and drumlets it has since become my favourite food at BBQ Express. Tender and juicy meats that were so well marinated, simply irresistible.

Another of my favorite is the Teriyaki Chicken Steak that is priced at $2.20 per piece. I'll either have it on it's own or with some plain rice and that's good enough for a meal. Other than the barbequed meats and rice i don't really fancy their fried snacks. Like their fried chicken snack, i felt that was too much flour, kind of tastless.

All in all, affordable freshly grilled meats. I prefer this to ToriQ!

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Way too heaty for me

I ordered an omelette rice box with my sister and it tasted fabulous in the first 3 bites. We were eating and happily planning which next box to buy.

In that set, there was BBQ chicken, omelette rice and a small smattering of coleslaw. It's value for your money but after the first 3 bites, the taste becomes too trying and we ended up wondering why are we still stuffing this in our mouths. We end up giving up the box and started to try the food on sticks but we couldn't decide on which to eat. Plus the prices for the individual sticks were too much for an after-meal snack, so we gave up.

It's worth a try, maybe order something else lighter. Too much BBQ spoils the broth, or the box in this case. BBQ food is generally unhealthy so eat in moderation kids!

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Bukit Panjang Plaza
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