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Listing created by bxbong on November 17, 2012    

O’Coffee Club is the new brand name of Coffee Club, the first homegrown coffee chain since 1991. With 21 cafés across Singapore, O'Coffee Club serves award-winning chef-created dishes, a fine selection of gourmet coffee & ice-blended beverages, cakes and desserts.

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Always here for the food and drinks, but just not the coffee...

Not because I don't like the coffee at O'Coffee Club. I just don't like coffee in general. My only addiction would be Starbuck's and McCafe's frappes, which taste nothing like coffee!

Before I get carried away about my distaste for coffee, let me start this review proper by talking about the food here at O'Coffee Club. For me, I personally prefer to have a drink with an appetizing light bite here, rather than having lunch or dinner. I like their appetizers and snacks, and have yet to try the main dishes here, mainly due to the unfriendly prices. For a cake, it easily costs about $7, which is madness, so how much would you assume their cheapest main dish to be?

I've had this item called Bolognaise Mexican Quesadilla. Quite generous, if you ask me. I really liked this. But the thing(s) I love more at O'Coffee Club is the drinks. Similar to the cost of Starbucks, the drinks here are big in variety, from coffee to Italian sodas, to smoothie blends too. The size of the glass is quite tall, and the drink alone can fill my stomach (for me)! One of the most memorable drinks I've had at O'Coffee Club would be the Green Apple & Mojito Mint Soda. Mmmmm, so good.

I would like to come here for a proper meal in future, when I have the money to exclusively spend on food! Till then, the sole purpose would be to come to O'Coffee Club, have a seat, enjoy the atmosphere, have a good chat, and enjoy a good drink with one or more tasty snacks!

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